Best Bedside (Next to Me) Crib in UK

Best Bedside Crib in UK

Every mother would have a desire to constantly be close to the little member that they just gave birth to. They would always want something to keep their baby close to them all the time, not compromising on their baby’s comfort and safety.

Keeping in mind every aspect of how a baby’s sleeping bed should be, manufacturers have come up with the optimum beds made especially for the new members of your family as they deserve the best of everything.

We all are aware that some of our habits never change and they are our favourite. The most favourite of them all is:- sleeping. Yes, a newborn baby spends most of the day sleeping, be it in a hammock or a next to me crib.

Well, would you compromise when it comes to something that your baby would spend most of the day on? Well no. Every baby deserves a beautiful sleeping cot and since you are reading this currently, we would like to congratulate you for being such a loving and careful parent.

What is a Bedside Crib/Next to Me Crib?

Bedside cribs (also called Next to me crib, bedside cot, baby sleeping cot or a baby bed attached to parents bed) are the perfect way to ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully. Bedside cribs make it highly convenient for the mothers and the babies alike. Traditional bedside cribs have evolved a lot pertaining to the needs of the current mothers and babies. They are moulded perfectly to make the months of your baby the most comfortable ones.

A bassinet-style bedside crib/cot is the ideal next to me crib as it gives the mothers the freedom to remove one side of the crib to attach it to their personal beds. A baby bed attached to parents bed can help parents keep a check on the baby’s movements, check easily if they want something, and also bring the baby close to the parent for breastfeeding at night.

A baby bed attached to parents bed has multiple benefits attached to it. Co-sleeping cribs let you sleep with your baby right next to your bed not compromising on their personal space at the same time. The pillars of the bedside cribs add safety and convenience.

Anyone who has just given birth to a newborn can buy a bedside crib and start using as soon as the baby comes home. You can easily make your baby sleep in the crib for up to six months. However, keep a check at your baby’s reach. You cannot keep using a baby crib if your baby is old enough to hold the pillars and stand.

Some common points about bedside cribs:

  • Nearly every bedside crib can be used until your baby crosses the age of 6 months or 9 kilograms (19.8 lbs.)
  • All the bedside cribs can be used as either a co-sleeping cot that attaches to bed or a stand-alone crib or both.
  • Every bedside crib has adjustable height options. (The exact number might vary)
  • In case the pre-equipped mattress of your bedside crib isn’t very appealing, consider buying a small lush blanket separately.

We have reviewed the best bedside cribs or you can say the best next to me cribs available in the market and have boiled down our list to the 10 best bedside cribs/cots available in the UK. This list is highly versatile and it includes cribs of every kind fitting the needs and special conditions of many mothers who are willing to create the best sleeping experience for their little babies.

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10 Best Bedside Cribs/Next to Me Cribs in UK

1st Place
Chicco Next2Me Side Sleeping Bedside By Chicco
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2 Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper Co-Sleeping Crib By Babylo
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3 Nania Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib By Nania
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4 Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib/Co-Sleeper By Tutti Bambini
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5 Red Kite Baby Nebula By Red Kite Baby
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 1. Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib

Chicco Next2Me Side Sleeping Best Bedside Crib

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The first on our list is definitely the first choice for many parents. The brand Chicco has won many awards for its top-notch next to me cribs. Chicco has never failed its customers with exceptional quality and the trust that it has built over the years. Not only cribs but the brand Chicco is also great in terms of strollers. The Chicco Echo Stroller Stone is one of the best strollers for 4 year olds on our list.

Coming back to the cribs, the Chicco next2me side sleeping crib is the perfect crib for experiencing a beautiful co-sleeping experience for 6 months without worrying. This next to bed crib is dedicated to give your baby the most comfortable and healthy sleeping experience with its marvelously marked features.

This bedside crib can be used as a standalone crib and a co-sleeping crib that attaches to bed by zipping and unzipping the side panel of the mesh. You can enjoy the feeling of sleeping with your newborn and maintaining their safety by not actually letting them in your bed. The next2me Co-sleeping crib is perfect for easy breastfeeding and cuddling with your baby and comforting them anytime you want.

