Best Baby Gates for Top of Stairs in UK

Best Baby Gates for Stairs in UK

A baby gate is a very essential element in the list of the necessity commodities for new parents. Once your baby starts crawling, it will become extremely important to increase the safety measures around your house.

A baby gate helps you in giving the protective shield to your child against unsafe places in and around your home. Having access to places like the kitchen and the staircase might be dangerous for your child. So it is prudent to install a baby gate.

With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to select the best top of stairs baby gate as the stairs are one of the riskiest places for baby’s safety. Depending on the customer reviews and the expert comments, we have listed some of the best baby gates for top of stairs.

What is a Baby Gate and Why you should buy one?

A baby gate is a protection given to your baby to restrict his access to the unsafe zones of the house. The practicality of the baby gates cannot be denied. The toddlers while riding their scooters or using baby walkers can cross some area in the house which can cause any mishaps.

So, the parents need to understand that the children cannot be kept confined in a small space. During their growing stages, they need proper movement for development. But to maintain the right kind of security you should consider the usage of the baby gates. It gives enough moving area to your baby but with safety coverage.

10 Best Top of Stairs Baby Gates

1st Place
BabyDan Multidan Extending Metal Safety Gate By BabyDan
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2 BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard By BabyDan
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3 Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate By Lindam
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4 Safety 1st Simply Close Pressure Fit Metal Gate By Safety 1st
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5 BabyDan No Trip Screw Mounted Safety Gate By BabyDan
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1. BabyDan Multidan Extending Metal Safety Gate

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The BabyDan Multidan Metal is one of the best baby gates for top of stairs available in the market. It is engineered with much strength and metal safety that it can be used in various types of doors and house spaces. The gate is accurate for narrow openings.

You can install it with much ease with opening it in or out and also use the stopper to prevent anyone direction swinging of the gate. It comes with quick release fittings which are adult operated. Hence when the gate is not in use you can remove it easily.

The gate is built with all the latest technology that comes with all the safety and innovative measures. The BabyDan stair gate is made with all the childproof features that allow your baby to have all the protection required. The installation of this device is also very convenient and it is removable as well.


  1. Very easy and convenient to install and use
  2. The gate comes with a very wide travel area


  1. Poor quality plastic chip that is used for locking the gate
  2. It can be fixed only on wood. This causes a problem for houses having brick or drywall

Quick Verdict:

It is a great product that comes under an affordable price range. It provides the required strength and protection for children. It can be easily used and removed whenever needed. This wide stair gate is very convenient and would be advised to be used for children up to 24 months.

2. BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard

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The BabyDan Guard Me is a very popular name when it comes to baby gates for top of stairs. It is one of the best retractable baby gate in UK. It has been building the stairgates using some of the most modern and unique technologies. The product comes with an automatic foldable safety gate that can be opened automatically.

It is very simple to install and this can be done by simply following the installation video that comes with the product. The gate comes with a considerable space area allowing your child easy access in the movement. Any adult can open the gate using a single hand.

This baby dan stair gate is extremely convenient for tight spaces that are very common in all the modern houses. This is also very flexible and gives easy mounting which makes it the most ideal choice for all kinds of narrow as well as wide openings.


  1. It folds away very neatly giving a sturdy protection to your child
  2. The fitting are straight forward and can be installed easily


  1. The quality of the screws provided is not up to the mark
  2. Faulty lock mechanism

Quick Verdict:

An adaptable and easy to operate child stair gate. This product will give you your money’s worth as it will cover all your expectations. Definitely a go to stair gate for proper safety and accommodation.

3. Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate

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Having a baby at home can be quite worrisome if you do not have all the precautionary measures in place. But with the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe stairgate, you can have the proper peace of mind. This baby gate for top of stairs provides necessary safety and protection to your little one at all times.

It comes with a four-point fit frame that doesn’t require drilling to the wall. But then it also provides needed strength and sturdiness to the structure. The double locking system allows you to have a reassurance that the installation has been done correctly. This helps in providing the ultimate security for your baby.

Lindam products are created keeping all the practical aspects in mind. It is very convenient for busy parents as it offers a wide walk space while walking through the gate. This child gate for stairs is also ideal for narrow as well as wide openings. This increases the utility of the stairgate to a great extent.


  1. It comes with a useful pressure indicator that can be used to identify incorrect installation of the gates
  2. The extra wide walk through is very useful for having more space for walking


  1. Has failed to comply with the safety tests
  2. The safety lock has been found to be of poor quality

Quick Verdict:

Absence of the drilling part makes it very convenient to install the product. Though at times the framework creates difficulty in providing the needed strength, it manages to come up with sufficient protection. It is advisable to consider all the factors before purchasing the product.

