Best Retractable Baby Gate in UK

Best Retractable Baby Gate in UK

Parents have a moment of immense joy and love when their baby finally starts to crawl or walk. But the next moment, this thought haunts them. They will have to ensure that the baby doesn’t run off and hurt themselves. What if the baby tries to go downstairs? If you are worried about this, let us tell you that Retractable Baby Gates are made exactly to prevent your baby from crawling or walking away to places that parents might not want them to go to in their house. If you are planning on buying a retractable baby gate for your home, you have come to the right place. Read on to know about the 7 Best Retractable Baby Gates in the UK and how you can buy the one that fits your needs the best.

7 Best Retractable Baby Gates in the UK

1st Place
Double Elite Retractable Baby Gate Upgraded By Double Elite
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2 BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard By BabyDan
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3 Momcozy Retractable Stair Gate for Baby and Pets By Momcozy
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4 Dreambaby Extra-Tall Relocatable Mesh Safety Gate By Dreambabye
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5 OTTOLIVES Mesh Retractable Gate for Babies By OTTOLIVES
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1. Double Elite Retractable Baby Gate (Upgraded)

The Double Elite Retractable Baby Gate has been upgraded and now comes with expandable mesh up to 180 cm to ensure a wider application. This gate can cover regular room doors and hallways, corridors, and wide stairs entrance as well.

This retractable baby gate can easily be opened and closed using just one hand so that you can keep holding your child with the other. You need to follow just two easy steps for operating it.

The Double Elite Retractable Baby Gate is equipped with a retractable design that can also help you save a lot of trouble as well as a lot of space as it automatically retracts into a roll after it is released.

This gate can be relocated since it is detachable. It is great for both babies who crawl as well as for pets weighing up to 40 pounds.


  1. Easy clip-on & clip-off for quick relocation
  2. Includes premium full sets accessories
  3. Single-handed operation
  4. Can be used in spaces as wide as 180cm


  1. Slightly costly
  2. Instructions not easy

Quick Verdict

The Double Elite Retractable Baby Gate(Upgraded) is a great retractable gate. It is durable and has a double locking mechanism. It is also detachable so that you can relocate it to more than one place. It is an ideal choice if you have babies or pets.

2. BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard

Guard Me by Baby Dan is top tier when we talk about child safety. Guard Me is so compact that it is near to invisible when not in use, and therefore ideal for modern homes.

It is easy to operate, and all you need to learn is one simple step: Pull out and press down the handle side button. Post that, Guard Me folds back automatically taking up the least bit of space. Intriguing, right?

The gate offers one-handed opening and fits doorways from 55-89cm. The fittings can be mounted both inside and outside of the door frame depending on your installation choices.

It is super flexible and features easy mounting, which makes it perfect for narrow as well as wide openings. Another great thing is that Guard Me comes pre-assembled and includes 3 x spare extensions in the box. This allows the gate to extend up to 89cm easily. It also features an additional 24cm extension kit which is available separately; which will then take it up to a maximum of 113.5cm.  Guard Me is made from PVC free plastic.


  1. Extremely compact when not in use
  2. Automatic fold back
  3. Cost justified


  1. Not ideal if you have skirting boards
  2. Slightly tricky

Quick Verdict

If you are looking for a compact option that will suit your modern home well, then guide me is the perfect choice for you! It is super flexible and features easy mounting, which makes it perfect for narrow as well as wide openings.

3. Momcozy Retractable Stair Gate for Baby and Pets

Momocozy Retractable Stair Gate is an extra-wide stair gate that extends up to 140 cm wide and 86 cm tall. The stair gates for dogs and kids feature easy installation and include all the components you’ll need for the setup, i.e., screws, catch mounts, extra wall spacer shims for the baseboards, installation guides.

It features a retractable design that helps to offer a versatile home safety solution. It is constructed to accommodate any door width up to 140 cm. It allows easy use in high traffic areas without any difficulty with disassembly. It is not only convenient but also helps to save on a lot of space.

 It features a one-handed silent operation that allows you to open and close while you’re holding your child. There are just two simple steps that you need to note:

  • Push, twist and release button
  • Pull the handle to raise the pressure fit stair gate, when the handle is released the baby safety gate will automatically shut the release device.