This is one of the Best Next to Me cribs as it features movable wheels. Well, this is one of its unique features and not many other brands have it. You can easily move the baby crib and shift it wherever you go without any hassle. The mesh is fine, soft and totally breathable. It keeps your baby happy all day long.

The inclined angle of this bedside crib helps your little baby with congestion and reflux. It’s equally liked by the experts and the mothers alike. This bedside crib comes along with a travel bag so you can carry your baby’s comfortable bed even while travelling. The sturdy and reliable structure and frame of this crib would never make you doubt the quality. The manufacturers have literally portrayed their soft corners while creating this one for sure.


  1. Movable wheels
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Exceptional quality
  4. The packet includes a travel bag


  1. A bit expensive
  2. As it is big in size, it requires more space in the room

Quick Verdict

With a very straight forward design, the Chicco Next2Me is a very safe product. It can be used as a stand alone crib and a co-sleeping crib that attaches to bed for easy breastfeeding and cuddling with your baby. The crib offers great quality and an uninterrupted comfort.

2. Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper Co-Sleeping Crib

Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper Co-Sleeping Crib

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Babylo has worked really well over the years to match every expectation of a modern family. It is a European nursery and has its showrooms in countries like Europe, China and Hong-Kong. This company has made quality and affordability go hand in hand. Let’s have a look at one of the best baby cribs produced by Babylo.

The miraculously comfy and cozi co-sleeper is the perfect next to me cot for developing a lovely connection with your little one. With this baby bed attached to parents bed, you can enjoy the experience of sleeping right next to your baby without convulsing your personal space or risking their safety. This co-sleeping crib has 5 different adjustable heights so you can match it up with different beds without worrying. The belts attached to the cot can be fastened alongside the crib to make it immobile and safe.

The anti-reflux inclination angle of the cot would help your baby sleep peacefully without congesting. You can slide up to your baby or cuddle with them anytime. You can breastfeed them easily without getting out of your bed. This makes your night easier and peaceful. The soft side mesh of the bedside crib can be closed up or zipped down according to your needs. It can be used as a co-sleeping crib that attaches to bed and a stand-alone bed too. The soft mesh allows full ventilation across the crib.

As we mentioned about the perks of buying from Babylo, we would love to quote that Babylo gives you an additional free sheet worth £20 along with a mattress. Babylo sheets are super easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about the laundry when you have someone so little and fragile to worry about already. 


  1. 5 height adjustments
  2. Elegant design
  3. Qualifies British safety standards
  4. Free extra sheet worth £20


  1. Mattress is bit hard

Quick Verdict

Worried about the height of your bed and the crib will match or not? Being the best next to me crib, Babylo Bedside cozy sleeper comes with 5 different adjustable heights so you can match it up with different beds without worrying. It offers great features and quality at a really affordable price. It is quite safe as it has passed EU and British safety standards.

3. Nania Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib

Nania Bedside next to me crib

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The brand Nania is a French brand that specializes in childcare and child safety. This amazing 2-in-1 bedside crib can be used in your home as co-sleeping cot that attaches to bed and a stand-alone crib and can also act as a next to me travel cot. It comes with a handy carrying bag. Your baby’s bed along with a comfortable sleep can easily follow your baby everywhere.

The Nania bedside crib has a lot of features to enlist. Firstly, the mattress that comes with the crib is really fluffy and comfortable. It is 4 centimetres thick and just the best. The crib comes with wheels on the legs so it can be easily transported from one room to another. The frame of this co-sleeping cot is foldable and the legs can be retracted. This would help you carry it around easily and store it without having to worry about sparing a lot of space.

Breastfeeding and cuddling is very easy when your baby is inside this crib, you can enjoy a delightful experience of sleeping with your loved one without risking his safety. Your baby is surely going to enjoy the ample comfort offered by this bedside crib.

The mattress is very easy to clean and the thickness of the mattress ensures that your baby won’t flip the mattress and hurt himself. This co-sleeper can be adjusted at 5 different heights so you can attach it to many beds. The inclination angle ensures that your baby would not suffer from congestion or reflux. It has a breathable mesh around the crib for easy air-crossing.


