Babylo Cozi Sleeper vs Chicco Next 2 Me – What’s Best For Your Baby?

Babylo cozi vs chicco next2me

When catering to newborns, you have to take the utmost care of their sleeping routines. In order to ensure their profitable growth, you need to make sure your baby gets enough to sleep every night. As easy as it looks, it is clear. Ensuring your baby gets a sound sleep is likely to cost several of yours in the process. This is precisely why you need to have the right tools for the job. And by tools, I mean a crib. 

Modern-day bedside baby cribs and pods come loaded with dozens of features that make it easier for you to put your child to bed. Several amenities are included that let you keep an eye on your baby without losing your sleep whatsoever while simultaneously ensuring your newborn gets enough shuteye for healthy growth. Given the pool of options, it is tough to make decisions. 

Hence, this article will walk you through two of the finest baby cribs currently up for grabs in the market. We have laid down a detailed comparison consisting of the description and all the key differences to help you settle on one between the Babylo Cozi Sleeper and the Chicco Next 2 Me.

Babylo Cozi Sleeper

If you are looking for multi-purpose cribs, then the Babylo Cozi Sleeper works as a standalone crib as well as a bedside crib. It is one of the well-known names in the baby industry and has delivered some of the finest peripherals for newborns. The Babylo Cozi Sleeper comes with a wooden frame and has straps that can be easily attached to any bed frame. Meanwhile, it has mesh sides that allow for maximum ventilation while simultaneously allowing you to monitor your baby at all times. It comes with an adjustable height feature that can be used to adjust upto 5 heights, followed by retractable feet for added balance. 

In addition to all this, you can easily place the crib alongside your bed by simply unzipping one side of the Babylo Cozi Sleeper. This way, the crib will be tilted only as much as to reduce congestion and reflux. The Babylo Cozi Sleeper comes with a crib frame, a fitted sheet, and comprises a mattress with a washable lining. 

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Babylo Cozi Sleeper

As mentioned earlier, the Babylo Cozi Sleeper is a well-known name. If you are looking to buy certain peripherals for newborns, you need to look at the Babylo Cozi Sleeper.

One of the key advantages of this crib is that it allows you to sleep peacefully beside your baby after they have slept or after you’re done nursing. The crib allows maximum convenience, meaning you needn’t get out of bed to check on your bed. It tilts slightly to reduce any reflux or congestion. 

Speaking of disadvantages, the Babylo Cozi Sleeper is not as expensive as its competitors. However, this factor largely hampers the quality of the crib. One of the primary disadvantages of the Babylo Cozi Sleeper is its relatively poor manoeuvrability.

Meanwhile, several users have complained about the uncomfortable mattress present in the Babylo Cozi Sleeper.

Given that there are only 5 height adjustments, you can sometimes find it difficult to adjust the crib if you have a high or a low bed. 

EconomicalPoor Maneuverability
Maximum ConveniencePoor Quality Of Mattress
Issues With Adjustability

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Babylo Cozi Sleeper?

According to the company’s official website, a baby can sleep in the Babylo Cozi Sleeper from birth until the time they weigh 9 kgs.

Thanks to its 5-height adjustment feature, you can easily convert this bedside crib to a standalone crib. The company recommends you stop using the Babylo Cozi Sleeper immediately once your baby can stand up without any assistance whatsoever. 

What Size Bedding Do You Need For A Babylo Cozi Sleeper/

The Babylo Cozi Sleeper is suitable for beds with a mattress size of 85 x 46 cms or if the total dimensions of the mattress are plus or minus 3 intoleranceance to 82 x 44 x 5 cms. 

How To Attach the Babylo Cozi Sleeper To Bed?

To attach the Babylo Cozi Sleeper to bed, start by removing the mattress from the crib. Now, push the button to unlock the rails. Pull on the loose end of the belt to ensure it tight and secure around the side of the bed frame. Adjust the sliders to shorten or tighten the belts. Ensure that the crib is up against the bed and there are no gaps

How To Wash The Babylo Cozi Sleeper?

To wash the Babylo Cozi Sleeper, use a mild soap or any upholstery shampoo to spot clean the mattress and the mesh lining. Wipe the crib using a mild detergent. Once you have duly cleaned the crib, put it out to try in the sun. Always ensure that the crib is completely dried up before using. 

How To Dismantle The Babylo Cozi Sleeper?

The Babylo Cozi Sleeper comes with poor maneuverability. This means you will need to physically dismantle the whole thing before you can move it from place to another. To dismantle the Babylo Cozi Sleeper, locate and press the buttons present on the metal poles. This will release the bassinet. Now, lift the bassinet while the buttons are pressed. Put down the bassinet on a flat surface. Now, simply fold the crib. Finally, use an allen key to remove the four bolts present on the sides of the upright poles. 

