Chicco Next to Me vs Joie Roomie – What’s Best For Your Baby?

Chicco next to me vs joie roomie baby crib

With a newborn in the house, their comfort and wellbeing will become the main focus, and rightly so. Providing the utmost comfort to your baby in both sleeping moments and otherwise is a basic necessity that worries every new parent. One such essential for your newborn is a sleeping crib. 

In this article, we will be comparing 2 widely acclaimed sleeping bags with global availability- Joie Roomie or Chicco Next to Me. How are they assembled, how much comfort do they provide, how to maintain them, and most of all what is the difference between them? We will talk about these and more in this article.

Chicco Next to Me 

A bedside or side-sleeping crib designed for multipurpose use, the Chicco Next to Me (or as it is originally marketed, Chicco Next 2 Me) lets new mothers use it as a versatile support for their newborns. Out of the 3, one side of the Chicco Next to Me is zipped and can be lowered at convenience. The lowered side facilitates feeding time and generalized supervision. To prevent your newborn from rolling onto your bed or the other way round, a separation has been provided. 

Considerably larger than the average Moses basket, this sleeping or bedside crib can be promptly converted into a travel crib or even a bassinet. Depending on your newborn’s growth, you can use this for a little longer than 6 months. The Chicco Next to Me has been made keeping in mind the assistance needed by a newborn and their guardian during the delicate first few months. Crafted with careful precision, the Chicco Next to Me aims to provide utmost comfort to your newborn. 

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Chicco Next to Me 

Before committing to the Chicco Next to Me crib, it’s essential to understand both the upsides as well as the let-downs of the product.

In this section, we shall lay down the advantages you should look forward to and disadvantages you should brace for, if you are planning on a Chicco Next to Me crib for your newborn. But contrary to popular bias, the Chicco Next to me has its own share of downsides as well. I’ve tabulated all that I could gather, have a look;

Its heavier weight makes it durable beyond the first 6 years, so you get value for money. The added weight ensures its sturdiness, taking away potential concerns of it breaking or falling apart. While it being heavy has its advantages, chances are that the shortcoming of the extra weight will soon start to show. While the wheels are helpful and the product can be easily disassembled, you might find yourself wishing for a comparatively lighter version.
One of its unique and arguably the most helpful feature is its portability. Moreover, it is extremely easy to assemble as well as disassemble, so if you find the portability redundant or hard to handle, you can always disassemble it. The crib features completely washable fabrics, but when it comes to its touch and feel, it’s not as good as it could possibly be. The mattress is harder than usual, and your newborn might fidget a little, if it starts coming in the way of their comfort. 
It can be transformed into a travel crib or even a bassinet, making it highly flexible for use in the first few months of the baby’s birth. It is not limited in its use, and can be played around with, if the crib’s original design does not please your eye. The removable side panel includes a zipper, which is meant for comfort, but ultimately doesn’t do much favor to one-handed usage. Moreover, that zipper, being one of the noisier ones, could wake your baby up. 
The crib offers tilting, height adjustment, elevation facilities for easing congestion, a rocking feature, and a removable side-flap. These are features which facilitate ease of use. 

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in Chicco Next to Me? 

A baby can sleep on the Chicco Next to Me cribs for a little over 6 months. Unlike the Joie Roomie which can only be used up to 6 months after your newborn is born, this one’s extra weight and sturdiness can hold your baby’s  growing weight without any hitch.

What Size Bedding Do You Need for Chicco Next to Me? 

You will need 50 x 83 cm sized bedding for your Chicco Next to Me crib. Make sure you measure the bedding before purchasing it. If the size of the bedding is not in line with the crib size, you might be running into issues.

How to Attach Chicco Next to Me to Bed? 

The height adjustments of the Chicco Next to Me are meant to align it perfectly to the bed. As soon as the crib touches a surface, the feet retract, making it a part of the bed. The way to attach the crib to the bed is extremely simple, and there are no complex mechanisms involved. Note that it is always secured to the long side of the bed.

How to Wash Chicco Next to Me? 

Chicco Next to Me is washable, and easy to maintain. Note that you must clean the Chicco Next to Me frequently to keep it at the top of its performance. Periodically rinse the plastic parts with any soft damp piece of cloth. If the crib comes in contact with water, dry it promptly to avoid rust. The fiber can be easily taken off and washed. Avoid using solvents, extremely aggressive, or abrasive products while washing it.

How to Dismantle Chicco Next to Me? 

At the simple push of a button, the panels will roll down at the bottom of the Chicco Next to Me. Simply pull it up to close it. The panel configuration can be tweaked even when the crib is attached to a bed.

Joie Roomie 

A bedside or side sleeping crib designed to let new mothers have their newborns with an arm’s distance, the Joie Roomie can be the perfect companion to your baby’s needs for the first 6 months. The Joie Roomie is attached to the cot with the help of a few strong straps.