  1. Foldable frame
  2. Comes with a carry bag
  3. Legs have wheels and brakes
  4. Easy storage


  1. Wheels moves in only one direction

Quick Verdict

The Nania Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib comes with 4 castors with brakes and Retractable feet, so it can be easily moved inside the house and can be placed at a position you like along with 5 adjustable height positions. The most liked thing about this product is its mattress. A 4cm Innerspring mattress is just the best for your baby.

4. Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib/Co-Sleeper

Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib

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The Tutti Bambini is literally THE CUTIE for YOUR CUTIE. You would be truly amazed to read about how insanely amazing this bedside crib is. We can’t wait to unfold everything good that this co sleeper crib involves. This bedside crib has everything a mother can look for. This bedside cot also includes some unique structural features that many of the products would definitely not be able to match.

Firstly, you can use this bedside crib for 6 months comfortably. This co-sleeping cot can easily hold 9-10 kgs of weight. It has a sturdy design that ensures complete support and safety of your fragile baby. This next to me cot has an additional cloth layering below the crib which can be used to keep the essential necessities like spare baby diapers, milk bottles, extra clothing, handkerchiefs and so on. You would not find this feature in many baby cribs.

Apart from this, the Tutti Bambini bedside crib has an excellent attaching system. This crib has belts that can be attached directly to your bed to fasten and secure it at one place. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your baby anymore. This co-sleeping crib comes with six different adjustable heights, it can be easily paired up with different bed sizes and height.

The inclination angle of this bedside cot helps your baby to remain comfortable and avoid any stomach related issues. This baby crib features a fully breathable mesh around the pillars to let your baby enjoy the cool and fresh air. The bedding used in this crib is made up of high-end foam material so your baby would be very comfy and happy lying in this crib.

Wait for the surprise! This beautiful baby crib comes in four beautiful colour variants so yes, you can definitely have guesswork about which colour your grown-up baby would like.

The folding and assembling mechanism of this crib is one of the most convenient features of this bedside crib. It has a 30-seconds folding mechanism. Yes, you can definitely tell your baby that you bought a zip-zap-zoom bed for them when they were small. This bedside crib also comes with a travel bag inside the box.


  1. Six different adjustable heights
  2. Available in four color variants
  3. High quality foam bedding
  4. 30-seconds easy assembly
  5. Breathable mesh


  1. Heavy in size
  2. Not suitable for travelling

Quick Verdict

Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib/Co-Sleeper is the only crib on our list to offer four different color variants to choose from. It can easily carry 9-10 kgs of weight which means you can use it for a long time. You can secure the crib alongside the bed with belts provided with the crib. Other features includes 6 adjustable heights, fully breathable mesh around the pillars, high-end foam bedding and an additional cloth layering below the crib to keep the essentials.

5. Red Kite Baby Nebula

Red Kite Baby Nebula Best Bedside Crib

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We are totally aware that some of you still might not be wanting to invest a pocket-digging price for just a baby cot that attaches to bed and still won’t have the heart to compromise even a little bit for your special member. If a reasonable price is one of your key priorities, you must definitely have a look at what the Red Kite Nebula offers.

This co-sleeping cot is not on the fancy side but it is stuffed with everything special for your special little member. This bedside cot features an anti-reflux and anti-congestion inclination angle along with a net layer below the crib. You can keep your baby’s essentials like diapers, baby bottles, little toys inside the net just below the crib for easy access. The mesh around the crib is very soft and breathable. It can be zipped up and down for using it as a co-sleeper and a stand-alone crib.

One of the attractive features about this bedside cot is that it can be comfortably used as a cool playpen. This is a feature that many of the high-end products in our list also lack.


  1. Adjustable height
  2. Can be converted into a playpen
  3. Comfortable co-sleeper


  1. Lacks the aesthetics
  2. Mattress is very firm

Quick Verdict

This next to me crib is available at the most reasonable price compared to the other cribs in the list. Also, it does not exclude any important feature. It can also be converted into a playpen.

6. Baybay Bedside Sleeper Cot

Baybay Bedside Sleeper cot that attaches to bed

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This is the most unique baby crib on our list. This bedside cot is a fancy co-sleeping cot made out of fine beach wood. This cot doesn’t have any mesh or plastic around so you can expect proper ventilation. The makers have indeed done a great job and have come up with the different idea of combining some features that would make this bedside crib usable even after your baby has grown up. Let’s see how.