4. Safety 1st Simply Close Pressure Fit Metal Gate

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The Safety 1st Simply Close Pressure Fit Metal Gate is a highly recommended product for your toddler. It is designed with some of the finest designs to give the ultimate protection and safety to your child. It has the perfect installation system with the help of its four-point pressure system. It holds the gate strongly in its place without using any grilling to the wall.

This U-shaped pressure fit gate is made of steel and gives a high amount of strength and durability to the product. It is adaptable and suitable for being placed in doorways and top of staircases. This stair gate for top of stairs has options for both one way and two-way openings.

It comes built with a double locking mechanism that helps in providing the added security to your crawling little one. You can easily use this child stair gate with the handle that allows one-handed opening and closing for adult operation.


  1. This baby stairgate come with a two way opening that helps in giving a wide walk through space
  2. The secondary locking system provides extra care and precaution for your child


  1. The sturdiness of the stairgate is not of high quality
  2. The locking system of the product doesn’t seem to operate well

Quick Verdict:

Though it has good installation methods and can be used conveniently, the mechanism of this product is not up to the mark. Though it says it can be operated with one hand, in practice it has been found to be otherwise. Hence, only after complete research, you should opt for this top of stairs baby gate for your child.

5. BabyDan No Trip Screw Mounted Safety Gate

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The moment your baby starts moving and crawling, your concern simply goes up so much higher. It becomes very important to undertake the necessary precautions to ensure their safety as they are moving. But thanks to the BabyDan No Trip Safety Gate you can have a breath of relief as it will allow your child enough moving space with the right amount of safety.

This baby stair gate for top of stairs is extremely convenient to use and you can operate it using only a single hand. It can be opened in either direction and it comes devoid any bars or foot plates that might make tripping a possibility.

It offers a wide walk through space and gives easy movement options. It is always advisable never to leave your toddler alone and unattended, but with the presence of this stair gate, you can be sure for the security of your little one.


  1. This baby stair gate can be easily used and put in place by the adults
  2. They are provided with easily attachable plastic mounting hardware that helps you in placing the gates properly


  1. The screw pressure bars are not of adequate length. They are far too short
  2. Does not come with enough durability standards

Quick Verdict:

A great buy with a high amount of affordability. These gates are extremely useful and very easy to fit. A highly recommended top of stairs baby gate for your consideration.

6. Lindam Wall Fix Extending Metal Safety Gate

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The Lindam Wall Fix stairgate is one of the most flexible and versatile products that you can come across. It helps in giving you the needed safety standards along with a high amount of adaptability. It can be fixed directly to the walls without much of a hassle. This is mainly a top of stairs baby gate that offers enormous convenience for one-handed operations.

This product comes loaded with many innovative technologies that make the life of the parents much easier and stress-free. The stair gate brings with itself not only the practical aspects but also provides stylish safety solutions for your children. It comes with both one way and two-way openings for all kinds of usage.

One of the most important features is the quick release fittings that allow the gate to be completely removable without much using of the tools and equipment. The product has diversified use and extends all the required protection.


  1. It comes with the unique tilt and lift mechanism. This allows easy single hand operations of the stairgate
  2. Sturdy and resilient product that allows long term utility to the product


  1. It is very difficult to install against anything but a flat wall
  2. It works well only for some gaps but for the others it is very difficult in installation

Quick Verdict:

Not a very highly recommended product. Flexibility is a big concern and also the quality of the product is not sustainable. Hence, not a very wise option for your child’s safety.

7. Dreambaby Retractable Gate

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The Dreambaby Retractable gates help in bringing an utter sense of security to every aspect of your house. These mounted gates are built with two sets of fittings that make it possible for you to easily move the gates from one place to another as per your liking. The clip-on and off system is also very helpful for the purpose.

This is a very practical option for busy parents who need to move around the house with many things in their hands. This is so because this top of stairs baby gate is very much operational with one hand and can be easily installed. The gate doesn’t come with any bottom bars or base so that there is no possibility of tripping.

It is retractable gate and can be adjusted and fitted almost in any corner of your house. This is one of the best quality mesh stair gate that comes with adequate UV protection and gives enough protection to your child.


  1. The gates are easily retractable. This helps in removing it from your way when it creates any obstruction
  2. Can be used both indoor and outdoor thanks to the high quality mesh used for making this gate


  1. Drill is mandatory for its installation. Thus it makes the process difficult
  2. In case you have a very active child, this gate will not be of very much use

Quick Verdict:

This is not a good option for newborn babies but it is ideal for someone a bit older. It does what it says and gives you your peace of mind. It is absolutely a practical option that comes at a reasonable price.