The stair gates for babies include two sets of mounting hardware that help you use it in more than one location. It is easy to Clip-on and Clip-off the safety gates for children from one place to another. This outdoor retractable gate is the perfect choice for both children and pets to locate their way and keep them safe and secure in the whole house. It is ideal for babies from the age of 6-24 months and pets from 10-40 pounds.


  1. Great for wide openings
  2. Can be locked open or closed
  3. Durable mesh
  4. Easy to install
  5. Affordable


  1. Not strong enough for older children
  2. Not easy instructions
  3. May require two hands to operate easily.

Quick Verdict

The Momocozy Retractable Stair Gate is a great retractable stair gate and has high ratings. It is well-loved by consumers. Even though this gate’s brackets are plastic, they are pretty sturdy and will most probably never have breakage issues. We wholeheartedly recommend this product!

4. Dreambaby Extra-Tall Relocatable Mesh Safety Gate

While fully complying to the European safety standards, the New Dreambaby Extra-Tall Relocatable Indoor/ Outdoor Mesh Gate has been formulated to cover gates that are as wide as 55 inches (140 centimeters).

This New Retractable Gate features an extra-tall height of 93cm to the top of the locking mechanism. It eliminates all the obstructions effortlessly. When the gate is open, it retracts completely out of the way, ensuring no maneuvering with gate doors.

It is also important to note that it does not have a bottom base or bar and eliminates any tripping hazard.

It features a single-handed operation with two simple steps. You have to push and turn the gate button to unlock and then release.  After this, you shall have to hold the handle & release the gate gently. This is specifically great for when you’re juggling multiple tasks at once.

Another notable thing about this retractable gate is that it has a warning sound that alerts you when opened. However, if you need to close it silently, you can do that too, but it will require you to use two hands.

This Extra-Tall Gate also includes two sets of mounting hardware that allows use in more than one location. You can easily Clip-On & Clip-Off the Gate from one place to another. The gate is made of high-quality material and features durable construction. Made of fine quality mesh, it is designed to hold up to little hands, leaving you with greater peace of mind. It is also UV treated, which helps to prevent fading in the sun and maintain its pristine look longer.


  1. Extra-tall
  2. Durable construction
  3. Easy to install
  4. UV treated


  1. Slightly fiddly to use
  2. Fabric gets twisted when the gate retracts

Quick Verdict

The new Dreambaby extra-tall retractable mesh safety gate is highly recommended for the ones who are looking for a durable safety gate with a good height. Another notable thing about this retractable gate is that it has a warning sound that alerts you when opened. You should definitely go for it!

5. OTTOLIVES Mesh Retractable Gate for Babies

As you would know, when the baby starts to learn to crawl and walk, he always crawls everywhere, and that may not always be safe for them. OTTOLIVES mesh retractable gate doors will help keep them away from dangerous stairs and restricted areas, reducing your worries to a great extent.

It is an Indoor and outdoor baby door that features extra height and width for additional convenience. The door extends to 140 cm wide and 85 cm high. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so that your baby’s environment stays safe all the time.

It can be installed on stairs, doorways, corridors, the top and bottom of indoor and outdoor use. This retractable door is easy to open and close with one hand. It features a smooth parallel door movement system and unique large buckle design, making it easy to unlock by pushing and rotating clockwise, which’s more convenient. To lock the door, hold the handle, pull to the other side, and push the hook counterclockwise.

This door is strong, durable and safe to use. It is designed with a strong and soft mesh cloth, which can prevent babies from accidentally slamming the door and getting injured. The child safety lock mechanism is formulated to provide parents with extra safety protection. Another notable thing about this relocatable gate is that all the components are non-toxic and odorless, have passed safety standard tests, and comply with ASTM or EN standards.


  1. Easy operation to open and close.
  2. For both indoor and outdoor use
  3. Strong, durable, and safe
  4. High-quality service


  1. Not ideal for pets
  2. Little complicated to assemble

Quick Verdict

OTTOLIVES mesh retractable gate for babies is a durable one that comes with a clear instruction guide and allows you to keep your babies in the safest environment almost effortlessly. We would recommend it!