The crib includes no less than 11 height adjustments to ensure a securely fastened crib which is snugly fit against your mattress. You can lower or raise the side panel facing you with just one hand, making settling your newborn or even feeding time immensely easy. The Joie Roomie comes equipped with breathable material, whose double mesh and plush woven high quality fabric provides utmost comfort to your baby. You can wash and wipe them for your convenience.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Joie Roomie 

Before making up your mind, make sure you are acutely aware of all there is to expect. Ensure that the advantages provided by the Joie Roomie is exactly what you need, and the let downs are some that do not ring true for you, or can be ignored for the most part. 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Joie Roomie. Take a look:

Its extreme light weight makes the crib portable and movement-friendly. Feel free to carry it anywhere during travel with the travel bag provided in the package. The assembly is considerably time consuming, and takes a little practice. So, make sure it is perfectly assembled and ready to go before bringing your newborn home. 
Aesthetic bonuses aside, the Joie Roomie ensures that its comfortable fabric lets your baby have a sound sleep without any irritants. It is neither too hard on your baby nor too bouncy.You can use the Joie Roomie cot for only the first 6 months, after which it might lead to wear and tear, in turn weakening the structure significantly. This can lead to hazardous consequences. 
The Joie Roomie comes equipped with rubber-padded wheels to allow free movement in between rooms, without a screeching noise accompanying it everywhere. Moreover, the rubber padding ensures that there are no scratches on your floor.  The Joie Roomie lacks the classic rocking function that makes cribs such as the Chicco Next to Me extremely versatile. So, if you want to soothe your baby to sleep, make sure  you keep this in mind.  

How Long Can A Baby Sleep in A Joie Roomie? 

Your newborn can sleep on the Joie Roomie crib for the first 6 months only. Note that using the crib past its recommended period may lead to hazardous consequences. The crib is not equipped to hold the average weight of babies beyond the first 6 months of age (9kg max).

What Size Bedding Do You Need for Joie Roomie? 

You will need a bedding of around 84 x 51 cm in size to fit perfectly into the Joie Roomie crib. Make sure you measure it first before deciding on what to purchase. An incorrect sized bedding can come in the way of a comfortable experience. 

How to Attach Joie Roomie to Bed? 

It’s easy to attach the Joie Roomie to the bed. Simply press the button to drop the side down, and position the cot next to your bed. Connect the buckles to the glide, and loop strap it around the bed frame. Connect it to the adjuster buckle, and pull the straps tightly. Slide the feet of the Joie Roomie crib under the bed, but if it is not possible, simply rotate it. 

 How to Wash Joie Roomie? 

Note that the fabric cover of the Joie Roomie crib is not removable. Wipe it with a sponge and some soapy water. Avoid gasoline, neutral detergents, and similar organic solvents for cleaning purposes. You can machine wash the carry bag with lukewarm water followed by drip-drying. Avoid the use of bleach. 

How to Dismantle Joie Roomie? 

It takes a little getting used to to dismantle the Joie Roomie cot. While a detailed instruction manual will be provided with the crib, looking up a few instruction videos might help. A travel bag is provided to carry it around comfortably when it is taken apart.

Chicco Next to Me vs Joie Roomie – Comparison

Chicco Next to me vs Joie Roomie

Starting from the basics, both the Chicco Next to Me and the Joie Roomie are bedside or side sleeping cribs which can be easily attached to your mattress to let you have ease of access to your newborn. With both these cribs, you can monitor your baby without having to sleep on the same bed. 

They perform nearly the same function and are of similar sizes (depending on the model), but there are some features that make them stand out. The Joie Roomie’s sturdy yet extremely lightweight design makes movement easy on the rubber-padded wheels. However, the Chicco Next to Me is considerably heavier, though the wheels are definitely of help. Find more options in a wider weight range of baby cots in my compilation of the best bedside cribs in the UK.

The assembly and disassembly of the Chicco Next to Me makes it extremely portable and easy to maneuver around- the same advantage provided by Joie Roomie’s light weight. But the Joie Roomie’s light weight allows it to be transformed into a regular upright bassinet without a hitch. However, the Chicco Next to Me’s sturdiness and extra weight adds to its longevity of use and durability. 

Chicco Next to Me vs Joie Roomie – Which is Better?

Which one is significantly better depends largely on your needs and your baby’s weight. If you had a difficult birth, struggle to fall asleep, or have little help at home, the Joie Roomie is easier to tackle. It is designed to be utterly silent, with the inclusion of rubber-padded wheels making it scratch-proof and sound-resistant. 

The fabric and the mattress are made to be of extreme comfort to your newborn. It is sturdy, in spite of being lightweight, and most impressive of them all, the side panel can be managed with a single hand. So if usability is your concern, go for the Joie Roomie. 

However, comparing the overall features present, the Chicco Next to Me is a clear winner. Loaded with tons of features, the Chicco Next to Me is easy to assemble and dismantle, it lasts longer, is more sturdy and durable, and is an absolute value for money. The add-on rocking feature is an impressive addition. While its weight and the fabric is a little bit of a bother, they can be easily mitigated. It comes with its own travel bag as well, and the mattress can be easily replaced or layered with a better alternative.

So, all in all, if you are looking for portability and ease of use, the Joie Roomie is the clear winner, but if you want a durable value for money crib, go for the Chicco Next to Me. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what your newborn requires for its utmost comfort. Make sure you weigh in the pros and cons, before making the final decision. 

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