Best Portable Baby Swings in UK

Best Baby Swings in UK

Parents hate it when their babies cry. They try everything possible to comfort them. However at times, it requires something more than food and sleep – a baby swing! 

As much as babies love being cuddled and pampered, it is always not possible to do that for parents since they have other responsibilities to bear. To that end, a portable baby swing can comfort a child & help the parents too. 

As per a research done by National Library of Medicine, rocking/swinging helps reduce crying and also improves the babies sleep quality.

But since there are a lot of options in the market, selecting the ideal baby portable swing is challenging. But we have shortlisted seven amazing portable swings for babies that you can make your pick from!

7 Best Baby Portable Swings in UK

As there are a lot of choices that are available in the market, we know it can be pretty confusing. Therefore, we have come up with the 7 best baby portable swings that can be suitable for your baby. 

1st Place
Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing By Ingenuity
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2 The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with Door Clamp By Jolly Jumper
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3 Ingenuity Soothe ‘n Delight Portable Swing By Ingenuity
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4 Bright Starts Kaleidoscope Safari Portable Baby Swing By Bright Starts
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5 Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing and Seat Set By Fisher-Price
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1. Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Baby Portable Swing

This is one of the best portable baby swings in the UK. The Ingenuity’s ConvertMe Portable Swing is an amazing infant swing that comes with two seats. The swing converts from a baby swing to a vibrating seat.

The product is ideal to keep the baby entertained for hours as it comes with five swing speeds, four calming nature sounds, and twelve melodies. This portable swing for baby offers a leaf-like toy bar that is attached to one of the three slots that are available to attach more toys. The design of this swing is very cute, ideal for both boys and girls.

The HybriDrive technology of this swing saves battery life for almost three days and thus is very cost-effective. The design of this particular chair is that of a portable baby swing which will help in the easy transportation of the swing from one place to another. It can lay flat for easy storage and travel purpose.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 9 kgs
📏 Product Dimensions77.47 x 53.34 x 60.96 cms
⚖️ Product Weight1.85 kgs
🔋 Batteries4 D batteries required
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. Portable baby swing & travel friendly with foldable design
  2. 2-in-1 design – converts from a baby swing to a vibrating seat
  3. 5 swing settings, 4 nature sounds & 12 soothing melodies
  4. One of the quietest baby swing on the list


  1. Complicated assembly
  2. Might get a muffled sound as the speakers are facing downwards

Quick Verdict:

Ingenuity ConvertMe Baby Portable Swing is very comforting with its high-quality fabrics. It comes with ample of melodies to keep your baby engaged but the sound is muffled as the speaker is facing downwards. But the soft vibrating function can help your baby sleep in it.

2. The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with Door Clamp

This baby door bouncer is ideal for infants who are in the pre-walking stage. With this portable swing for baby, your kid is sure to have a fun time dancing and giggling as they learn how to walk.

The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser is so designed that while using this, babies develop their muscle strength and hand-eye coordination. This is one of the best baby rocker swings that maintains the posture of the baby and provides spine support so that they can develop good posture in the future.

The jumper is safe and can hang on any door frame with the provided door clamp. The provided chain is strong and long enough for adjustments. It also has adjustable straps to hold the baby comfortably. The company claims that the jumper supports a maximum weight of 28 Pounds which is higher than other products.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 12.7 kgs
📏 Product Dimensions46.35 x 21.59 x 6.1 cms
⚖️ Product Weight‎1.09 kgs
🔋 BatteriesNot required
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. Easy to use & portable
  2. Comes with Adjustable straps
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Provided chain is strong and long enough


  1. Expensive
  2. Clasp that attaches to the door can come of easily

Quick Verdict:

This baby swing is very safe and secure. It comes with premium quality adjustable straps and velcro which makes it one of the best portable swing for babies. The swing helps in the muscle development of the kids and is fun for them. All these features make this swing a must-try.

3. Ingenuity Soothe ‘n Delight Portable Baby Swing 

The Ingenuity Soothe ‘n Delight Portable Swing is one of the best portable baby swings. With this baby swing around, parents can have those few moments to keep their hands free.

The plush and comfortable fabric of the swing provides the required comfort to the toddler and the soothing music provides them with a comforting environment. This is one of the best baby portable swing in the UK that comes with six-speed controls and a comfortable recycling position.

