Best Baby Jumperoos in UK

Best Baby Jumperoos in UK

Jumperoos are sources of great fun for your little one. Seeing your baby all cheerful and entertained for hours on its baby jumperoo also enables you to do your own housework. In fact, jumperoos do a lot more than entertaining your baby. This baby instrument is designed to develop the gross motor skills, linguistic skills and hand-eye coordination and of course exploration skills of your little one. Hence, if you are planning to purchase one or replace the old one, here is a review to help you narrow down the search.

There are plenty of options while looking for the best baby jumper or best baby jumperoo in UK. Yet, finding the most appropriate one might be a tricky task for parents. Not anymore as we will review the ten best baby jumperoos in UK to help you with this task. So, explore all the features of these products and opt for the one catering to your needs and budget.

What is a Jumperoo?

Jumperoo or Jumper is a fun instrument for the babies, helping them to play while comfortably seated. It is basically a combination of Baby swings and baby bouncers along with some interesting toys, music and other entertainments that the babies like. The word Jumperoo comes from ‘jump’ as it keeps the babies high from the ground and allows them to bounce. 

Jumperoos are usually colourful in design and include a soft cushioned seat for the ultimate comfort of your little one. While some are simple, some are loaded with features like music, toys and others. All these features help to develop the cerebral skills and motor skills of your little one.

Best Baby Jumperoo in UK

Finding the best jumperoo for your baby will no more be a difficult task as we will analyse some of the most renowned products available in UK. Keeping in mind the varied needs of the buyers, this list is versatile and yet compact. It comprises different designs, features and factors.

1st Place
Fisher-Price CHM91 Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo By Fisher-Price
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2 Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud By Skip Hop
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3 Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper By Baby Einstein
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4 Bright Starts, Door Jumper By Bright Starts
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5 Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo By Fisher-Price
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1. Fisher-Price CHM91 Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price is a renowned name in the kids’ toy industry for almost a century now. The Jumperoo Rainforest is a complete fun package comprising music, lights and sounds. It is designed to take the babies to a wonderland and experience never-ending fun.

Every bounce and jump that baby makes is precious and the music, lights and sounds will surely encourage that. Also, it is important that your toddler discover things all around them. Hence, this baby toy is designed with a seat that spins 360 degrees.

The safe, sturdy, free-standing steel frame ensures you do not require a doorway with the rainforest jumperoo. It encourages baby growth and therefore easily adjusts to three different heights as baby grows. There are soft spring covers to keep their little fingers safe.


  1. Multicoloured and multi-featured with music, lights and sounds
  2. Comes with adjustable safe, sturdy, free-standing steel frame
  3. Seat spins 360 degrees
  4. Tiger pal seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe


  1. The seat is too tight to turn or spin 360 degrees
  2. Some customers complain that seat is not comfy

Quick Verdict:

It is a complete package that includes 1 Jumperoo with 12 rainforest baby toys and activities. The adorable smiling tiger seat, toys like lion roller, alligator clicker, butterfly teether, bat at elephant and a hippo. It also includes colourful lights and a mirror which make it quite an attractive pick.

 2. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud

This cute babies jumperoo has a theme of silver lining cloud. Hence, it is designed in a soothing white shade to let your little one dream joyfully. It encourages lots of activities as there are three stages to use this one. The babies can sit, swivel, bounce and play, cruise and interact while enjoying this fun ride.

As the manufacturing brand claims, this instrument encourages more than twenty-five developmental activities of your baby. There is a discovery window in this one, which lets the baby see the colourful piano keys and their feet.

The baby can play to learn cause and effect through spacial awareness. There is a smooth plastic chalkboard surface that makes this one convert to a play table. To encourage growth, this baby jumper comes with a foot support platform, which adjusts to the perfect height.


  1. Babies can sit, swivel, bounce and play the piano, cruise and interact
  2. Encourages more than twenty-five developmental activities
  3. Chalkboard surface can be converted to a play table
  4. Foot support platform can be adjusted according to growth


  1. Batteries not included
  2. Double price of other activity centres

Quick Verdict:

The cloud themed compact jumperoo comes with multiple characters and a musical piano. It is perfect for babies from 6 months to 3-4 years old. It comes with three stages of activities which includes sitting, swivel and bounce. However, the product is a little expensive than the others.

