Baby Exersaucer vs Jumperoo: Which is Better?

Baby Exersaucer vs Jumperoo

So you’re looking for a new set of toys for your infant to keep them occupied and exhilarated. Well, what if we told you that you could get your child a whole new range of toys in one? Both the Excersaucer and the Jumperoo offer you a variety of interactive toys that are sure to keep the little one busy while helping in their developmental skills as well.

But which one of them should you invest in for maximum fun value and experimental skills for your child? Both the Jumperoo and the Exersaucer have their own list of features that you can look through and figure out which one would be perfectly suited for your child’s needs. Here is the comparison between the Exersaucer vs Jumperoo.

Baby Exersaucer

Baby Exersaucer

The Exersaucer is essentially a playpen for your child to situate themselves in the center of the room. A variety of interactive and musical toys surround them, resulting in stimulus from a variety of sources. Your child stands in the middle and is able to play with the wide variety of toys before them – much like being in front of the operating panel on an airplane. Here is the list of features that an Exersaucer can offer to your child’s playtime:

Features of Exersaucer

  • A selection of around 11 different activities that your child can engage in, ensuring that playtime isn’t repetitive and is fulfilling for everyone involved.
  • It is convertible, and some brands came up with an Exersaucer that lasts throughout the child’s three stages of physical development.
  • It is easy to travel with the Exersaucer: once it is folded, you can take it anywhere with you, and your child can take a piece of home with them as well!
  • It can be put away neatly; so even if it occupies space, you don’t have to worry about awkwardly storing it in some corner of your house.


  1. Has a variety of toys for your little one to play with: complete with lights and sounds.
  2. Easily convertible: it can be stored and traveled with, with little to no hassle.
  3. Exercises motor skills and provides back support for your baby to stand. However, the baby is not solely dependent on the Exersaucer’s support and it thus gives them an opportunity to exercise their leg muscles while standing up.
  4. Extremely stable and safe for the child, as they are guarded against all sides and are thus accident-proof.


  1. It is not recommended to leave babies in Exersaucers for longer durations. It restricts their movement and does not allow them to walk around.
  2. Babies can pry themselves out of Exersaucers easily if it does not interest them.
  3. It offers little to no mobility.

Baby Jumperoo

Baby Jumperoo

In appearance, the Jumperoo is also a playpen for your child that allows for them to stand in the middle and interact with toys all around them. The supporter in the middle is attached to the metal springs situated around the system. All the toys are an arm’s reach away from the child, who can enjoy playtime and unrestricted mobility. You can check our review on some of the best baby jumperoos in UK.

Features of Jumperoo 

  • 360-degree access to toys, so your child does not have to struggle to reach for their toys.
  • Interactive and musical toys that stimulate your child’s sensory development.
  • Secure metal bars situated all around the system so that your child can enjoy increased mobility.
  • The seat is adjustable, so it can be accommodated according to your child’s physical growth.
  • Some brands have Jumperoos installed with motion sensors, meaning that your child’s jumping and moving triggers the lights and music in the toys.


  1. A variety of fun and interactive-themed toys with which your child’s playtime is made not only fun but also educational.
  2. The metal bars attached to the sitter are sturdy, which encourages your child to jump and swivel with ease.
  3. The sitter itself is easily detachable, and can thus be cleaned regularly.
  4. Since the seat is adjustable, you don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing it anytime soon.


  1. Most Jumperoos are bulky and can be quite difficult to disassemble and store.
  2. Does not aid in all-round development and focuses mainly on strength and motor skills training.
  3. It is not recommended to put babies in Jumperoos for too long, since it situates their limbs at awkward angles and may hamper their long-term posture.
  4. They can be tricky to assemble at first.

Baby Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo

Difference Between Jumperoo and Exersaucer
ConvenienceA little difficult to assemble; easy to cleanEasy to assemble; easy to clean
Ideal Age0 – 12 months4 – 10 months

Why choose an Exersaucer?

If you want to introduce your child to a versatile toy that fulfills most of their sensory and developmental milestones, then you want to go for the Exersaucer. It is also highly durable, allowing it to be a constant for you and your child for the duration of their infancy.

You can also opt for the Exersaucer if you’re a constant traveler since you can pack it up and reassemble it in a jiffy. However, do keep in mind that the Exersaucer may restrict some of your child’s mobility, so overusing the Exersaucer every day is a total no-no.

Why choose a Jumperoo?

If you’re concerned about your child’s overall mobility and spatial awareness, then perhaps the Jumperoo is the best purchase for you. It is a system that specializes in rewarding physical development in children, which thus encourages them to keep on their feet and strengthen those core and calf muscles.

Your child’s fine motor skills are tested as well, as they may want to grab onto the toys to interact with them. However, if your play area lacks space or if you travel constantly, then you might want to reconsider getting the Jumperoo. It is reportedly bulky and difficult to store, and so it may get in your way a lot. 

Our Advice

As always, this choice of an Exersaucer or Jumperoo is one that comes right down to your and your child’s needs. Both of these are high-value toys and are excellent at their respective functions – but can sometimes be a hindrance in independent posture development for your baby. There still exist some differences between the Exersaucer and the Jumperoo.

Before purchasing any of these products, take appropriate measurements for height and weight and compare them to the dimensions of the products. Make sure your baby is not straining their toes while in the sitter, or their movement is not cramped in either direction. But in a nutshell, we recommend the Exersaucer for durability and the Jumperoo for specialized physical development. With regards to mobility, the Jumperoo definitely wins the baby Exersaucer vs Jumperoo comparison.

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