Best Audio Baby Monitor in UK

Best Audio Baby Monitor in UK

Bringing a newborn home is a blissful feeling but along with that, it scares you. Worried that your baby may cry at night and you don’t get to know? To free you from this burden, a baby monitor was invented by some great soul. Be it you’re asleep or away from home and left your child with a nanny, you need not worry as the baby monitor comes to the rescue. You can monitor your baby whenever and from wherever you are. 

A baby monitor comes with two different variations. One comes with only the audio feature where you can just listen to your baby and figure if they are not crying. The other one comes with the audio along with the video monitoring where you can watch their actions and clearly see what they are up to.

Our goal here is to present you with the best audio baby monitors which makes it easier for you to quickly find the one meeting your desired requirements. This is definitely worth investing in if you are blessed with a newly born so that you can have your peace of mind and feel secure while you sleep. 

Have you started looking for a baby sound monitor yet? Worry not. This guide will help you get through the dilemma of making the right choice. Here, we provide you with the inside details and every information that you require to choose a baby monitor. We present you with the top 5 best audio baby monitors reviews, in the UK. So keep reading fellas, you’re about to make a choice!

What are Baby Audio Monitors? 

What exactly is a baby monitor? Your baby requires attention but you can’t always be there to look after them all the time. That’s where a baby monitor is required. It is an infant care device that allows you to listen to your child while you’re not near them. Hence, a system through which you can remotely monitor your baby.

Earlier when baby monitors were invented, they were more like walkie talkies like one of the pair stays in the baby’s room and the other one with the parents. But in this modern era, the digital age has taken over. Varieties of digital baby monitors have been introduced in some of which a baby monitor is in the infant’s room and the parents can check it on their phones, unlike clunky old ones.  

Baby monitors are considered to be one of the perfect ways to keep a check on your babies when you’re physically absent. It will always let you know if your baby is crying, hungry, fast asleep, or in any sort of discomfort.

Some of the monitors are only featured with providing you the transmission of the audio but some modern ones feature a two-way of communicating and also keeps a check on baby’s breathing as well as the heartbeat. Now, isn’t it something great to make your investment in?  

Advantages of using an Audio Baby Monitor

1. Keeps a check on your baby easily

For moms, a baby monitor is a lifesaver. They can nap with peace of mind and assured that if something happens, the monitor will let you know at once. You can always keep a check on your baby from some other room without disturbing them in case of a false alarm. 

2. Monitors the baby when you’re not home

There are a few monitors equipped with WiFi to connect to the internet and lets you monitor the baby even if you’re not home. This is a boon for parents if they work for long hours or if you’re stuck in traffic. Baby monitors also let you check up on the babysitter to make sure that baby is doing okay.

3. Maintain communication with the baby

A few baby monitors also come equipped with a speaker and a microphone which lets you communicate with the child. This allows you to talk to your baby and maintain a sense of proximity with the child even if you are physically away from them.

4. Tracks baby’s sleep

It also helps you keep track of whether the kids are sleeping after switching off the lights. These adorable little creatures grow very fast and can be very smart and try to get out of the crib to play with their favorite toys as soon as you go out of the room after tucking them in bed. Baby monitors can also help you keep track of the kids are actually sleeping or else you can catch them in the act red-handed.

5 Best Audio Baby Monitors in UK

1st Place
Motorola MBP8 Audio Baby Monitor By Motorola
Check Price
2 BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400 By BT
Check Price
3 Campark Video Baby Monitor with Camera By Campark
Check Price
4 BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow By BT
Check Price
5 Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor By Bluebell
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1. Motorola MBP8 Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP8 Audio baby monitor makes sure that your baby is resting peacefully. You don’t need to worry about the sound quality as it has been equipped with one of the best 1.8 GHz DECT technologies for the clarity of the sound transmission. Hence, an assurity to you that your baby comes out loud and clear whenever they need you.

