Spectra S1 Vs S2 | Which Breast Pump Is Better For You?

Spectra S1 Vs S2 | Which Breast Pump Is Better For You?

Breastfeeding is a crucial aspect of a new mother’s life or even if you are breastfeeding a adopted baby as it provides numerous benefits to both the mother and the baby. However, it can also be challenging, especially for mothers who need to return to work or need to be away from their baby for extended periods. This is where having a reliable and efficient breast pump becomes essential.

A mother may start expressing milk anytime after delivery, some mothers may choose to start expressing milk within the first few days after birth in order to build up a supply for when they return to work or for other reasons such as separation from the baby. If a mother decides to express milk, it is recommended to do so with a breast pump using proper technique to ensure comfort and to avoid any injury to the nipples.

Making a choice between the Spectra S1 and S2 is crucial, wildly whether you solely pump or combine nursing and pumping. The pumping session will be simpler and easier if you select the finest Spectra breast pump for your requirements.

Let’s compare the key characteristics of the Spectra 1 Plus and Spectra 2 Plus so you can choose which is ideal for your breast-pumping need. We’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages of the Spectra S1 and S2 and consumer reviews of both breast pumps. To find out more, continue reading.

Why Are The Spectra Breast Pumps So Popular?

The Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 pumps are hospital-grade. They are frequently selected by mothers who wish to exclusively pump or have insufficient milk production since they are strong, effective, and highly adjustable.

Spectra pumps are powerful enough to increase milk production and support its ongoing stability. They are also far smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective than hospital breast pumps. Spectra pumps are distinguished by their strength and long motor lives.

They are far better than renting a hospital pump, particularly if you want to pump frequently and/or have multiple children. But which Spectra pump should you use to increase your pumping output and make your pumping sessions most convenient? Let’s get into a thorough comparison: S1 and S2 Spectra.

Spectra S1 Vs S2 | Similarities

1. Closed system

The closed system is what sets the Spectra S1 Plus and Spectra S2 Plus apart from many other electric breast pumps. The milk cannot backflow into the suction tubes thanks to the built-in backflow barrier.

This is a significant function since it guards against infection and makes the pumping process more sanitary, making it safer for both the mother and the baby. Backflow prevention prevents germs, viruses, and mold from growing on the components of the pump.

2. Hospital Grade

The Spectra S1 Plus and S2 Plus are hospital-grade pumps with massive suction power (270 mmHg). You may customize each pump’s cycle speed and vacuum to suit your demands.

Each of the Spectra pumps includes two flanges, measuring 24mm and 28mm. The good news is that Spectra sells separate 20mm and 32mm flanges. The milk-collection Spectra wide-neck bottles are screwed into the flanges and bottle connections, which are one unit.

3. Powerful Motor

Typically, hospital pumps are very loud, but Spectra is an exception. Although it has powerful suction, it is not at all noisy. It isn’t fully silent, of course, but it will provide you with more freedom of choice than other electric pumps.

The Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps’ 1500 motor hours of projected life is perhaps its finest quality. Because of this remarkable outcome, you will be able to utilize Spectra with several children, making it a terrific investment.

Spectra s1 vs s2 | A Detailed Comparison

Spectra s1 vs s2 | A Detailed Comparison

1. Settings

Here are a few settings differences between them- 

  • The pump settings on S1 and S2 are both excellent. You can regulate and modify the milk flow speed if you have access to the settings. Because the milk sometimes flows more quickly than other times, depending on the stage and the session, controlling the pace is crucial. There are twelve different suction levels available for both models.
  • The built-in battery of the s1 is a significant differentiator, especially when comparing Spectra breast pump reviews s1 and s2. This enables three hours of autonomous, mobile pumping after being charged at the wall.
  • Both the S1 and S2 feature motors that can reach a maximum of 250 mmHg. You can do the task rapidly because of the section’s pace. The S1 and S2 are both silent, so if you go off to pump, you may do it in full secrecy because it won’t generate noises that call attention to what you’re doing or cause your baby to wake up from the noise.

