Best Microphone for Kids in UK

Best Microphone for Kids in UK

There is a budding singer inside every kid. Well, some kids turn out to be melodious and they sing to please others’ hearts but some kids with a not-so-melodious voice still sing to express their happiness. This is exactly why every parent might make space for amazing activities like singing in their kids’ daily schedule and every parent must find ways to let their kids explore their creativity and interests right from an early age. If you think that your kids are also fond of singing, even if most of it is gibberish, or they just love Karaoke, you have come to the right place. Read on to know about the Top 10 microphones for kids available in the UK.

What is Kids Microphone?

Every home has a little performer to keep up with the entertainment quotient. If your kid takes interest in music, dancing, and singing unlike other kids who just cry over buying new and advanced toys, your kid is special and he definitely deserves special things that might bring their creative side at the front. Why not give your kid something that would bring out the entertainer in them? Here is a perfect gift for them! 

A kid’s microphone is not just another mic that people use for speaking. A microphone indeed can boost up many skills in your child. If your child enjoys singing when he is happy or if he likes presenting himself, a microphone can definitely give him a powerful ambience to present his skills in a better way. Your kid can develop the habits of presenting himself without being shy which is indeed a great skill and if he develops it at such an early age, you are definitely in for seeing others applaud for him when your kid speaks in public. 

A kids’ microphone would give your kid the feeling of being on a stage and it is a great source of entertainment for them.

10 Best Kids Microphones 

1st Place
BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone By BONAOK
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2 BONAOK Upgraded Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with LED Lights By BONAOK
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3 Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids By Croove
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4 TOSING X3 Wireless Karaoke Microphone for Kids By TOSING
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5 X-Factor TY6013 Karaoke Microphone By The X Factor
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1. BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The singer in your kid needs a mic that caters to all the needs. And if you are looking for such a mic, you have to consider BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Microphone! This beautiful microphone comes in various colors for you to choose from. It offers a two-way connection, that is, using cable as well as Bluetooth connection.

This mic has an excellent design that comes in the hands of your kids just perfectly and comfortably. The high-quality Bluetooth module in the mic works as a speaker, player, and recorder making it the right package for your kids. The BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Microphone is compatible with various other singing applications.

The mic is also suitable for Karaoke. The sound and audio quality of this microphone are pretty competent. You can also insert a micro SD card of up to 32 GB. The Bluetooth is compatible with all smartphones and devices that use Android OS and iOS.

One of the best things about this mic is that it is going to be really easy to use for your kids with its easy multi-function buttons. However, some customers complained of a lower volume of the microphones while some others had a problem controlling the volume when the micro SD card was plugged in. 


  1. Dual connectivity
  2. SD card compatible
  3. Wide color options
  4. Recording option available


  1. Volume control issues sometimes

Quick Verdict

The BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is very suitable for any age group. It can connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth or even with a cable. You get 12 colors to choose from. It supports both Apple and Android ecosystem and you can also insert a micro SD card of up to 32GB.

2. BONAOK Upgraded Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with LED Lights

BONAOK Upgraded Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is one of the most attractive and yet functional mics you can get for your kids. It comes in various colors to choose from. This mic has to flash, colorful LED dancing lights that make karaoke even more fun with the dramatic effects.

The body of this BONAOK Karaoke Microphones is made from aluminum alloy, making it strong and not easily breakable. The device can be used for many things- as a karaoke mic, a song recorder, and a Bluetooth speaker making it an interesting product for your kids to have fun with.

This Bluetooth mic cum speaker cum recorder can be paired via Bluetooth with not just Android, iOS devices but with your PC as well.

The mic also offers a two-way connection with Bluetooth and cable connectivity. BONAOK Upgraded Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is packed with DSP technology and has three layers in the mic to grasp lesser noise while recording. You can also use a memory card of up to 32 GB as it comes with a slot for a micro SD card.

This mic can last for 4-8 hours but the customers have often complained of battery quality and have had charging issues with the mic.  Kids, however, love this product for its easy functioning and attractive design.


  1. Attractive built
  2. Recording option available
  3. LED Dancing lights
  4. Aluminum body


  1. Battery issues
  2. Slow charging

Quick Verdict

This is an upgraded of the previous microphone. This mic attracts kids amazingly for its looks, and parents for its quality. The added feature is the LED lights which looks very attractive. With everything packed in one microphone, this product is a good deal.

 3. Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids

Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids is not just another microphone, it is a combo. It comes with a pop box and looks just beautiful when put together. The set contains one speaker and two mics. This microphone has a long-lasting rechargeable battery. The battery lasts up to 4 hours which means your kids can enjoy as long as you want them to. 

This microphone set comes in bright and multi colors and the kids will always love its design. The speaker also has disco lights that light up with the music-making a fun and party environment for your kids. The microphone offers connectivity through Bluetooth, AUX cable, and USB. 

Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids offers pairing with Bluetooth devices via Android OS and iOS supported smartphones.

The sets are made of high-quality materials and do not break or get damaged easily. You can let your kids handle it very well. This mic set has Dual mic and so parents and kids can sing together. 

The speakers also give amazing sound quality. You also get an attached handle to the speaker that makes it portable making it good for outdoors too. However, there is no volume adjustment for the mic. Some customers also warned about lights losing strength after a few months.