This audio baby monitor has also been provided with an LED alert when there’s even a little bit of sound. This alerts you visually for whatever sound it catches from your baby’s room. As an add on, this baby audio monitor ensures the required safety by possessing built-in data encryption. 

The MBP8 audio baby monitor has an incredible range of up to 50m which is a great feature in itself and when it reaches out of range, it warns you too. This allows you to know if you are away from your baby and you can get back within the range. 

The baby monitor is also equipped with the feature of Plug-N-Go meaning that it can be plugged into any socket of the house unburdening you from the issues of cords and simply plugging it and leaving. There is a button provided which gives you the option of switching the lights on and off. This product is definitely worth investing in due to its high sensitivity microphones which helps you listen to even when there are loud noises around. Though, the only thing that the consumers are not satisfied with is that it can’t be carried with you while you go to work. But when you’re home, it works wonders.   


  1. Easy to use
  2. Volume control
  3. Good sound quality


  1. Can’t carry around at work
  2. Loses connectivity sometimes

Quick Verdict

A high-quality product and a great value for money. It ensures your baby’s safety with added security features like LED alert, built-in data encryption and many more. It is easy to use, and equipped with good volume and reach. One of the best baby monitors and a highly recommended product. 

2. BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400

The BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400 has been packed with incredible features that will allow you to keep a check on your baby from the comfort of your other room. With this baby monitor, you will never be able to miss a sound due to its clear and free interference mechanism. It alerts you visually with the help of an LED attached to it which will glow if your baby makes even the slightest of sound. 

Coming to the range of BT 400 baby monitor, it has been equipped with a range of 50m in case of indoors and 300m in case of outdoors.

What could be better than getting a digital HD quality of sound which is interference-free? You don’t have to worry as this baby audio monitor is the precise definition of what you desire in a baby monitor for your baby. 

It has been provided with a parent unit where you can charge the batteries of the monitor. The batteries are rechargeable added with two power adaptors. Not only this, but this baby monitor also comes with a monitor for your baby’s room. The developers designed it in such a way that if you don’t want to hear every tad bit of sound, the LED would simply light up without disturbing you and also letting you know that your baby might need you.     


  1. Good sound quality
  2. Equipped with a wireless receiver
  3. Value for money


  1. No talkback facility
  2. While muted, LED doesn’t work

Quick Verdict

This baby monitor is a well-appreciated product as it has good sound quality and a great range to be precise. The BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400 gives an interference-free HD crystal clear sound so that you can hear every sound made by your baby. It has the longest range with up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. All this at a very reasonable price. Hence, a great value for money.

3. Campark Video Baby Monitor with Camera

Looking for an all-in-one kind of baby monitor? The Campark Video Baby Monitor with Camera has got you covered. This baby monitor is loaded with features that you need to monitor your little ones’ activities. The monitor set comprises a high quality 2.4 inch LCD and 2.4 GHz Wireless Digital Transmission.

The LCD provides you with extremely stable and high definition streaming. It is secure and ensures an interference-free connection. The video and audio quality are amazingly clear and impressive. The display works on the real-time streaming mode making it possible for

you to monitor your unattended baby all the time. This feature will let you be with your baby all the time virtually.

The camera of the Campark Video Baby Monitor is equipped with Infrared Night Vision. This means that you can keep an eye on your little ones’ activities at night or in dim brightness as well. What is better than being with your kids all the time without any interruptions? It has built-in 5 Infrared LED Lights so that you can monitor every detail closely. It can also be used for long distances up to 220m-300m in empty areas.

With the Campark Video Baby Monitor, you can communicate in two ways. This is facilitated by the advanced speakers and microphones in both the camera as well as with the display. You can also ensure the comfort of your babies with the built-in remote room temperature monitor. This monitor can also remind you of the feeding time with its Feed Reminder feature. It is also equipped with VOX Control and Auto Wake-Up reminding features.

This Baby Monitor has the ability to be expanded with up to 4 cameras. This means that you can add more cameras to different rooms and be able to monitor your babies from one place.  Its battery is another impressive feature with the LCD that can last up to 5 hours in the display mode.