2. Accessories

Both pumps come with bottles, valves, and breast flanges as accessories. You can pay more to get extras like a breast pump bag to store your pump parts if you so want. The S1’s rechargeable battery raises the price and is the main distinction between the two breast pumps.

The S2 is less expensive since it lacks an integrated rechargeable battery. With a rechargeable battery, you can pump anytime you need to, anywhere. The battery must only be charged using an AC power adapter, and that’s all. You can pump for three hours on a full charge.

3. Portability

The key distinction between the S2 and the Spectra pump is the rechargeable battery, which allows for many pumping sessions and gives you more freedom than the S2 about where you may pump.

The Spectra S1 is entirely portable, allowing you to go about with the breast pump charged. It will be possible for you to multitask while pumping because to its mobility, which is essential for most nursing mothers.

How Do The Spectra Pumps Compare To Medela Pumps?

The fundamental tasks carried out by the Spectra, and Medela pumps are identical. The ability to change the suction and vacuum settings distinguishes these two. Additionally, the Spectra pump has separate dials, whereas the Medela pump just has one, giving you more control over the sessions.

Because it is more comfortable than the Medela, new mothers tend to favor the Spectra as their preferred breast pump. These slight variations offer the Spectra an advantage.

Spectra S1 Vs S2 | Which Is Better?

How can you tell which of these two breast pumps will suit you better, given that they are nearly identical? If you’re debating between Spectra S1 and S2, keep the following in mind:

  • Will you express milk exclusively at home or in other locations, such as your work office, automobile, airline, etc.?
  • Would you like a breast pump without an AC adapter?
  • Do you mind pumping when “chained” to a power outlet?
  • How much money do you have to spend? Are you prepared to spend a little extra to have a portable pump and the freedom to collect breast milk wherever you are?

The ideal Spectra breast pump for you will mostly rely on your choices and lifestyle. Here are some recommendations for the ideal Spectra model for YOU:

  • If you want a hospital-grade breast pump that is also portable, the Spectra S1 Plus is the best option. For parents who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a breast pump, this Spectra model is the best option. It’s also a fantastic option for mothers who are back at work and want to continue feeding their children breast milk.
  • For mothers on a tighter budget who want a double electric breast pump and don’t mind constantly using an AC adaptor, the Spectra S2 Plus is the ideal choice. This is a practical answer for stay-at-home mothers.
  • For mothers who only infrequently wish to pump milk or who want a compact and portable breast pump for vacation, the Spectra S9 Plus is the perfect option.
  • The Synergy Gold model is the most costly of all the Spectra breast pumps. It includes different settings for each breast, making it a great option for women who solely pump and have greater leeway in spending.


Breastfeeding a baby is always challenging because there are a number of problems faced by parents; sometimes, you need to do baby-led breastfeeding or try combination feeding and whatnot. With our guides we try to help you with the all the problems faced when taking care of a newborn. We hope this guide helped you select the right breastfeeding pump.

S1 is a superior choice if characteristics like mobility and a rechargeable battery matter to you. However, If you stay within your spending limit and don’t mind pumping just near an electrical outlet, the Spectra S2 will work fine for you. It’s always best if you talk to your doctor and then make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both the Spectra S1 and S2 can be used for double pumping.Double pumping can help to increase milk production, save time, and is generally more efficient than single pumping.

The letdown mode is designed in both Spectra S1 & S2 to mimic the quick and shallow sucking pattern of a baby during the early stage of breastfeeding, which can help to stimulate milk flow and initiate letdown. After a couple of minutes of using the letdown mode, the pump will automatically switch to expression mode.

Spectra offers a range of flange sizes to accommodate different breast sizes and shapes, and they can be purchased separately if needed.To determine your correct flange size, you can measure your nipple diameter and refer to the size chart provided by Spectra. If you experience discomfort or pain while pumping, you may want to try a different flange size to see if it helps.

The Spectra breast shields can be securely attached to the hands-free pumping bra, allowing you to pump without having to hold the breast shields in place. Spectra also sells its own hands-free pumping bra, the Spectra Handsfree Pumping Bra, which is designed specifically to work with their breast pumps.

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