 3. Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper

The Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper is an adorable piece of an instrument for your little one. It comes with a secure support seat to ensure the comfort of your baby. The added height and padding gives enough support while the toddler enjoys its fun ride.

This baby seat rotates 360° and therefore, lets the baby see things around her. The features include a light-up piano with 3 play modes. These modes are- spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum and sun stalk & spinning bird.

The 5 height settings in this jumper help you to adjust it with the growth of your baby. The toys and frame can be wiped clean and the seat pad is machine washable. This jumperoo is recommended for babies of 6 months and above or when the babies can sit up unassisted.


  1. Secure support seat with added height and padding
  2. Adjustable seat rotates 360°
  3. Piano with 3 play modes
  4. The seat pad is machine washable


  1. Too stiff for the babies to bounce properly
  2. Not easy to install or assemble

Quick Verdict:

Quite a colourful and feature-rich baby jumper that ensures comfort and safety. With a Light-up piano and 3 play modes (spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum, sun stalk and spinning bird), this is one of the best Baby Jumperoo in the list. However, this instrument is not easy to install and assemble, as complained by some customers. But this is an affordable option.

 4. Bright Starts, Door Jumper

To encourage every jump of your little one, this jumperoo baby is a compact product with a few features. It comes with 4 playtime toys including a plush zebra and giraffe, teethers, and mirror. There is a soft prop pillow in this jumper that provides extra support for smaller babies.

This door hanging jumper’s straps are adjustable for use as your baby grows. This one is easy to transport owing to the lightweight frame it has. You do not have to worry about hanging safety as the door frame clamp is sturdy enough.

There is a proper instruction on how to install the jumper at the doorway, which requires a wall thickness between 4 -5 inch with a trim thickness of at least 0.5 inches. Also, it allows rides only for short periods of time. This jumper cannot be used as a swing.


  1. Comes with 4 playtime toys
  2. The lightweight frame is easy to transport
  3. Straps are adjustable as baby grows
  4. The seat pad is machine-washable


  1. Requires a wall thickness between 4 -5 inch

Quick Verdict:

This one is quite easy to install and transport. The animals and graphics are also attractive for small babies. There is a soft prop pillow inside the jumper to give extra support to your baby. Although the clamps provided doesn’t open wide enough making limitations to some walls. But the price is affordable when you want a door hanging baby jumper.

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5. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Another baby activity jumper from Fisher-Price, this one comes with a zoo theme. Hence, it features some of the adorable animals like a monkey and elephant your baby will love to interact with.

The most interesting feature of this instrument is that it gives the babies with reward points on every jump. The rewards are entertaining lights and sounds, which babies love. The jumper seat is capable of spinning to 360 degrees.

There is a free-standing steel frame that provides enough support, making this one sturdy and safe. There are three different height adjustments to allow the growth of your little one.

To protect the soft hands of your little one, the springs are covered properly. The soft and comfortably cushioned seat ensures safety and comfort during the playing time. This seating pad can be cleaned and dried in the machine.


  1. Entertaining lights and sounds reward points
  2. The seat is capable of spinning to 360 degrees
  3. Free-standing steel frame
  4. Seating pad is machine washable


  1. Customers complain about poor packaging
  2. The sharp plastic can cause cuts on baby’s thighs

Quick Verdict:

This Fisher-Price baby jumper is a feature-rich product and quite affordable at the same time. However, serious flaws like the sharp plastic used and poor packaging are the downsides of this product.

 6. Skip Hop Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

Skip Hop is one of the many top-notch brands manufacturing kids’ toys and jumpers. This activity jumper has some remarkable features to ensure more than twenty-five developmental growth of your baby.

The bounce counter keeps a count of every jump of your baby and lights up to encourage her more. The colourful lights and joyful sounds make this one quite an attractive instrument for the babies. This baby jumper is JPMA certified and therefore, safe for your baby.

There are adorable toys in the jumper that can be added or removed as you wish. You can fold and transport it easily after use. Also, there are five adjustable height settings that support the growth of your baby. The comfortable seat is capable of rotating 360-degree and therefore, your child can explore things around while sitting.