Additionally, to soothe the baby there are six different melodies that can be volume controlled. The swing timer setting comes for 30, 45 to 60 minutes and is just perfect for parents to catch a break.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 9 kgs
📏 Product Dimensions57.15 x 72.39 x 58.42 cms
⚖️ Product Weight‎3.18 kgs
🔋 Batteries4 C batteries required
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. High portability – easy to fold, store & travel
  2. 6 melodies with volume control
  3. Removable head support with 2 plush toys
  4. 3 Swing timer settings – 15, 30 and 45 minutes


  1. Some users complained about the distorted speakers
  2. No cover for the shoulder straps

Quick Verdict:

This newborn baby swing comes in very cute colors and is easy to assemble. The five-point harness of the swing provides safety and it also supports the head of infants which is an added point. However, the swing is not ideal for new-borns. Some babies may also find the seat uncomfortable. All in all, the product is a good buy for older kids.

4. Bright Starts Kaleidoscope Safari Portable Baby Swing

This electric baby swing comes with six comforting back and forth swing motions. Once babies find their ideal speed and swing motion from the six settings provided, they are sure to be comfortable. Unlike other swings for babies, this swing estimates the weight of the baby and maintains a constant speed to support the same even when the baby gets older and heavier.

The two-position recline seat and comfortable plush feel keeps the baby comfortable for long hours and also helps them breathe normally in a soothing manner. The swing comes with a five-pointer harness and non-slip safety straps.

The best part about this swing is that unlike cheap baby swings, this one comes with a Whisper quiet motor that makes way for silent swinging which does not disturb the baby. Finally, cleaning the seat of the recliner is also easy. It comes in a compact, space saving size which makes it one of the best portable baby swings on the list.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 9.7 kgs
📏 Product Dimensions72.39 x 57.15 x 58.42 cms
⚖️ Product Weight‎‎3.7 kgs
🔋 Batteries4 C batteries required
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. TrueSpeed weight-sensing technology
  2. WhisperQuiet technology for silent swinging
  3. Folds flat for easy storage & transport
  4. 5-point harness & non slip feet for safety


  1. Not suitable for newborns (less than 3 months old)
  2. Users also complaint about the loud clicking noise

Quick Verdict:

This swing is made from sturdy premium quality material and is easy to assemble and clean. The best part is that the swing performs silently and does not create any disturbing noise which might irritate the baby. Though the product is quite comfortable it does not provide the required comfort for the headspace.

Additionally, the lullabies have only high, low, and off setting. All of it is controlled by one button which auto-shuts off. Though it is a comforting swing, without the melodies the baby might get cranky.

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing and Seat Set

The fisher price swing chair is portable, comes with six-speed swing motion, and produces soft music. All in all, it’s one of the best baby portable swing chair with calming vibrations. The swing supports a maximum weight of 9 kgs and is the perfect solution for parents and babies.

The swing can be easily changed into a portable seat and be made ready for travel. With this swing set around, your baby is sure to remain calm as it comes with ten tunes and two soothing nature tunes perfect to comfort the child. To keep the child company there are two dangling rainforest-themed plush toys.

The swing comes with the state of the art weight sensing technology, that helps the swing to alter the speed as per the weight of the baby. Also, the swing does not start with a push and thus in no way startles the baby. Finally, the set is made out of plush fabric and can be machine washed easily.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 9 kgs
📏 Product Dimensions15 x 51 x 54 cms
⚖️ Product Weight‎‎5.15 kgs
🔋 Batteries4 C batteries required
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. 2 in 1 functionality – Portable baby swing and infant seat
  2. Folds flat for easy storage & travel
  3. 6 swing speeds, 10 songs, 2 soothing nature sounds
  4. 5-point harness for safety


  1. Expensive
  2. Decent battery life

Quick Verdict:

This swing is sturdy and comes with a compact design that is ideal for travel and storage. Additionally, the kids can be placed in an upright position when they have stuffy noses which is an add on. The battery life of the swing is decent. Apart from the straps being white which gets dirty easily and the lullabies that last for only 20 minutes, this chair is perfect.

6. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Swing-n-Rocker

If you are looking for a portable baby girl swing chair or baby boy swings, this marvellous swing by Fisher-Price is something that you can consider. It is a three-in-one baby swing, portable infant seat, and can also be transformed into a rocking chair

This is the best baby rocker swing that has a six-speed variation and comes along with sixteen soothing lullabies and nature sounds. For the baby to remain calm and quiet, the chair must be comfortable. The Fisher-Price Swing-in Rocker aces that quality.