8. BabyDan Super Flexi Fit Extending Wooden Safety Gate

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The super flexible BabyDan Flexi Fit wooden stair gate is one of the best stair gates for top of stairs you can come across. With its unique adaptability and easy installation, you can fit this gate almost in any kind of opening you prefer. It comes with wall fittings that can be fixed in either side of the door frame be it inside or outside.

It is operational with a single hand and can be opened in both directions. It has a quick-release mechanism that makes it convenient to mount and detach whenever required. This baby gate for top of stairs is suitable for babies right from their birth until they are around 5 years of age.

The BabyDan products are extremely durable and sturdy that provides the right amount of protection needed for your child. This comes with proper handles and stop pins that can be used easily at the top of the stairs with much ease.


  1. The extra flexibility makes it possible to be placed in any corner of your house
  2. Ultimate safety for your children with the convenient and strongly made gate framework


  1. The initial installation process is difficult
  2. The screws that are provided are not of good quality

Quick Verdict:

Strongly recommended if you want something sturdy as well as adaptable. Once the fitting is done, you get to have a superior quality product for your child and his safety. Comes with an affordable price tag as well.

9. Clippasafe Extendable Swing Shut Gate

top of stairs baby gates

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The Clipsafe Extendable Swing Shut Gate comes with some of the most unique and useful features. It is provided with the integrated extension system that allows easy accessibility and usage. It can be set to open in both directions or just one, depending on your needs and specifications. This can be used in many places such as the top of stairs or the bottom of the stairways or in the doorways.

It can come easily in any kind of openings with the proper measurements given. It is built with self-adhesive pads that can be used for its installation. But if the need arises they can be screwed to the walls as well. This is an immensely useful product to keep your precious one away from any kind of danger.


  1. Easily usable in any space of your house either the bottom or the top staircase. Also, it can be utilized in the doorways
  2. The suction cups provides strong adhesive to the gate frame


  1. The durability of the gate is not up to the mark
  2. It is expensive

Quick Verdict:

Not a much recommended product. Quality of the product gets reduced with the passage of time and is not of high durability. Better products with lower price levels are available in the market.

10. Dreambaby Auto-Close Chelsea Xtra-Tall Safety Gate

baby gate for top of stairs

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The Dreambaby Extra Tall Auto Close Gate helps you in taking proper care of your baby’s safety concerns. This comes with an auto close feature that allows your child to keep out of any harm. Also, the double locking system ensures the much needed security measures for your child.

This stairgate is suitable for all kinds of stairs and can be used with much ease. This extendable baby gate is a very logical solution for modern parents as it is very convenient to use with a single hand. It comes with some of the most innovative and advanced technologies.

The presence of the EZY Check indicator will become red if the doors are not closed properly. This is a feature that makes the product so much more beneficial to your child’s safety issues. The Dreambaby products are some of the most high quality and cost-effective products that make the home a safer environment for the little ones inside.


  1. Very useful with the checking system as you can make sure whether the doors are closed properly
  2. One-handed operation helps busy parents to a great extent


  1. A false sense of security gets created with a faulty closing mechanism
  2. The strength of the product is not of high quality

Quick Verdict:

The product is not very recommended for children. This is because the built of the product is not strong enough to give proper protection to your child. Thus, not a much recommended item.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gate for Top of Stairs in UK

stair gate for top of stairs

Some of the important factors that need consideration while choosing the best top of stairs baby gates are as follows:

1. Easy to use

The convenience with which you can use the baby gates is a very important factor. Single hand operation gives a great advantage to busy parents. It helps them in putting up the retractable stair gate wherever convenient.

2. Easy to install

The baby stair gates that come with easy installations are more preferred than the ones that are too complicated. Also the products that can be used just using the fittings without any drilling function are very much effective for the parents to put up.

3. Safety

The most important utility of the stairgates is providing safety and security to your child. The products that have sufficient sturdiness and comes with all the necessary features that provide protection should be preferred. It is also advisable to look for features such as auto-locking system, check indicators etc. while buying it for your child.

4. Material

The material with which the baby gates are made should be given much consideration. Cheap quality plastic products should be avoided. They do not give the necessary durability or strength. Just make sure the material used is strong enough to endure your child’s pushing it.

Our Advice

Options are plenty but to choose among them becomes very difficult. It is very important to do thorough research before going in for your final purchase. Look out for products that give you the best utility as per your needs and specifications. Also, a very important factor is your budget.

Some of the best baby gates for top of stairs that come with superior quality are also very affordable. Hence, you should look at all the pros and cons of the products and choose the best baby gates for top of stairs according to the requirements of your child. Our article is all about helping you find the best top of stairs baby gate for your little one with the best features available. 

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