Best Portable High Chair Seats in UK

Best Portable High Chair Seats in UK

Is your baby growing up at just a perfect rate and is ready to sit on their own now? Well, then it is time for you to buy for your baby a portable high chair seat. These seats not only help babies learn to sit on their own, but can be great for travelling as well. But there are so many brands and so many products available in the market. How do you know which one to buy for your baby? Do not worry because we have brought to you a guide with the best portable high chair seats available in the UK and how you should choose the one that suits you and your baby’s needs. Read on to learn about the ten best portable high chair seats available in the market! 

10 Best Portable Travel High Chair Seats

1st Place
Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat By Chicco
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2 Munchkin Portable Travel Child Booster Seat By Munchkin
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3 Vine Easy Seat Portable Travel High Chair By Vine
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4 STEO-Folding Baby High Chair with Tray By STEO
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5 Nuby Travel Booster Seat By Nuby
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1. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is a super lightweight and simple to carry portable high chair seat for your growing baby. The seat is so compact that it can easily be kept in the basket of almost all strollers and can effortlessly be taken in and out to restaurants.

Its height is adjustable to three different measures to make it adapt to the different height of tables. The tray, too, has three positions, adjustable according to the need, and can be removed effortlessly for cleaning or wiping down. The three points harness is also adaptable to fit your baby and keep them safely tucked in the seat. 


  1. Wide and Comfortable
  2. Height Adjustable
  3. Compact
  4. Easy to Clean


  1. Slightly difficult to fold
  2. No clip on high chair

Quick Verdict

For an evening dine-out at a fancy restaurant, or a Sunday brunch or when invited over to a close one’s house party, Pocket Snack is one of the best travel high chair seat so that your little one can sit and enjoy the food at the table with family.

2. Munchkin Portable Travel Child Booster Seat

Munchkin Portable Travel Child Booster Seat is a groovy travel bag that easily transforms into a booster seat for your little one. It is super portable with a strong and durable internal frame. It has an adjustable three point harness system that can easily fit a child approximately 12-36 months (15 kg max). The Xtra-grip traction pads highly increase the stability and provide a strong grip on chairs, so that the safety of your baby is ensured.

This portable baby chair is very efficient because it folds neatly and has a very convenient carrying strap. It features strong, material that is easy to clean. The best part about this booster chair is that it is a portable chair cum a backpack! It has a very convenient storage space to keep things like nappies, baby cutlery, bottles, etc, that makes it easy to carry your baby’s necessities into wherever you dine. 


  1. Easy to clean
  2. Storage space
  3. Stable and durable
  4. Ultra-portable


  1. Requires constant supervision
  2. Short straps

Quick Verdict

What’s better than a durable and easy to use portable baby chair and a backpack merged one product. With a strong grip and its convenient carrying strap, it will ensure the safety of your baby and your comfort and ease.

3. Vine Easy Seat Portable Travel High Chair

Vine Easy Seat Portable Travel High Chair is the one that you can take anywhere. It is compact and lightweight. For easy carrying, you can stack a Baby High Chair Cover like a piece of clothing and carry it in your handbag for convenience. Whether you are heading over to a close one’s home or out to dinner night with your family, your portable high chair seat will make it easy to carry your baby with you & makes feeding time easy.

It has Shoulder Straps for Extra Safety. You can effortlessly slide your little one safely into your Easy Seat within a matter of seconds. With the two shoulder straps, you can secure your baby in the seat and keep the baby right where she should be. If your baby makes a mess, worry not, it is also machine washable. All these benefits served to you in one product.


  1. Portable
  2. Machine washable
  3. Convenient to carry
  4. Comfortable


  1. Non-adjustable
  2. Not a strong grip

Quick Verdict

All parents worry about finding good quality portable high chairs for safely placing their baby when they go out with them. A Vine Portable Travel High Chair might be one of the best chairs to buy for your lovely baby.