This wooden baby crib is extremely beautiful and elegant when it comes to its looks. It can be used as a co-sleeping crib and a stand-alone crib both. This bedside crib would never make your baby feel uncomfortable as it is very sturdy and durable. Enjoy peaceful nights, easy breastfeeding and lovely cuddles with your baby in this beautiful co-sleeper.

The corners on this next to bed crib are rounded to ensure that your baby is safe inside the crib. You would have to buy the side rail separately, it is not included in the package. Apart from that, the mattress needs to be bought separately too. You can go on exploring your favourite colours and patterns and come up with a combination of the most beautiful bedding for your baby. You can check our list of Best Cot Bed Mattress in UK.

The greatest perks of buying this co-sleeping cot is that it can be used even after your baby has crossed the age of six months. With a sleek sofa cushion piece, this cot can easily be used as a high chair which would look very fancy and would complement your room. With an additional converter kit, this crib can be turned into a study table for when your little baby starts going to school.

He would technically enjoy being in the bed for a longer time. Apart from this, the converter kit and some additional enhancements (dropping down the base) can turn this crib into a playpen. The smooth wooden pillars would definitely help your baby to take support and learn to walk inside the crib safely.


  1. Made of high quality beach wood
  2. Extra ventilation
  3. Can be turned into a playpen
  4. Can be used as a chair


  1. No mattress included
  2. Side rail needs to be bought separately
  3. Comparatively smaller size

Quick Verdict

You need to buy the bedding separately with this one and it is a bit pricey but the extremely attractive and sturdy. Beach-wood frame and the fact that it can be used in multiple ways compensates for its high price tag.

7. Chicco Next2Me Dream Cot

Chicco Next2Me Dream Bedside Cot

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You are already aware of the great quality and features that the Chicco Next2me brand range offers. We have included yet another bedside cot from this lovely brand, the Chicco Next2me Dream Cot.

The beautiful navy blue cot is perfect for co-sleeping with your little one. You can easily have access to your baby at any hour of the night, for cuddles and feeding. This next to me cot can be turned into a stand-alone cot when your baby sleeps alone.

This bedside cot features a highly sturdy and durable design. The structure looks fantastic and the material has white polka dots on the side. This co sleeper crib comes with a button fixed at the base which makes it go from a stable mode to a movable mode in just one push! This cot has four wheels and also a break to easily handle the movements of the cot and it can be transported. Well, you little baby would obviously want some happy tours of your lovely home.

The baby crib has 11 different adjustable heights so yes, in the versatility criteria, it definitely tops the list. The makers say that this co-sleeper can be attached to all kinds of beds and even the ones with drawing beds. Nextly, this co sleeper crib can be inclined at 4 different angles to help the baby have a congestion-free and reflux-free sleeping experience.

This appealing co-sleeper has soft mesh windows and a fluffy mattress to keep your baby happy and peaceful. The covers can be easily removed and washed. Dear Mum, what are you even waiting for?


  1. 11 different adjustable heights
  2. Moving wheels and a brake
  3. Washable covers
  4. Quality guaranteed


  1. Armrests cannot be adjusted
  2. Very expensive

Quick Verdict

It is a beautiful baby crib with a printed cover. It comes with 4 different reflux angles and 11 different adjustable heights. It also has wheels for easy transportation.

 8. SnüzPod 3 Bedside Crib

SnüzPod 3 Bedside Crib Attached to Bed

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The SnüzPod 3 bedside co-sleeping cot portrays a highly clean and elegant design. This bedside crib is available in white as well as other subtle dusky and grey variants. This sleeping cot can hold up to 10 kgs weight easily so you can use it for at least six months. This co-sleeping cot comes with 9 different adjustable heights.

Let us excite you with the fact that this smart 3 in 1 bedside crib has won many awards due to its excellent technology at an affordable price. Coming to the cute facts about this gorgeous white beauty. This co-sleeping cot can be easily attached to your bed with the help of fastening belts so you can easily enjoy a co-sleeping experience with your baby.

You can easily breastfeed and cuddle with your baby whenever. The walls can be zipped down when you are attaching it to your bed and  it can also be used as a stand-alone bed when your baby is sleeping alone.