  1. Infrared Night Vision
  2. LCD Display
  3. Two-way communication
  4. Expandable up to 4 cameras


  1. Low volume in microphone
  2. Grainy display at times

Quick Verdict

The Campark Video Baby Monitor can be considered great for the price it comes at. It is an all in one product which allows you to keep a check on your baby through a 2.4 inch LCD display even during the night with its Infrared Night Vision. If your baby wakes up at night very often, then this is an ideal choice for you.

4. BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow

The BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow is one of the most preferred baby monitors in the market. Its features are unique and impressive. And to add to them is the one year manufacturer’s warranty that it comes with.

Although it doesn’t come with a camera, the light show feature and HD audio system make up for it. This baby monitor is equipped with a light show of moons and stars for your kids to have a dreamy view around them. This baby monitor has 18 pre-stored lullabies that it can play (or you can say, sing) to your kid.

The light show and the lullabies will help your kids keep calm and happy. They will also make sure that your babies fall to sleep peacefully.

Apart from these features, it also has the talkback feature which is based on the Two Way Communication technology. You can talk to your babies and they will also be to talk back to you. And the most distinguishing feature of this baby monitor is its unbeatable HD audio quality. This means that you and your babies will always be listening to each other crystal clear and loud enough.

The  BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 also comes with sound-sensitive LEDs that will provide you with visual alerts for any activity of and around your babies. There are also Crying Alerts that this baby monitor sends you when it notices any crying. It also has features for adjusting the night lights and temperature alerts. This Baby Monitor has a long connectivity range of up to 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors. It works perfectly fine in thick-walled houses as well.

The  BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 set contains the parent and baby units and user guide along with Mains power adaptor and rechargeable AA batteries.


  1. Easy to use
  2. High Audio Quality
  3. Lightshow Feature
  4. Sound Sensitive LEDs


  1. Does not come with a camera
  2. Not Energy Efficient

Quick Verdict

The  BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 is most known for its HD Audio Quality and unique features like the light show that makes it fancy and yet functional. If you are looking for a baby monitor without a camera and with some quirky features for your kids, this may be the right one for you!

5. Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor is one of the most advanced baby monitors available in the market currently. It is made in a sleek design that makes it more impressive. The features of this baby monitor are easy to use and are immensely helpful.

This baby monitor records and monitors the baby’s breathing and movements. It can easily make out if the baby is crying or sleeping. It can also record the temperatures and their fluctuation. The baby monitor can be controlled using the Parent Wristband and the Mobile App. This means that you can stay connected with your babies and monitor their movements all the time. 

Using the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor, you can plan and track the routine of the baby such as nappy changing, feeding, and sleeping. It also gives reminders for the same. The monitor also has lullabies and a white noise creator to ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully (and you do too). This baby monitor uses the Two Way Communication Technology so that your baby can listen to you too. 

This is a very smart baby monitor. It can be used with wifi to be used outdoors and the data recorded can even be shared with the health professional with an analysis.


  1. Parent Wristband available
  2. Wifi-enabled
  3. Can be connected to an app
  4. Two Way Communication Technology


  1. Battery issues
  2. Takes time to get used to it

Quick Verdict

If you are looking for a baby monitor that is loaded with features, then the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor must be an ideal choice for you. This smart baby monitor is unparalleled when it comes to the services it can provide to you for your babies.

How to Choose the Best Audio Baby Monitor

How to Choose the Best Audio Baby Monitor

While choosing an Audio Baby Monitor for your kids, there are many things that a parent needs to keep in mind. And with the plethora of brands coming up with unique baby monitors day by day, it is only human to get more confused. But you do not need to worry. We bring to you a small guide on how to choose the best audio baby monitor for your kids. Keep reading to know what things you should keep in mind while choosing the baby sound monitors.

 1. Sound Quality

While buying a baby monitor, it becomes your priority to go for one that has good sound quality, be it of the audios or that of other features. It is important that there is no static in the audios and you can hear your babies clearly. In case you buy a two-way communication enabled baby monitor, make sure that the audio is clear and free from white noise on both sides.