Chicco Next 2 Me

This is a versatile piece of equipment that works best both as a standalone crib as well as a bedside equipment. This padded crib is equipped with mesh windows on one side making it easier for you to check on your baby without having to get up whatsoever. Even when you use it as a standalone crib, you can easily check up on your baby with the help of the mesh window. To use it as a co-sleeping crib, you can lower aside and attach it directly to the bed frame.

Just like the Babylo Cozi Sleeper, the Chicco Next 2 me comes with a tilt mechanism that can help relieve congestion and reflux in your baby. Currently, this bedside crib comes with 4 different models and is widely praised for its quality and comfort. This crib comes with a crib frame, mattress, travel bag, and a set of fitted sheets.

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Advantages And Disadvantages of the Chicco Next 2 Me

Even though the Chicco Next 2 is one of widely praised baby cribs, it has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. For starters, this crib comes with all the benefits of a co-sleeping crib. You can be near your baby all night and can check up on him easily through the transparent mesh window.

Another advantage of the Chicco Next to me crib is that it is made of up high-quality easy-to-wash materials. It is fully padded yet allows for maximum breathability and airflow. It easily adapts and adjusts to the side of your bed. 

Probably the biggest disadvantage of the chicco next to me crib is the pricing. Given the amount of features it packs, this crib is slightly on the expensive side. Since it is only recommended for a six month use, parents are reluctant to spend huge bucks on this. Yet another drawback is that people having a low or high bed frame can find it difficult to use the crib’s co sleeping feature. Meaning, this crib does NOT suit oversized or king sized beds. This would imply that this bedside crib would make a poor choice for parents with babies suffering from sleep regression. Reason being, they are often required to sleep right next to their babies to comfort and nurse them.

Made of Easy-To-Wash MaterialsExpensive
Padded And BreathableNot Fit For Oversized Or King Sized Beds
Allows For Easy Portability

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Chicco Next To Me Crib?

Like the majority of the cribs out there, the Chicco Next 2 me is recommended to be used only for 6 months post the baby’s birth. Alternatively, you can stop using the crib once the baby weighs 9 kgs. However, you need to stop using the crib immediately once your baby is able to stand up without assistance. 

What Size Bedding Do You Need For The Chicco Next To Me Crib?

As we mentioned earlier, the crib is NOT fit for oversized and king sized beds. Similarly, it won’t work on low or high bed frames. The company recommends you use this crib with a mattress having a dimension of 83 cms x 50 cms. 

How To Attach The Chicco Next To Me To Bed?

There is no need to attach the chicco next to me to a bed as it can easily fit snugly against a bed or an ottoman. Alternatively, you can use it as a standalone crib. You can easily attach this crib to any divan thanks to its retractable feet. To attach this crib to your bed, Detach the side handrail from the main crib by squeezing the clips and pulling the handrail. Away from the crib frame fold the side of the crib down and securely attach the handrail

How To Dismantle The Chicco Next To Me?

To dismantle the crib, ensure that the crib is completely empty and there is nothing the side pockets. Next, remove the bedding and lay it on any flat surface in the vicinity. Proceed to remove the screws under each rail. Turn the screws on the base counterclockwise till they pop out completely. 

How To Wash My Chicco Next To Me Crib?

To wash this crib, remove the bedding from the surface. Wipe the bedding clean with warm soapy water or mild detergent or an all-purpose cleaning solution. In case the bedding is stained, wash them by hand or use a baby shampoo. Ensure that the bedding is fully dried up before using it.

Babylo Cozi Sleeper vs Chicco Next 2 Me – Comparison

babylo cozi vs chicco next 2 me

The primary factor that separates the two is the pricing. The Babylo cozi sleeper will provide you with all the features required with a base privacy of 100 pounds whereas the base model of a Chicco Next 2 Me will cost you around 150 pounds or more. If you opt for the advanced chicco next to me models, they will set you a few thousand pounds apart. 

In terms of height, the Babylo Cozi sleeper comes with a wide height range. However, it has a few preset heights while the Chicco Next 2 has several preset heights but a narrow height range. Although, the chicco next 2 me offers more room meaning your baby won’t feel congested even if it turns over when sleeping. Unfortunately, this is precisely why the Chicco Next to me crib takes up more space. On the contrary, the Babylo Cozi sleeper is lightweight and comes with a travel bag that makes it the perfect option for travelling families. 

Babylo Cozi Sleeper vs Chicco Next 2 Me – Which One Is Better?

As you may have already noticed by now, both the cribs come with their unique set of perks and drawbacks. This makes both the cribs a worthwhile option for families that wish to have the benefits of co-sleeping without any safety risks whatsoever. But after a detailed comparison and an in-depth comparison, we would like our readers to go with the Chicco Next To Me crib. 

Taking all factors into consideration, the Chicco Next To More offers better quality and comfort compared to the Babylo Cozi Sleeper. It is travel friendly and quite affordable as compared to its rival. You can use it as a standalone crib and as a bedside crib.

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