Tutti Bambini Cozee vs SnuzPod – What’s Best For Your Baby?

Tutti bambini cozee vs snuzpod

There’s no better feeling than becoming parents. Right from the day you first found out about the pregnancy to the day of delivery, it’s all a happy occasion for everyone around. But the hard part comes once after the baby is born. You have to take utmost care of your newborn to ensure a healthy growth. And one of the key things amongst all this is to adhere to the strict sleeping guidelines laid down for newborns. 

The first part of this process is finding the right crib. If you set out to buy a new crib for your baby, you will be overwhelmed with the total options available at your disposal. This is precisely why you will need to narrow down your search if you want to get the right crib for your baby. As a result, this article guides you through everything the tutti bambini cozee bedside crib and the snuzpod crib have to offer. We have laid down a detailed comparison in this guide to help you select and buy what’s best for your baby.

Tutti Bambini Cozee

The Tutti Bambini Cozee is one of the most popular choices amongst parents on the lookout for the safest baby crib. Tutti Bambini is a company well-known for delivering some of the efficient cribs, rockers, playpens, and a wide array of products. The tutti bambini cozee bedside crib comes with a wooden frame, a height-adjustable crib, and has a shelf at the bottom for containing all the baby essentials. Meanwhile, you can easily convert it from a bedside crib to a standalone cot. 

There are a total of 6 different height settings available with the tutti bambini cozee bedside crib running from 20 inches to 25 inches. Also, if you need to relieve reflux or congestion, you have the option to set one side higher than the other in order to create a slightly tilted surface. In addition to all this, the tutti bambini cozee bedside crib can be equipped with wheels and comes with a rocking function. Another important factor to consider is the ease of assembly. To set up the tutti bambini cozee bedside crib, all you need to do is unfold the legs and pull the crib upto a standing position. 

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Advantages And Disadvantages of The Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Crib

The  tutti bambini cozee bedside crib comes with dozens of advantages that make it one of the premium choices for every parent out there. For starters, the primary reason why people go for the  tutti bambini cozee bedside crib is the easy assembly.

All you need to do is unfold the legs and pull the crib up to a standing position. Meanwhile, the wooden frame makes the crib solid and sturdier. Another added advantage is the rocking function that comes with this  tutti bambini cozee bedside crib. 

But just as there are multiple advantages when buying the  tutti bambini cozee bedside crib, there are also a few considerable disadvantages that come with it. One of the key disadvantages is that this crib is expensive. Given that the crib is to be used only till 6 months post the baby’s birth, people tend to opt for a more budget-friendly crib for their newborn. There’s a hoard of bedside crib options across different budgets. The crib is portable and convertible which makes it viable if you are traveling around with your baby. But if you are not, this isn’t much of an advantage. Given that the  tutti bambini cozee bedside crib comes with a solid wooden frame, many find this crib on the heavier side

Solid-Wooden FrameTends To Tilt At Times
Easy Assembly
Comes With A Colorful Contemporary Design

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Crib?

According to the company’s official website, the tutti bambini cozee bedside crib can be used only for the first 6 months post the baby’s birth. Similarly, the crib isn’t to be used when the baby learns to sit, kneel, or pull themselves up. Post 6 months, you will need to look for another crib that accommodates all your baby’s needs. 

What Size Bedding Do You Need For A Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Crib?

As per the company’s official website, the tutti bambini coznee bedside crib easily fits mattresses sized 35 x 80cm (min) and 60 x 90cm (max). All the luxury cozee fitted sheets are made out of breathable cotton

How To Attach The Tutti Bambini Cozee To Bed?

As we mentioned earlier, the tutti bambini cozee is a convertible and can be easily converted to a crib and a bed. This means you can this crib as a standalone in your nursery or bedroom. To attach the tutti bambini cozee to bed, just drop down the side of the crib. Now, using the six-step height adjuster, secure the crib to any bed frame.

How To Wash The Tutti Bambini Cozee?

Given that your newborn is going to be using the crib for atleast 6 months, you have to ensure the utmost hygiene. This includes washing the tutti bambini cozzee at regular intervals. You can easily clean the majority of the materials from which the tutti bambini cozee is made of. Meanwhile, you can use a sponge or machine wash the mattress quite easily. To clean the soft material lining on the inside of the crib, simply unzip and detach it from the velcro. You can machine wash the inner fabric at 30 degrees celsius whereas you can wipe clean the outer parts with a mild detergent. Meanwhile, the mattress can be machine washed at 60 degrees celsius. 

How To Dismantle The Tutti Bambini Cozee?

The Tutti Bambini Cozee is portable and convertible meaning you can easily carry it with you everytime you travel somewhere. To dismantle the tutti bambini cozee, simply press the button present on the side of the crib. This will make the legs come out which you can fold and place it inside of the crib. Fit both legs of the crib inside the bambini.