4. STEO-Folding Baby High Chair with Tray

The STEO Folding Baby Chair is one of the best high chairs we could have mentioned in this list. It comes with a transport bag and a tray. This means that this high chair is easily transportable. The tray is made of good quality plastic that will let your baby enjoy the meals nicely without you having to worry. It is made extremely practical for you to use it at home, while travelling and even at restaurants. 

The STEO Folding Baby Chair is manufactured using strong steel as well as PP material that make this high chair extremely robust. This table seat has great strength and capability. It, however, can be a little heavy for some people. This high chair is also equipped with a firm fastening clamp and a safety belt so that you do not have to worry about the baby’s safety at all! 

To provide maximum comfort to both parents and the baby, this high chair is made of breathable, high quality material which is also durable. It has no chemical smell so you baby doesn’t feel any discomfort. The backrest and upholstery are made extra thick so that the seating is superbly comfortable for the baby. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be quickly folded and the cover is also removable plus washable. 


  1. Made of high quality materials
  2. Durable and sturdy
  3. Secure and safe
  4. Comes with a folding tray


  1. Slightly heavy
  2. Not for outdoors and travel

Quick Verdict

The STEO Folding Baby Chair is comfortable as well as durable. If you do not need your baby’s high chair for outdoors, this may be the perfect high chair for your baby.

5. Nuby Travel Booster Seat

Let your baby grow up and sit up straight with the Nuby Travel Booster Seat. This high chair is amazingly comfortable even while traveling. It is safe and soft for the baby as well. 

The Nuby Travel Booster Seat is an adjustable Travel booster seat which comes with a 3 point harness system. It is also equipped with safety straps that can even convert the chair into a handy and stylish bag for transportation. This makes travelling not only easy but fashionable as well. 

This high chair is manufactured with comfortable soft foam cushions which makes it easier to clean due to its waterproof fabric. The straps are easy to fasten so that it can be used with adult chairs as well such as a dining chair. 

The Nuby Travel Booster Seat also has mesh pockets for storage where you can store bibs, bottles, spoons and other essential things. This high chair is suitable for kids to sit unaided right from when they are six months old and till quite longer. This is because the maximum weight that it can bear is 15 kilograms. 


  1. Lightweight
  2. Stylish
  3. Has Pockets
  4. 3 point safety harness


  1. Slightly Expensive
  2. No anti slip technology

Quick Verdict

The Nuby Travel Booster Seat is a Travel buddy for all the parents with toddler babies. It is the best buy option if you have to Travel frequently and take your baby together. 

6. Airtushi – The Fully Collapsible High Chair

Get ready to have your minds blown because this product is not something you were expecting! The Airtushi Fully Collapsible High Chair is one of its kinds and is probably the best travel high chair. The brand claims that this is the strongest collapsible high chair that is designed to have extremely rigid sides. These ensure that there is no sideways topping or any other danger to the baby. It can fit most of the adult chairs as well. 

The Airtushi Fully Collapsible High Chair is the only collapsible travel chair that is equipped with padding for seats, sides and backrest. And not just this! It also has a front bumper to help in aiding learning to sit up. This travel baby chair is suitable for kids over six months and it can bear a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. 

Since the Airtushi Fully Collapsible High Chair is entirely collapsible, it can be stored very easily in a handbag or under a stroller. It actually comes with its own carry bag as well. This travel highchair is easy to inflate as well as deflate. The high chair is fully compatible with airplane seats and camping chairs.

The  Airtushi Fully Collapsible High Chair is also easy to wipe clean and it quickly dries as well.


  1. Fully compressible
  2. Easy to carry and store
  3. Rigid sides
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Doesn’t have a 5- point harness system
  2. Not made on anti-slip technology

Quick Verdict

The Airtushi Fully Collapsible High Chair is one the best travel high chair for kids. It has great comfort and compatibility. Although it doesn’t have a 5 point-point harness system.

7. IKEA Antilop Highchair with Tray

You can never go wrong with IKEA, can you? The IKEA Antilop High Chair with tray is a stylish and functional high chair that has been in demand for quite some time now. This chair is made specially to make it easier for small babies to sit at the same height as adults on the essentially the same table. You must obviously know that this habit is extremely important for the babies to develop so they learn social skills and eating habits.

