Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo | Which Baby Swing Is More Versatile?

Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo | Which Baby Swing Is More Versatile?

Most parents will undoubtedly adore an inventive and imaginative business that might make parenting much simpler. A baby is a blessing and gives new parents a lot of happiness. A baby swing is one of the things you’ll need for your new baby. Your infant can be calmed and soothed by using a swing. They can reassure your children and support them in getting some much-needed sleep.

The market is filled with brands providing the best portable swings and with different types like Baby Swing, Bouncer, and Rocker, and choosing between these can be confusing. In these swings, the most renowned brands are Mamaroo and Rockaroo.

These swings make caring of newborn easier. In any case, Mamaro Bouncer and Rockaroo Swing both have distinctive qualities and peculiarities of their own. It’s interesting to see that Mamaroo Bouncer costs more than Rockaroo Swing. So, which offers the best value for our money? To learn more, let’s have a look at the well-known 4moms swings.

About Mamaroo

About Mamaroo

There are 5 different bounce and sway rates and movements available on the mamaRoo swing. The swing also includes an MP3 plugin, and you may experiment with its four built-in sounds.

Because it has Bluetooth functionality, you can adjust the pace and noises using your phone. Toys are hung from the attachment at the top (balls with a rattle, crinkle, and mirror on them). You may choose from an endless number of reclining positions with the mamaRoo.

The advantage of the mamaRoo baby swing is that you have many more settings to explore and change according to what your baby likes. Being able to alter the speed or mode without physically reaching up to the device may also be incredibly convenient for parents.


  1. White noise functionality
  2. Five motion options
  3. Bluetooth connection allows for phone-based configuration adjustments.


  1. Expensive
  2. Doesn’t provide music or lullabies
  3. Larger than RockaRoo

About Rockaroo

About Rockaroo

There are 5 speeds available on the RockaRoo swing, which glides back and forth almost like a rocking horse. Although there are no built-in noises and an MP3 plugin, you cannot use your phone’s Bluetooth link to manage the motion settings.

Reversible toy balls are also included with the rockaRoo, but they do not include mirrors or other accessories. Additionally, there is only one seating position and no adjustable reclining options.

When contrasting the rockaRoo and mamaRoo baby swings, the rockaRoo is slightly less expensive but still pricey. Additionally, it is a little lighter and smaller, which might be advantageous for smaller rooms or if you intend to move it sometimes from one room to another.

You need to assess your financial constraints and spending preferences for a swing. If you worry about the toys being more interactive and whether you can regulate speed settings through the phone, whether you require the swing to be able to go in different directions with varied movements and recline or not.


  1. Sleek style
  2. Less expensive than the Mamaroo
  3. Lightweight


  1. There is no white noise
  2. Infant insert available separately
  3. Just one specific movement type

Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo | A Detailed Analysis

Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo | A Detailed Analysis

1. Age & Weight

Until your kid tries to climb out or can sit up on their own, or until they are 6 months old, you can use either the Mamaroo or the Rockaroo for newborns. Parents have acknowledged using it for their 8-month-old child as well. It is one of those baby swings that can handle larger babies because it can support a maximum weight of 25 pounds (11.3 kg).

However, several parents expressed concern that their child had outgrown these two swings/bouncy chairs and now had legs that protruded. Others, whose infants are still under 25 pounds, claim that the motor has ceased functioning and that the swing no longer seems to be able to swing.

2. Built-in Sounds 

The mamaRoo has four pre-installed sounds, including white noise, and it has Bluetooth functionality, so you can change the tempo and settings from your smartphone. On the other hand, The rockaRoo comes with an MP3 connector so you can play your own music.

3. Features

Mamaroo Baby Swing

MamaRoo, which was designed to mimic natural parental soothing motions, offers a close-to-real sensation that lulls the infant to sleep or occupies them while you attend to day-to-day tasks. MamaRoo will softly rock and tenderly sway your newborn to sleep thanks to its five different movements, five speeds, and 25 potential combinations.

Rockaroo Baby Swing

Overhead toys that jingle and swing back and forth are detachable to enable replacement with the baby’s preferred toys to keep the infant occupied and entertained. When you combine this with its five different motion speeds, your baby will experience a horse-like rocking feeling that will make them happy, comfortable, and totally delighted. 

4. Safety

Pediatricians advise against using either the Mamaroo or the Rockaroo for nightly sleep, as stated on both products’ websites. However, some parents have used this to help their kids sleep at night, particularly those with colic or infants who have reflux. The fact that the Mamaroo and Rockaroo both have a 3-point harness is something to be concerned about, especially if your infant is starting to move around more or can sit up straight.

Parents are less concerned about the height because the Mamaroo and Rockaroo both have a very secure foundation that is low to the ground. However, it’s not a noiseless bouncer or swing. Some parents have expressed concerns about the safety of their newborns due to the loud, clicking noise made by both the 4moms Rockaroo and Mamaroo.

5. Price

The rockaRoo just rocks back and forth but is less expensive in comparison to the mamaRoo, which has five distinct motions and a higher price tag. Additionally, Rockaroo is lighter than mamaRoo.

Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo | Which Is Better?

The mamaRoo and rockaRoo are quite similar to one another, including their contemporary and portable designs and the fact that they may be plugged into the power rather than relying on batteries. The forms of mobility they provide are where they diverge the most from one another. The rockaRoo merely rocks back and forth, but the mamaRoo offers five various motions (and a higher price).

The mamaRoo is a better choice if you want a seat with a white noise feature, a newborn insert, and many movement choices, but the rockaRoo may be a better match if you want to save money and need to fit this seat in a tiny place.


The swings have many comparable features, despite both being designed to provide the mother with some free time while also lulling a fussy infant to sleep. Both infant items are intriguing. The rockaRoo, which is portable, is a nice alternative to the big old-fashioned swings.

MamaRoo is the clear choice when it comes to babies and moms who want natural noises, a variety of motions and isn’t bound by a tight budget. The final decision so depends on your goals and financial situation. To make the greatest decision for your infant, make sure to conduct thorough research.

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