The Snuz is yet another well known name when it comes to delivering peripherals for newborns Over the years, the company has delivered some of the best cots, mattresses, beddings, and sleep aids. If  you are looking for options to explore, then you must definitely look at the snuzpod crib. Similar to the Tutti bambi, the snuzpod crib too is made using rock solid wood and plywood frame. It has a convenient height of 73 cms making it easier to fit it into a divan, ottoman, and framed bed bases. Similar to its competitor, the snuzpod crib too comes with a height adjusting feature, multiple height settings, a rocking function, and a storage space beneath the crib for carrying all the baby essentials. 

Thanks to its zip mesh wall, you can easily dismantle the crib and carry it from one place the another. Although it doesn’t come with wheels, it serves an excellent mobility purpose. The snuzpod crib also features an easy assembly which won’t take you more than an hour to set up. All essential tools required for operating the snuzpod crib are included in the packaging saving you precious time and money.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A snuzpod crib

Just like the Tutti bambini, the snuzpod crib too comes with its unique blend of advantages and disadvantages. One of the primary advantages of this crib is the removable bassinet feature. This will ensure that you can keep an eye on your baby at  all times to make sure they are safe and sound. Another added advantage of the snuzpod crib is the breathable mesh liner material used in the making of this crib. All these materials offer the perfect breathability by allowing a smooth and stable airflow. To top all this off, the snuzpod crib features an ergonomic design that comes with a unique blend of colors and style. 

Speaking of disadvantages, there are quite a few to the snuzpod crib. First and foremost is that this crib cannot be fitted with wheels which make it a bit inconvenient in terms of portability. Secondly, the snuzpod crib cannot fold up as the Tutti bambini, meaning you have a fixed piece in your bedroom. A similar disadvantage of both the cribs is the weight as the snuzpod crib weighs around 12 kgs. Lastly, you will need to dismantle the entire setup if you are to wash the snuzpod crib. 

Comes With A Removable BassinetExpensive
Fitted With Breathable Mesh Liner MaterialHeavy
Ergonomic DesignRequires Quite Some Time For Assembly

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A snuzpod crib?

Similar to its rival, a baby can sleep for upto 6 months in a snuzpod crib. Post that, you will have to look for a more suitable alternative to match the needs. Snuzpod suggests you start looking for an alternative then minute your baby stops requiring assistance when standing up. 

What Size Bedding Do You Need For The Snuzpod Crib?

You need a fitted sheet size of 40 x 75.5 cm (min) to 44 x 80 cms (max). The snuzpod crib is designed explicitly to fit all the bedside cribs

How To Wash The Snuzpod?

In order to wash the snuzpod, you will need to first dismantle the entire setup. Note that the mesh and fabric walls need to be washed separately. For this, you can use baby wipes or you can opt to hand wash it. If the material is stained, you can implement the soaking method for best results. Note that NO PARTS of the snuzpod crib should be washed in a WASHING MACHINE or should be dried in a tumble drier. 

How To Dismantle A Snuzpod?

To dismantle the snuzpod, start by removing the crib mattress first. Then, remove the metal poles from the fabric walls.  Next, zip down and remove the mesh wall entirely. Finally, Unscrew and lift off one side of the Bassinet, and slide the fabric pod off the dowels. 

Tutti Bambini Vs Snuzpod: Comparison

tutti bambini cozee vs snuzpod

As me mentioned a few times during our article, both these cribs come with their fare share of advantages and disadvantages. In addition to this, both these cribs feature some similaririties and some differences which can separate the two. One of the key difference is the assembly. While the tutti bambini takes little time to assemble, you need to spend atleast an hour to assemble the snuzpod. 

Gives it easy fold up function, you can easily carry the tutti bambini from one place to another. You can also attach wheels to the bambini for easier mobility. Meanwhile, there is no fold-up function present within the snuzpod crib and it generally sits in a fixed spot. Both these cribs are expensive and can be used for only the first six months post childbirth. There is nothing that separates the two in terms of costing and utility. 

Tutti Bambini Vs Snuzpod: Which Is Better?

One thing to understand here is that both these cribs can only be used for the first six months post childbirth. As we said, there is little to separate the two in terms of pricing and utility. If you travel a lot with your family, then you can definitely opt for the Tutti Bambini as it allows for easy portability. It takes very little time to be assembled and requires no tools whatsoever. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy crib for home use, then the Snuzpod crib is your best bet, Although it takes around an hour for assembly, this is a sturdy piece of of equipment that comes with all the right features that ensures that your baby has a safe and sound sleep. These are some useful tips that I put together earlier that you can use if your baby just won’t sleep in their crib.

Taking everything into consideration, we would recommend the users to opt for the Snuzpod crib. It comes with a removable bassinet meaning you can easily carry it from one room to another. 

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