Best Stunt Scooter for 5,6 & 7 year olds in UK

Best Stunt Scooter for 5,6 & 7 year olds in UK

When the kids turn five or six, they almost unlock a new store of energy and curiosity. And for parents, it might become a little difficult to find ways for making the kids utilize it. That is where stunt scooters come to rescue. Stunt scooters are fun, cool and adventurous. Kids love adventure activities. But stunts scare the parents. What if we told you that there are stunt scooters that are safe for your kids and will let you relax while your kids have fun? That’s right, there are hundreds of safe stunt scooters for five, six and seven year olds available in the market. 

And that is exactly why we have come up with a guide for you to choose the best stunt scooter for 5, 6 and 7 years old kids in the UK. Be it the best scooters available or what things you should keep in mind while buying a stunt scooter, we have it all covered for you. Read on to know more about the best kids’ stunt scooters available for five, six and seven years olds in the UK.

7 Best Kids Stunt Scooter for 5,6 and 7 year olds

After going through hundreds of scooters of five, six and seven years old kids, we have finally picked out the best ones for your kids available in the market. Consider them handpicked by us only for you! Read on to know more about the top seven Kids’ Scooters for five, six and seven years olds available in the UK.

1st Place
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2 Micro Sprite Folding Scooter By Micro Scooter
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3 Micro Maxi Deluxe Led Scooter By Micro Scooter
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4 Two Bare Feet TBF Street Stunt Scooter Pro By Two Bare Feet
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5 Xootz Kids’ Folding Kick Scooter By Xootz
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1. BIKESTAR Kick Scooter

The BIKESTAR Kick Scooter is one of the most sold stunt scooters in the UK. It is the best stunt scooter for 5 year old. It is a quality product and is liked by kids and parents alike. This product has also been approved on the EU standards of quality.

The scooter is made of steel tube framework which makes the scooter extremely durable. The BIKESTAR Kick Scooter has a glittering metallic paint finish that looks very attractive and has kids wanting to ride all the time. The pneumatic tires with quality rims make sure that the rides are super comforting.

This scooter doesn’t compromise on their safety either. The strong rear brakes and poison-free steering wheel hand grip make the scooter easy to steer, durable and absolutely safe and secure. The BIKESTAR Kick Scooter makers offer great customer service and quick deliveries as well.


  1. Durable
  2. Stylish finish
  3. EU standard approved
  4. Easy to steer


  1. Not lightweight
  2. Not study enough

Quick Verdict

The BIKESTAR Kick Scooter has been a continuously wanted product in the market. You get 8 colors to choose from. The designs are very appealing to the kids and poison-free steering wheel hand grip make the scooter easy to steer. Parents can rest assured with the quality & safety of this product as it complies with all the standards and EU requirements.

2. Micro Sprite Folding Scooter

The  Micro Scooter Ride Sprite Silver Micro is a great scooter for young kids. It is made of high quality and comes at a considerably low cost. This scooter has to be one of the best stunt scooters for a five or six years old. It is foldable as well. This mini stunt scooter is ideal for children who want less space. 

The Micro Sprite folding scooter is ideal for kids between the ages of five and twelve. It is not only foldable but easy to carry as well. You will not need to remove any parts during folding and carrying. It is lightweight with a weight of just 2.8 kilograms. Despite being lightweight, it is durable and strong as it can handle a maximum weight of 100 kilograms. The Micro Scooter Ride Sprite uses ABEC 5 bearings making it extremely strong and comes with adjustable handlebar aswell.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact Fold Up
  3. Adjustable Handlebar
  4. High maximum weight capacity


  1. Gets a little wobbly at times
  2. Slightly costly

Quick Verdict

The Micro Sprite Scooter is a very reliable product from Micro Scooters. It is easy to fold and easy to carry along. Despite being one of the most lightweight and compact scooter, it can carry a maximum weight of 100 kgs. It is a robust scooter and can be fun to roll on urban surfaces.

3. Micro Maxi Deluxe Led Scooter

The Micro Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter is hands down one of the most attractive stunt scooters for kids available in the UK. It comes with LED lights in the wheels which give the scooter a glamorous look. 

This scooter is ideal for children over five years of age. The  Micro Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter can hold the maximum weight of 50 kilograms which is a little less. The scooter is however pretty lightweight. It weighs only 2.5 kilograms. 