It has a deep cosy seat coupled with a two-position recycling feature, fun toys attached to a removable toy bar. Storing this chair is also not difficult as it comes with a Fold-out kickstand. Finally, the swing can be machine washed, thereby saving a lot of time for the parents.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 9kgs (swing or recline seat/rocker) & 18 kgs (upright seat/rocker)
📏 Product Dimensions20 x 70 x 45 cms
⚖️ Product Weight‎‎6.36 kgs
🔋 Batteries4 D batteries required
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. 3 in 1 design – baby swing, portable infant seat & rocking chair
  2. 6 swing speeds with 16 songs and soothing nature sounds
  3. Comfortable seating with two-position recycling feature
  4. Machine-washable


  1. Occupies more space
  2. Toy bor not too attractive

Quick Verdict:

The chair is perfect to be placed anywhere in the house. The adjustable straps and the six vibrating motions soothe the baby and the battery life of the product is very long. Additionally, the product is available in bright colors and is easy to assemble.

However, the toy bar is not attractive and is not able to hold the attention of the kid for long. Sometimes even the lowest speed seems very fast which might scare the baby. All, in all, it’s a pretty good product and can be considered.

7. 4moms mamaRoo 4.0 Rocker/Bouncer Multi Plush

This beautiful electric baby swing comes with five different motions to put your baby at ease. It also has a built-in sound along with an MP3 plugging. Be it the sound of the rains, ocean, birds, the music covers a wide array of choices.

Sounds play a crucial role for babies. With the right music around they can fall asleep right away, and this chair is a dream come true to that end.

The sound and motion can be controlled from the base using Bluetooth on your smartphone. The seat can be reclined right in the back and is completely adjustable. There are also toys attached to the chair, three unique colorful toy balls. Finally, the chair can be washed in the washing machine to ensure comfort to parents.

⚖️ Weight limitNot more than 9kgs
📏 Product Dimensions84 x 50 x 65 cms
⚖️ Product Weight‎‎8.6 kgs
🔋 BatteriesAC adaptor (No batteries required)
👫 GenderUnisex


  1. 5 unique bounce and sway motions and speeds
  2. Control motion & Sound using your smart device
  3. Machine Washable fabric


  1. App is too slow
  2. Motor is noisy

Quick Verdict:

The chair is very easy to assemble and is very comfortable for the kids to sleep on. However, the MP3 does not function at its best. Additionally, the noisy motor can wake the baby, thereby killing the purpose of the chair in the first place. Though this chair is feature-loaded, there are other better chairs mentioned in the list for the given price range.

How to Choose the Best Portable Baby Swing in the UK

best portable swing for baby

Anything that parents buy for their little one is selected with great caution. This enormously applies to baby swings. Since babies are left on the swings for long hours, it’s important that a few important features are considered before buying any. 

Though there are multiple things to consider, the crucial ones are as follows:

1. Safety

This is one of the primary features that every portable baby swing must-have. In that light, it’s essential to opt for a swing that has a strong harness to keep the baby from sliding down. The harness material too must be of high quality since newborn babies and infants have delicate skin. Many a time cheap quality harness material causes discomfort and rashes. This leads to the baby being cranky, which kills the entire purpose of having a baby swing. 

2. Comfort 

In addition to the harness, the seat of the swing must also be comfortable. If the material is too coarse or harsh, it is sure to cause discomfort to the baby. In that light, it’s advisable to opt for a plush and comfortable seat material for the baby swing. If the swing has a reclining seat, it should not hurt the baby’s head and back in any way.

3. Maintenance

Maintaining a baby portable swing must be easy since parents have to do it quite regularly. Thus it’s important to buy a swing that is not too bulky and heavy to assemble. Hefty swings are difficult to move and thus cleaning them also becomes an issue.

Additionally, the toys placed on the swing will have to be sanitized regularly. The battery life of the chair must also be checked and it’s essential to buy a swing that provides easy access to the battery slot so that it can be changed easily when required.

3. Features 

Though most baby swings are feature-loaded these days, it’s important to check for the essential features like a five-point harness, a comfortable seat, recycling arrangement, and the number of motions and lullabies. Additionally, if a family travels frequently, the portability of the chair must also be considered.

One can also look for the front bar to have enough space so that you can hang some toys or even attach a baby audio monitor to stay connected with your baby while doing some other work.

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4. Value for Money

The value for money factor heavily depends on the parent’s choice and the features they find essential in a swing. But as a rule of thumb, since baby swings are not cheap, to ensure value for money sturdy material and premium quality must be looked into. A baby swing must grow with the baby and should ideally last for at least three-four years effectively.

Our Advice

Different babies have different needs; what works for one might not work for the other. Thus before buying a portable baby swing understand what your child requires, identify the kind of motions that lull them, and the sort of comfort they seek. Based on these criteria a portable baby swing must be selected. Fortunately, we have covered all the top models for you to make your pick from.

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