  1. Bounce counter keeps a count of every jump
  2. Lights to encourage jumps
  3. Adjustable, JPMA certified and safe
  4. The seat is capable of rotating 360-degree


  1. Requires triple batteries to function
  2. Customers complain about durability

Quick Verdict:

This one is a jumperoo for 4 month old and above. The activities and toys make this one a great option to keep your baby entertained. The price is a little expensive than the other models on the list.

7. Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle

Graco is another big name in the jumper seat production industry. This unique small jumperoo comes with a long list of beneficial features. It ensures a long-lasting session of recreation and fun for the baby.

The sturdy bounce springs are designed to provide optimum safety while the baby is enjoying the ride. Keeping in mind the added security, there is a hidden safety cord in this product. You can easily shift it from one place to the other due to the lightweight design.

Another good feature is that mounting on the wall will not cause any marks and your house will look neat and tidy. The plastic dome in this one keeps straps apart to simplify getting your baby in and out. The comfortable high-back nylon seat provides enough grip to make the baby feel relaxed. This removable seat can be washed and dried in a machine.


  1. Hidden safety cord
  2. Lightweight and portable
  3. Comfortable high-back nylon seat
  4. Height adjustable for a child from 5.5 to 25 pounds


  1. The seat is quite difficult to install
  2. Some customers complain that the jumper is too long

Quick Verdict:

This one can be mounted on the doorway or walls. It ensures better safety than the other hanging jumpers. Affordable pricing and adjustable height make this one worth your pick.

 8. Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

This cute baby girl jumperoo is designed to take your little one to the magical world of Nemo and his fishy friends. It introduces your baby to the ocean world and gives her an opportunity to play with lots of ocean toys.

This one is suitable for 6 months old babies and older ones. It supports the maximum baby weight of 11 kg. This one is really easy to assemble and store. There are four height levels that you can set as per the growth of the baby.

It requires four batteries to operate the lights and sounds. The comfortable seat provides good supports and spins 360 degrees. There are thirteen toys and activities in total to encourage the toddlers to jump and have fun. The detachable tad, pearl and Mr Ray toys are amazing characters to play with.


  1. Adjusts to 4 different positions
  2. 13 toys and activities in total
  3. Lights and sounds
  4. Seat rotates 360-degrees


  1. Requires six batteries to operate all features
  2. Not suitable for kids of above 11kg weight

Quick Verdict:

This baby toddler comes in an affordable budget and features light and music to keep your baby cheerful. The product doesn’t include battery and therefore, you need to buy it separately.

9. Fisher-Price Step-n-Play Jumperoo

If you are looking for a versatile instrument to encourage proper development of your baby, this one makes an ideal option. It is a two-in-one jumperoo for babies featuring a jumper and a walker.

It is designed to help your baby to take its first steps. The frame easily extends without restricting free movement. The jumps of your baby are rewarded with the music, sounds and lights this jumper has. The comfortable seat spins 360 degrees to offer an all-around play. There are three height positions that you can adjust as the baby grows.

There is a sturdy, free-standing steel frame that lets the baby jump safely. Also, there are some interesting toys including a lion mirror, frog roller ball, butterfly bead bar, alligator roller, bat-at birdie and more. This jumper has a soft spring cover to keep little fingers safe.


  1. A jumper entertain and a walker
  2. Jumps are rewarded with music, sounds and lights
  3. Seat spins 360 degrees for all-around play
  4. Three-position height adjust as baby grows


  1. Does not fold down easily for storage
  2. Some buyers didn’t like the space it requires

Quick Verdict:

This one is ideal when you are looking for a product with extended use beyond a jumperoo. The multiple toys, lights and sounds make it a delightful instrument. This one is priced affordably.

10. Infantino 2-in-1 Activity Centre and Table

A colourful baby jumping toy to make your baby sit, jump and stand comfortably for a long hour, this one from Infantino comes with a table. As the baby grows, the play possibilities also become higher with this one. It has three height positions that can be adjusted as the baby grows. The comfortable seat ensures the safety of the baby.

Once your little one is walking, you can easily transform this jumper into a stand-and-play activity table with three rolling animal pals. Moreover, there are six interactive toys with lights up buttons and musical effects.