This white antilop high chair looks sleek and stylish and goes with almost all kinds of home decors without much deviations. The IKEA Antilop High Chair is  extremely easy to disassemble whenever you have to carry it around. The high chair has raised edges for preventing spills from landing on the floor.

This portable seat chair is made of quality materials for your baby’s sensitive skin and is free from all the substances that might cause harm to you baby. It is slightly heaviers so it is not easy to carry it around.


  1. Easy to carry around
  2. Baby skin friendly materials
  3. Raised edges
  4. Stylish built


  1. Not Lightweight
  2. Not easy to carry outdoors

Quick Verdict

Like any other IKEA product, the IKEA Antilop High Chair is a stylish and sturdy product. It will not only give your baby comfortable seating but will look good while it does so too!

8. Baby Polar Gear Portable Booster Seat

The Baby Polar Gear Portable Booster Seat is a portable high chair whose features will blow your mind! It is one of the best products in this category that are available in the UK.

This chair is lightweight and extremely portable. It can fold down to a size of 31 x 26 x 8 centimetres. It can also be folded down and carried as a shoulder bag. It can even be stashed under a buggy since it is nicely foldable. This high chair that attaches to table can be made into a dining chair as well. 

With the  Baby Polar Gear Portable Booster Seat, you do not have to worry about your baby’s safety since the high chair uses a fully adjustable five point harness.

Along with this it also has a T-bar and two shoulder steps that will keep the baby totally secure, no matter how much the baby is used to wiggling. It has also been approved by the EU Test standards. 

The  Baby Polar Gear Portable Booster Seat is made from polyester and nylon along with a cushion covering of polyurethane. This means that this high chair is entirely phthalate free. The high chair also comes with a free wipe clean placemat.


  1. EU Safety Standards approved
  2. Lightweight
  3. Phthalate Free
  4. Fully Adjustable


  1. Small Straps
  2. No anti-fall design

Quick Verdict

The  Baby Polar Gear Portable Booster Seat is a great product. This lightweight high chair is the choice of many satisfied parents who want the absolute best for their babies.

9. Baobë 3-in-1 Portable Highchair

While talking about the best travel high chairs, how can we not talk about Baobe 3-in-1 Portable High Chair? This portable high chair seat is made with great quality materials and comes with amazing features.

The Baobe 3-in-1 Portable High Chair is made of the advanced ABS Environmental protection quality as well as high quality solid steel. This also means that his high chair is environment friendly as well. The high chair is built in an anti-fall design. It uses the five point harness technology.

This is not all when it comes to safety! The Baobe 3-in-1 Portable High Chair is also equipped with four non-slip sleeves in the chair legs in order to make the chair more stable and to keep your little one absolutely secure. This highchair is multi functional as it can be used as all three- a high chair (obviously!), a booster seat and a toddler chair.

The Baobe 3-in-1 Portable High Chair is easy to assemble and store. It is also highly adjustable when it comes to position and height. The tray of the chair is also removable.


  1. Multifunctional
  2. Anti Fall Design
  3. Removable and Adjustable
  4. Easy to assemble


  1. Not Lightweight
  2. Doesn’t come with good carrying facility

Quick Verdict

If you are looking for a highly adjustable and strong portable baby chair, you must consider the Baobe 3-in-1 Portable High Chair. It is totally worth the price it comes for!

10. Toogel Portable Booster Seat

This list is incomplete without the Toogel Portable Booster Seat. This is one of the best portable chairs that are available in the market. This is a three in one travel booster chair is probably all you’ll need for your baby. It can be used as a travel high chair, kitchen seat and it can also be strapped to an adult chair.

With the Toogel Portable Booster Seat, you do not have to worry about the safety and security of your baby. This high chair uses a five point safety harness system to meet the safety standards. The straps of the safety system can be safely stored in the given side slots as well.