6. Callowesse Air Retractable Stair Gate

Callowesse air retractable stair gate features a one-handed opening that makes it convenient to use. It helps to free up your one hand to carry your child or other everyday objects. Note that it is important to follow the safety locking unlocking features.

As compared to the other gates on the market, Callowesse Air Retractable is relatively quiet if we talk about retracting back to its base, which implies no more late-night disturbances. This air Retractable Gate can adjust to narrow or wide openings that range from 0 to 140 centimeters.

The box includes everything you need for installation, e.g. Spacers, templates, Fixings, Screws – ready to fit against walls or skirting boards. Within the pack, you will also find two sets of fittings that allow you to place your gate in different places around the whole house. You can clip on/off the gate from the fittings to relocate.


  1. Single-handed operation
  2. Quiet retract
  3. Fits wide openings
  4. Super easy installation


  1. Slightly expensive
  2. Fiddly

Quick Verdict

Callowese Air retractable stair gate is a decent option which is super easy to install. Also this retractable stair gate features a one-handed opening that makes it convenient to use. It does the job well!

7. Safetots Advanced Retractable Safety Gate

Safetots Advanced retractable safety gate is one of its kind which wraps completely out when it is not in use. It includes connectors and mounting templates which are easy to assemble.

Safetots offer multiple gates that easily fit even the unique spaces in your home. The company sells a wide range of extra narrow gates, multi panels, retractable gates, diagonal fit stair gates, that are specifically designed to stop children from accessing any unsafe areas. Safety and security of your child is the primary concern.

It conforms to safety standards EN 1930: 2011. Safetots feature a variety of extra tall gates in both pressure and screw fit designs.

These extra-tall tall stair gates feature a height of approximately 100cm, which implies that they are typically 25cm taller than standard height gates available in the market. This extra tall gate range is ideal for use for toddlers and pets and is available in a variety of colours and width options.

The Safetots range does not require much effort and is easy to install with no drilling required. It is available in both metal and wood.


  1. Screw fitting
  2. Unique Space Stair Gates
  3. Double Locking System
  4. One-handed operation


  1. Slightly hard to open and close
  2. Not cost-effective

Quick Verdict

It conforms to safety standards EN 1930: 2011. The Safetots range does not require much effort and is easy to install with no drilling required. It is available in both metal and wood. If you have a unique space in your home, then Safetots advanced retractable safety gate is the perfect choice for you!

How to choose the Best Retractable Baby Gate

Best Retractable Baby Gate

Having seen the best retractable baby gates available in the market, it is now time for you to choose the one that fits best for YOUR needs. Here are some things that you must keep in mind while zeroing down on one retractable stair gate.

1. Size

Obviously, this is the most important thing to look for. If you have smaller or bigger doors than the standard sizes, finding the best retractable gate can be tricky. But the market now has many retractable baby gates that can fit in various sizes which are called expandable baby gates. So you might want to consider those. If you are buying the gates off the internet, make sure to be even more careful with the retractable gate’s size.

2. Safety standards

Since your main aim is to ensure your baby’s safety by using the retractable gates, you must also ensure that the gates are manufactured with keeping the safety standards in mind. An ideal retractable gate must be Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified. This would mean that the gate would be tested and passed all the safety tests. To ensure this, read more reviews by the parents about the gates you are considering to buy.

3. Ease of use

This is extremely important. The adjustable baby gate that you choose should be easy to install and unmount. It should also be operated single-handedly so that you can have your baby on the other hand easily. You must look for these features in the gate that you choose ultimately since small things like these make parenting and your life a little easier and swifter every day.

4. Material of the Gate

Retractable gates come in various materials. Most of the retractable baby gates are made of mesh or cloth, but other options such as plastic, wood, and metal are also available. If you also have pets in your house, you might want to fo with wood or metal gates. But if it is only for your baby, even a mesh gate would suffice.


There are hundreds of retractable baby gates present in the market. This means that you have many choices to choose from. Having read about the seven best retractable baby gates in the UK and a guide on what to look for in your baby gate, we hope that you will be able to make an informed choice. Our final advice to you is that even if you have to spend a few extra bucks on the gate, you should not hesitate from doing so. After all, it is your baby you are spending it for!  

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