This one is foldable to store and carry easily. Another attractive feature of this jumper is that it is suitable for 4 months to 5 years old kids. The product doesn’t include batteries and therefore, you need to buy the batteries separately.


  1. Converts into a table when the baby grows older
  2. Six interactive toys with lights up buttons and musical effects
  3. Suitable for 4 months to 5 years old kids
  4. Three adjustable height positions


  1. Doesn’t include batteries
  2. Some buyers complain about durability

Quick Verdict:

Parents looking for a versatile baby jumper will like this product. The features of this cheap baby jumperoo are quite interesting, making this one a worthy pick.

How to Choose the Best Jumperoo in UK

Best Jumperoo in UK

Knowing the specific needs of your baby and various other aspects, you will be able to determine the best jumperoo for your baby. Here are these aspects explained for your better understanding.

1. Types of Jumperoos

The jumperoos available today fall into three major categories based on their construction. These are-

 I. Stationary Jumperoos

These are the simple ones consisting of a seat, harness, and frame. There is no added entertainment in these ones except bouncing. These provide good exercise and development to the babies that are easily overstimulated.

II. Stationary Activity Jumperoos

Most of the ones listed here fall into this category. These popular jumpers are equipped with lights, sounds and toys to stimulate and encourage the baby while it enjoys the ride.

 III. Doorway Jumperoos

These can be attached to a door frame with a cable and clamp. The doorway jumperoos include a seat suspended from straps, which secures the baby. Since there are chances of collision with the doorway frame, these jumperoos come with extra safety concerns. These are comparatively cheaper and more portable.

2. Safety

All the jumperoos come with safety instructions that you need to read carefully before use. Here are some general safety tips for you.

  • Limit jumping time to 10-20 minutes per use
  • You need to keep them on a flat, even surface while in use.
  • After each assembly, make sure the frame is sturdy and durable.
  • You need to avoid placing them near stairways, pools, ovens, or other hazardous areas.
  • Attaching toys or other items with strings can be harmful.
  • Always remove the baby from the seat before moving the jumperoo from one place to the other.
  • Consider replacing a jumperoo if any part is damaged or defective.

3. Baby Size and Age

Most manufacturers specify the baby weight and age their jumpers support. Also, the manufacturers mention that the baby must be able to hold her head up unassisted. You can use a jumper as soon as your baby is 4-6 months of age. However, there are no jumperoo for 3 months of babies.

When your child exceeds the jumperoo weight limit or when the child can walk or climb in and out of the seat, you can discontinue the use. Most of the jumperoos are unisex while some are exclusive like boys jumperoo.

4. Toys and Activities

Consider the nature of your baby and look for jumpers with toys and accessories based on it. If your baby needs a little more encouragement to jump, you can look for the ones with lights and sounds.

5. Portability

The doorway jumpers are more portable than stationary jumpers. You can carry these to the picnics and trips as well. When buying a stationary jumper, consider how much space you’ll want to use the product. There are portable models that can be folded down easily for storage.

6. Suspensors

For the safety of your baby, it is essential that you buy a jumperoo with more than one strap.

7. Firmness of the frame

Jumpers with a firm and very resistant frame are the better ones to ensure the safety of your baby.

8. Usage time

While some manufacturers recommend limiting the time of usage to 10-20 minutes per use, some ensure long usage. Studies show that sometimes excessive use of jumpers can hinder the growth of your baby. Therefore, keeping the usage time shorter will be the best choice.

9. Seats

There are jumpers with a soft seat, which is adjustable and also easy to wash. You need to look for these options.

10. Price

Babies grow quickly and it gives the parents serious concern while looking for expensive products. Jumpers come in a varied price range. The more features they have, the pricier they are. You can make the best choice by estimating your budget and needs.

Our Advice

There are multiple advantages of baby jumpers since they encourage your baby’s physical and mental growth. As the baby gets accustomed to the new sitting position, she/he is able to stand easily and jump on its feet. To occupy your child with playful activity, jumpers have no alternatives.

Now that you know all the aspects of baby jumperoo and the best products available in the market, go ahead and opt for the most appropriate one. Surprising your little one by bringing a cute and attractive jumper home is always a great idea. Your child will love the fun for sure.

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