One of the most convenient features of this next to me cot is that the bassinet is very light and easy to handle. It can be lifted up and carried easily. The mesh of the baby crib is soft and breathable which would ensure fresh air crossing across the crib and won’t make your little one feel uncomfortable.

Your baby is going to enjoy every second in this crib as this crib rocks. Yes!  This crib rocks gently to give your baby a little playtime in the bed. This bedside crib can be fixed at an inclined angle to avoid reflux and to give your baby a healthy sleep all day long.


  1. The light bassinet can be carried easily while travelling
  2. Nine different adjustable Heights
  3. Inclined leg angle for comfortable sleeping position
  4. Rocking crib


  1. A rather pale outlook
  2. A bit Expensive

Quick Verdict

Being one of the best next to me cribs, this one is very reasonable in price and offers you the best quality at this price point. It also offers you more features compared to the other cribs.

 9. Venture Hush Bedside Crib

Nania Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib Attached to Bed

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Co-sleeping, the best comfort, the best features and high durability comes power-packed in this beautiful crib that attaches to bed. Get ready to enjoy easy breastfeeding, the lovely feeling of sleeping right next to your baby, cuddling with them and comforting them at any hour of the night.

The durability of this co sleeper crib is highly reliable. The build material can easily stand wear and tear and would give a new look for a long time. The hush bedside crib has multiple height adjustments so you won’t have to worry about the different height of beds in different rooms.

You can easily fit it anywhere and also carry it around without worrying about disturbing your little one’s sleep. The inclination angle helps in reducing the colic effect in a baby’s body. It also helps your baby with congestion and reflux.

The makers really take pride in the quality of the mattress that they are offering. They have made a mattress so comfortable that it would completely support your baby’s back help to keep the sleeping posture healthy. The mesh of the crib gives you a perfect view of your beautiful baby. The fabric of the bedding is super soft and the sheets are breathable. Just the perfect bedding for your baby. The mattress is thick enough and well-made.


  1. Highly durable frame
  2. Extremely comfortable mattress
  3. Soft and breathable bed sheets


  1. Difficult to dismantle

Quick Verdict

This co-sleeping cot has a high-quality frame and comes with a comfortable mattress. It is bigger in size and would certainly give ample of space for your baby.

10. PurFlo KEEP ME CLOSE Breathable Bedside

PurFlo KEEP ME CLOSE Breathable Bedside Crib

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The PurFlo KEEP ME CLOSE breathable bedside cot is one of the prime candidates in the baby cribs vertical. This bedside cot can easily be used for comforting your baby up to 6 months i.e. approx. 9 kgs of body weight.

This bedside cot comes infused with all the modern features that are desired by a mother for giving her baby the optimum comfort. From great adaptability to having an inclined angle to avoid your little baby from having nasal congestion, reflux or any other stomach related issues which are very common in babies. They might happen due to uncomfortable or wrong sleeping positions or imbalance of body weight.

This bedside cot has six different height settings to make sure it gets attached easily to a number of beds available in your home. Safety is never an issue with this piece!

The mesh used for the bedding of this bedside crib is of the superior quality. It’s totally breathable, it lets air permeate through it. This not only keeps your baby cool but also keeps the environment and odour around them fresh.

The crib has a perfect fabric used for the bedding, a sleek and clean wooden design and it would always seem like a fancy addition to your furniture. Well, why should only adults have fancy things?

“The PurFlo bedside crib is everything I needed for my little one. I am very sure that my kid would grow up and pat my back for choosing something so comfortable yet so fancy as his first bed.”, Says a happy mother.


  1. Sleek and fancy design
  2. Six different adjustable heights
  3. High quality mattress
  4. Breathable mesh for keeping your baby cool
  5. Very convenient to assemble


  1. Expensive

Quick Verdict

Definitely a bit expensive but it indeed is an excellent choice. The quality is amazing. The makers have not compensated on the features and everything is made with great care and love.

Our Advice

That’s all from our side. We hope you choose the best bedside crib/cot for your little one from the list above. All the next to me cribs have been listed based on the reviews of different parents in UK. If we have missed on any great valued crib then do let us know in the comment section below. We’ll research the product and add it to our list.

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