Now there are many variants available. Some baby monitors provide continuous audio exchange while others let you mute yourself when necessary. You should prefer the one that has a muting feature so that your babies remain unbothered even if you are in a noisy place.

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind is that the microphone of the baby unit is sensitive enough to pick up voices and alert you. Many brands offer the feature of ‘Crying Alert’ If your audio baby monitor has other features such as pre-stored lullabies, the good sound quality of those speakers should also be ensured. 

 2. Battery Life

Very obviously, battery life is the next important thing to keep in mind as you set out to buy an audio baby monitor. You should prefer an audio baby monitor with good battery life. Any brand that offers a battery life between 4 to 8 hours is good to go with.

Along with this, there are other brands as well that provide rechargeable energy resources backed batteries. Now, this is a better option since you might need your audio monitor to be working for longer periods of time and in some cases for the entire days and nights. Rechargeable batteries can be used in such cases to reduce environmental burden as well as to bring ease to busy parents.

The battery life also depends on the usage. So if you have an audio baby monitor that also uses a camera and temperature checker, the battery life will be reduced slightly. However, this is not something to be worried about. Most companies offer energy-efficient audio baby monitors with good battery life and even alternatives.

 3. Range

The primary use of a baby audio monitor is the fact that you should be able to keep an eye on your babies’ activities and be with them, caring for them, even so virtually. So what would be the use of the baby movement monitor if you can not do it from away? Therefore, as you look for which baby monitor to buy, you must make sure that the range of communication between the parent unit and the baby unit is as high as possible.

The range factor also depends on whether the baby monitor is being used outdoors or indoors. The same baby monitor will have a higher communication range than it will indoors. The thickness of the walls and things installed in the walls ( like noise cancellers) may also affect the range of the baby monitor. 

Many brands offer baby monitors in various ranges for you to choose from according to your needs. So this way you can choose a broader range baby monitor if you live in a fairly large house or you can go for a lesser range baby monitor if you are to use the monitors in proximity. So make sure to check for such dimensions at your place to not make a mistake.

 4. Electromagnetic Field Levels

Almost all audio baby monitors use electromagnetic fields in one way or the other. They could be in the form of Bluetooth or in alerting systems. But overexposure to these may be harmful to your babies’ health. So picking up a baby monitor whose electromagnetic field levels are balanced and do not cause any harm to your kids becomes important. Along with this, you might also want to make sure that if you have any pets, then the radiations caused by the baby monitor are pet- friendly. 

It is suggested that parents go for a baby audio monitor whose electromagnetics field levels are balanced. However, it is also important that they are not so weak that the baby monitor does not function thereby defeating the purpose. DECT Technology is considered one of the most preferred technologies. So if you are a parent looking for a baby monitor, we suggest you go for a DECT technology-supported baby monitor than those supported by Bluetooth, etc. 

 5. Ease of Use

Obviously, anything that one buys should be easy to use. This is in fact important in this case that the baby audio monitors are not too complex with its functions and buttons. If you are looking for a baby monitor that is loaded with features, you might also want to make sure that those features do not make the monitor over complicated. This will also come in handy if you also have older relatives at home who might be making use of the monitor.

To ensure that the baby monitor that you choose for your babies is easy to use, it is advised that you look for the manual guide and try performing all the functions. You may also contact customer service in case you end up needing some help.

Our Advice

We understand that choosing the best audio baby monitor for your babies that fits your budget and is also highly functional can be difficult. And it might make parents have the moments where they find parenting difficult. But let us tell you that it is not as difficult as it seems.

We suggest that you should follow a process while deciding on a baby monitor that will make sure that you do not go over your budget or end up buying one with inadequate features. We suggest you buy for your babies the best audio baby monitor keeping our buying guide in mind. Getting affordable products should be a top priority but you should not forget that ‘you get what you pay for’.

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