The handlebar of this scooter is also adjustable. The height of the bar can be raised up to 110 centimetres. And on top of all this, this is foldable as well. The Micro Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter can be folded with just one click and it lays flat for easy storage and transportation. Therefore, you can take it with you for your kids’ fun activity even when you are travelling. This scooter is ideal for young kids who wish to pull small stunts.


  1. LED wheels
  2. Lightweight
  3. Foldable
  4. Attractive design


  1. Expensive
  2. Max weight capacity is only 50 kgs

Quick Verdict

The Micro Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter is an all-in-one package. It is a three-wheeler stunt scooter and it is very sturdy and high in quality. The only drawback is that the maximum weight capacity is only 50 kgs which is enough for a 7 year old but it less as compared to other products on the list. Other than that, it is a great kids stunt scooter.

4. Two Bare Feet TBF Street Stunt Scooter Pro

The Two Bare Feet TBF Street Stunt Scooter Pro gives the most numbers of options that you can expect from a baby stunt scooter range. This scooter is available in 15 different styles and colors.

The scooter features not only heat treated reinforced forks but a heat-treated deck as well. The super high rebound PU wheels are accompanied by ABEC9 bearings and feature the smoothest ride quality. You have the flexibility to choose from 3 different models, Logo, Empire, and Cipher. 

The Cipher models feature a height of 83cm and a length of 65cm. The handlebar width is 44cm and the deck width is 10cm. The Empire models feature an overall height of 81cm and a length of 66cm. The handlebar length is 49cm and the deck width is 11cm. 

The Logo models feature an overall height of 81cm and a length of 66cm. The handlebar is 49cm broad and the deck features a width of 11cm in logo models. 


  1. Available in 15 different styles and colours
  2. 3 different models to choose from
  3. Super smooth ride quality
  4. Compact and adjustable


  1. Need extra care and maintenance

Quick Verdict

The TBF Street Stunt Scooter Pro is actually a pro as it gets heat treated reinforced forks and decks. It looks very stylish and it is one of the sturdiest stunt scooters for kids and for adults as the maximum weight capacity is 100 kgs. The downside of this product is that it is 3.5kgs in weight which is a bit heavy but the kids can enjoy a smooth ride and even perform spin tricks on this one.

5. Xootz Kids’ Folding Kick Scooter 

 Xootz Kids’ folding kick scooter is an ideal choice for your kid that will help him stay active with utmost strength and comfort. It features smooth rolling high precision ABEC-5 bearings that are coupled with 120mm PVC wheels. It also features EVA/Rubber handlebar grips that will provide great comfort to your kid and keep him playing for long hours. 

A lot of kids can’t get enough of their scooter once they start riding it and it is the perfect choice for such kids as it offers maximum durability, ease, and comfort to your little one.

It also features aluminum brakes that ensure fast and safe stopping. The handlebars are also adjustable, hence, you can adjust the height of the scooter as your kid keeps growing. The steel deck is highly durable and can easily support up to 50kgs. The soft handlebars can be folded that helps you to save on a lot of storage space and keeps the kid’s hands comfortable.


  1. Durable
  2. Folding mechanism
  3. Maximum comfort and ease
  4. Adjustable handlebars


  1. Due to PVC wheels, the ride could be bumpy
  2. Max weight capacity is only 50 kgs

Quick Verdict

It is a great package for your young one as it ensures safety with an efficient brake mechanism and smooth-rolling high precision ABEC-5 bearings that are coupled with 120mm PVC wheels. It is a great present once your kid starts going to school. The EVA/Rubber handlebar grips will provide enough comfort for a daily ride. All in all the Xootz Kids’ folding kick scooter is a product worth buying for your kid.

6. Xootz Invert 360 Spin In-Line Stunt Scooter

Xootz inverts 360 spin in-line stunt scooter features a bold black and white design accompanied by a full printed Xootz design grip tape. It is a great choice for learning stunts or scooting around at the skatepark. It features aluminum foot brakes that make the stopping super safe and easy for the rider. 

This durable scooter is specially designed to withstand any wear and tear from the stunts. It features high tolerance ABEC 7 bearings that provide great stability and offer the smoothest ride to your kid. The strong 100mm polyurethane wheels help to reduce the concussion while doing stunts and provide great comfort and support. The scooter can easily support up to 50kgs.