The Toogel Portable Booster Seat is easily height adjustable so the babies can be made to sit as high as the adults’ seating.

This highchair also comes with a carrying bag along with pockets for spoons and bibs making suitable for outdoors and travelling too. All the parts are removable as well. One speciality of this high chair is that this beach chair is designed with anti slip design to distribute the weight equally and increase stability in the chair.


  1. Baby Booster Seat
  2. Height Adjustable
  3. Fold and go design
  4. Anti Slip Design


  1. Not Lightweight
  2. Not phthalate free

Quick Verdict

The Toogel Portable Booster Seat is safe and highly adjustable. If you are looking for a three in one high chair, this might be the best for you. However it is slightly heavy and also it is not phthalate free.

How to Choose the Portable high chair seat in UK

Having looked at the best portable high chairs available in the UK it is now time for you to buy a great High Chair for your baby. But before you zero down to any one high chair, here are a few points that you must remember in order to buy the ideal portable high chair for your little ones. Read on to know further.

1. Types of High Chair

Types of High Chair

There are typically four types of chairs and each of them have their unique features. We suggest that you have a look at all these and then go for the one that suits your needs and your baby’s needs effectively. 

Travel highchair

This high chair is the one you can Travel comfortably with. Therefore, such chairs should be lightweight and easy to carry. The process of reassembly should not be tough either. If it is stylish in looks, that’s a plus one as well! 

Booster seat

Booster seats are the ones that can be attached to an adult chair like a dining chair so the baby can sit with adults at the same level. These can also be foldable that makes them more Travel friendly and less space consuming. 

Clamp-on seat

If you attach the high chair seat to the table instead of the chair, it is known as the clamp on the seat. This clip on high chair type is extremely comfortable for some parents as they don’t need a separate chair spared only for the baby all the time. If you have space constraints, this is actually a great option. 

Fabric seat harness

The Fabric Seat Harness is a piece of fabric that the parent can put around their baby using clip restraints so as to fasten at the back of a chair. These are easy to fold but they do not give the baby any extra height to reach the table.

2. Safety

The safety of your baby is your primary concern. You should always look for a baby high chair that has at least a three point harness safety system. You should prefer a high chair with a five point harness system. Additionally, if the brand provides more ways of added security, it’ll be better and safer for your baby. This is extremely important because when the baby sits higher than the ground, that chances of getting injured increase. 

3. Portability

How easily you can carry the high chair plays an important factor in how much you are going to have your baby sit comfortably outdoors and during travel also? A good high chair must be lightweight and should come with a carrying bag. All the other components of the brands must be easy to disassemble next time. When not in use, it should be small enough to carry around with one hand only. Therefore, what is more important is to check how easily portable the high chair is. 

4. Adjustable

What is the use of buying a high chair that isn’t fairly adjustable? If you are investing your money into something, you would obviously want to make sure that your baby is perfectly comfortable in the high chair. Therefore, we suggest that you go for a high chair that is highly adjustable so that it fits your baby just perfectly. 

5. Cleaning

Most brands offer high chairs that can be cleaned easily by just wiping. Wipe Cleaning is hands down the best option for cleaning. And hence, it should be preferred as well. We suggest that you go for a high chair that is easy to clean. Additionally, it should be a kind of high chair that doesn’t get dirty very quickly. 

6. Ease of Use

Of course!! After you have looked for your baby’s comfort and security entirely, you can look out for some features that will make your experience with the high chair easy. Under this, you can look for how lightweight the high chair is and designed after keeping kids in mind. Any easy to use high chair makes the loves of parents as well as the kids is the ideal high chair for your kid. 

Our Advice

We understand that choosing the best high chair for your baby can be difficult. Your baby is growing so you don’t want to buy a high chair that isn’t going to last long. That is exactly why we came up with this review cum guide on the top high chairs available in the market. We hope that you must have gained some clarity about the topic after reading this. Out final advice to you would be to go and spend those few extra bucks if you are getting a good deal. After all, it is your little one you’re spending on!

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