This powerful combination of solid T-bar stunt handlebars, 3-bolt tube clamp, ABEC-7 Bearings, and 100mm wheels will get you popping some amazing stunts on this scooter in no time! 


  1. Great value for money
  2. Sturdy
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Bump-free ride


  1. May not be an ideal choice for tough stunts
  2. Sticker starts to peel off very soon

Quick Verdict

A highly recommended product for those who want their kid to have a safe and bump-free ride as it accompanies strong 100mm polyurethane wheels. It is a great value for money scooter for starting off with some basic tricks around the skate park.

7. Sullivan Stunt Scooter for Kids

Finishing this list without the Sullivan Stunt Scooter for Kids is just not possible. This amazing stunt scooter is one of the best products in the category. It is extremely stylish and is incredibly lightweight.

This childrens stunt scooter is ideal for the skatepark and school runs. It is designed to be able to take up the toughest tricks and stunts. It is absolutely safe as well so you do not have to worry about your children’s safety while they pull various stunts.   

The Sullivan Stunt Scooter for Kids is extremely stylish with its jet fuelled neo chrome finish that gives this stunt scooter a classy rainbow effect. This beauty of the scooter is not only sleek but extremely hard wearing as well. 

This scooter is lightweight since the deck is made of boxed heat treated alloy.

Not only this but it also has front and rear caps in the deck for extra safety. It is equipped with the IHC compression system which is the lightest compression making the scooter actually extremely light in weight. 

The Sullivan Stunt Scooter for Kids is manufactured with the steel T-bars and has TPR grips making it perfect for performing tricks and stunts. It uses 110 millimeters hand poured wheels along with high rebound 86A PU that give an excellent grip and thus a smooth ride.

This stunt scooter 7 year old is also equipped with the composite two position rear brake making it non-slip. This provides extra safety to your kids!


  1. Jet fuelled neo chrome finish
  2. IHC compression
  3. T-bars and TPR grips
  4. Lightweight


  1. The breaks are of cheap quality
  2. Slightly costly

Quick Verdict

The Sullivan Stunt Scooter for Kids is a great value for money product and a much appreciated one. It is capable of handling some tough tricks and stunts. It has great safety features and is very stylish! It also comes with 2-years manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Choose the Best Kids Stunt Scooter

How to Choose the Best Kids Stunt Scooter

Having looked at the best seven kids stunt scooter for 5, 6, and 7 years old, it is time for you to buy your little one a stunt scooter according to your needs and choices. So before you make a choice, you must be sure of certain things that will help you find the best fit for your child while also keeping them entertained. Here are some factors you must keep in mind while choosing the best scooter for your kids. 

1. Height and Weight of the Rider 

No matter what anyone tells you, the most important thing is how compatible the scooter is for your kid. The stunt scooters come in all sizes and shapes. Your little one’s height and weight will determine what dimensions should be the scooter. After all, you have to buy a scooter that is perfect for your kid. So in order for your kid to have the most fun and better coordination, you need to make sure that the scooter is in accordance with your kid’s height and weight. This is also important in preventing any future injuries. The scooter must be sturdy and durable enough to handle the weight of your kid. Additionally, you also need to take care that your kid is not too heavy or too tall for the scooter you ultimately choose.

2. Handle Bar

The handlebar has many dimensions that need to be checked. The height of your child will determine what the height of the handlebar must be. Some scooters even have adjustable handlebars, which is a great option. While choosing the best stunt scooter for your kid, you must remember that the handlebar must come around the hip or waist of the kid. This is the ideal height for the handlebar in order to ensure right control over the junior stunt scooters. While buying the scooter, you must lookout for the height of the handlebar as well as how proportionate it is with the deck and overall with the scooter. Therefore, you must look out for scooters that have the right handlebars for your kid.

3. Deck

After the handlebar, the deck is the next most important thing to check properly for. For most stunt scooters, the dimensions of the deck are pretty similar, around 50 centimetres in length and 10 centimetres in width. These are also the ideal dimensions since a smaller deck is easier to control if the child has smaller feet. But the deck shouldn’t be too small such that the kid is not able to ride it properly. How big the deck should depend on how long you intend your kid to use it for. You might want to go for a bigger deck if you want your kid to use the stunt scooter for longer. Also, do not forget that kids grow faster as well!

4. Brakes

Well, of course! You don’t want to risk your child’s safety with mere brakes. But of course, they’re one of the most important things you would look at while buying a mini stunt scooter. Now here is a technicality you must understand. There are two types of brakes that are being used in kids’ stunt scooters- spring brakes and flex brakes. Both of them have their own pros and cons. You might want to go for spring brakes if your kid is still smaller who will put less pressure on the brakes. But the problem with spring brakes is that the springs lose tension over time and get rattly. In this sense, flex brakes seem better. Therefore, according to how big your kid is, you can either go for flex brakes or spring brakes.

5. Wheels

Wheels are usually overlooked by the customers at most times but that is actually a big mistake. You must pay attention to the quality and build of the wheels as much as you would to brakes. Most stunt scooters prefer metal wheels instead of plastic ones. This is done because metal cores are obviously stronger than the plastic wheels and they can withstand the stunts at the skating rink. However, the best wheels are those with alloy cores. They are lightweight and yet extremely durable. Therefore, we advise you to go for alloy cores in wheels. 

6. Grip

Grips are extremely important in the stunt scooters for your kid’s safety. Ideally, a good grip tape must be used on the handles. There can also be grip tapes around the deck and other parts of the stunt scooter for kids. Since your kid is really young, you can not compromise on their safety at all. Therefore, we suggest that you buy a stunt scooter that is heavily gripped, not only at the handles but on the deck as well. This is especially important because otherwise, the rider may slip and harmful injuries may come during an accident. So when you are looking at a stunt scooter that seems like a good match for your kid, make sure to ensure total safety through the grips.

7. Clamps

Clamps are the parts of a stunt scooter that connects the deck, the handlebars and the forks of the stunt scooter. Now obviously, it is an extremely important component of a kids’ stunt scooter that must be extremely strong. A good clamp will help the stunt scooter withstand the impact of heavy tricks and jumps. The stunt scooters may have various clamps ranging from single to quad. You must go for a scooter that has more clamps because more clamps mean that the scooter is safer and you do not want to compromise on the safety of your kid at all.

8. Forks

Forks are the components that connect the wheels and the frame of the scooter together. Technically, there are two types of forks- threadless and threaded. A threaded fork is the one that uses a thread cut in the top of the stunt scooter for thus adding compression to the headset and keeping it all in place. As you may have guessed, this means that they have a weak point that could be snapped if a lot of pressure is exerted on it. A threadless fork, on the other hand, is far better. It is stronger but tends to be costlier. Threadless forks are any day better than threaded ones and they are even used by the professionals. And they last longer. Therefore we suggest you go with a stunt scooter that has threadless forks depending on your budget.

9. Compression Systems

If you do go with a threadless fork equipped stunt scooter, it will also have a compression system that is required to keep the fork in its place. This is required because the handlebars, forks and the deck are mechanically attached together. There are basically three types of compression that have been mentioned below.

SCS Compression

SCS compression is the strongest and the most durable. It stays the tightest for the longest and does not wiggle loose easily. However, it is also the costliest and the heaviest. So if you are buying a stunt scooter for a younger kid, you might not need to go for one with the SCS compression. But if durability matters to you and you are ready to spend those extra bucks, you could totally go for this one!

HIC Compression

HIC Compression is the least costly compression that is equipped in stunt scooters with oversized bars and double clamps. It is weaker than the SCS compression but a good option for riders of around six years of age.

IHC Compression

The IHC compression is the lightest compression system. It is easy to tighten and maintain and is affordable too. However, it has the weakest compression of all three. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for the young kids who are not going to pull off heavy tricks on the scooter.

10. Folding Mechanisms

Thus might not seem like an important thing to notice, but you must make sure whether or not the stunt scooter is foldable. This will determine how versatile its use and storage is. Additionally, how easy the folding mechanism is also needed to be looked at. We suggest that you go for an easily foldable stunt scooter for your kids that will not only be easy to ride but to store and transport as well.

Our Advice

Finding the right stunt scooter can seem difficult. But we assure you that it is not. All you need to make sure is that you keep in mind the important factors and your budget while you come to conclusion. We hope that our guide must have helped you gain some clarity in this regard. Our final advice to you will be to ensure that the stunt scooter is best suited to your kid’s needs. You shouldn’t worry about a few extra bucks regarding that. After all, it is your own kids you’re doing it all for.

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