  1. Disco lights
  2. Portable
  3. Great Battery
  4. Dual mics


  • No volume adjustment for mic
  • Low-quality lighting

Quick Verdict

If you are planning on buying your kids a microphone and speaker set for playing and getting started with a hobby perhaps, you should totally consider a Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids. It comes with two mics and a pop box which are enough to set your house into a concert hall and your kids to act as Popstars. They will love to karaoke on this little set.

 4. TOSING X3 Wireless Karaoke Microphone for Kids

The TOSING X3 Wireless Karaoke Microphone for Kids comes in a highly professional design. Kids find it very cute. This microphone comes in blue color and has cartoon characters designed on it such as pig and panda. 

The mic is covered with a silicone tube covering. This silicone tube covering makes the mic anti-scratch and anti-drop. This is ideal for your kids since even if they drop it once in a while, the chances of causing damage are really low. The covering also provides easy grip in the children’s hands.

The mic can be paired via Bluetooth, AUX cables as well as USB. This means that you can pair any device, smartphones- both Android OS and iOS supported, laptops, PC. Not just these but TVs as well making your children’s Karaoke experience more enjoyable. 

The mic is handy and can be taken outdoors as well. The TOSING X3 Wireless Karaoke Microphone takes 2 hours of charging and can last up to 5 hours working. Customers, at times, faced an issue of slow charging. The mic also offers you control over volume as well as reverberations. The Echo features are available making the singing experience better than ever before. The mic also offers audio recording. You might want to make sure you have a good grip on the cover as it may fall off after long usage. 


  1. A vast range of device compatibility.
  2. Attractive design
  3. Echo feature
  4. Audio recording available


  1. Slow charging
  2. No SD card slot available

Quick Verdict

The TOSING X3 Wireless Karaoke Microphone is Ideal for small children. It gives an amazing karaoke experience. The Mic is covered in a silicone tube which helps it from getting any scratches and even saves from any damage caused by a sudden drop. It lasts for around 5 hours with a single 2 hours of charging which is quite enough for the kids to enjoy with this microphone.

5. X-Factor TY6013 Karaoke Microphone

The X Factor TY6013 Karaoke Microphone is one of the sleekest and stylish microphones available for kids. Its black color looks more professional. Kids usually like the way it looks so real and gives them a feeling of handling an actual mic. It comes with the connectivity options of Bluetooth and inserting a micro SD card.

This mic is an all in one combo with a microphone and speaker in one device so that you don’t have to carry too many things for the kids to enjoy a good karaoke session. The battery of this mic lasts up to 5 hours.  The X Factor TY6013 Karaoke Microphone also comes with an echo feature which makes this product way better than those in its competition

The mic also has bright LED lights. These lights can be lit in three modes. This mic provides several customization options through buttons such as play, pause, volume control, skip, rewind, and forward.

One of the most distinguishing features of this microphone is its voice changing feature that lets you change your kids’ voices and lets them have more fun. Some customers complained of broken battery slots, so make sure to check the products when delivered carefully!


  1. Sleek finish look
  2. Easy to handle and carry
  3. Long-lasting battery
  4. Voice changing feature


  1. Fewer color options
  2. Battery slot issues

Quick Verdict

The X Factor TY6013 Karaoke Microphone is competing well in the market and barely has any negative reviews. It is an ideal choice for a parent who wants to give their kids a microphone for playing as well as to develop a new hobby.

6. ION Audio Party Rocker Express

ION Audio Party Rocker Express is, as the name suggests, a full party package. This microphone set comes with a speaker and a karaoke system. The system has bright party lights that set up the party mood amazingly. You kids can not enjoy playing on this karaoke system.

The set’s equipped with a 4-inch two-way speaker that gives off vibrant sound of high quality. The mic offers connectivity in two ways- wireless Bluetooth connectivity and AUX cable connectivity are also available. The microphone is of very high quality. 

 One special feature of this set is its sound-reactive lights, that flash the lights according to the music tone. The grille lighting is in synchronization with your music. The lights flash are in three colors- red, green, and blue.

It comes with dual mic input as well as an echo effect. Professional sounding is also ensured in the mic as well as the audio in the speaker. The ION Audio Party Rocker Express comes with a long-lasting battery time as it uses an 8 cell battery. It also has an AC adapter. The set is, however, heavy and cannot be taken outdoors. But while it is indoors, it is a proper party material. And thus not just for kids but for the entire family. This set was found to be not loud enough for some people.


  1. Party package
  2. Sound Reactive Lights
  3. Long-lasting battery
  4. Dual Mic input and Echo Effect


  1. Heavy, not for outdoors
  2. SD Card Slot not available

Quick Verdict

The ION Audio Party Rocker Express is a great choice when buying for kids. Along with a Mic, it contains a 4-inch two-way speaker which has great output. It is power-packed and is an ideal choice for parents who want to invest in something long-lasting. However, as it is heavy in size, it might be difficult for kids to take it outdoors.

7. Beschoi Wireless Karaoke Microphone with phone holder

Beschoi Wireless Karaoke Microphone is one of the best microphones for kids. It has many special features that catch the eyes of not just kids but parents also. It has a beautiful design and a sleek finish. This mic can be used for all- playing music on the speakers, singing (Karaoke and otherwise) as well as for recording.

The most special feature of these microphones is that it comes with a phone holder. This phone holder will make it easier for your kids to hold on to the device while singing. The microphones also come with colorful LED lights that flash in rhythm according to the music. Another interesting feature of this microphone is the option of funny voices. Your kids can choose from several personalized magic sounds. The battery lasts long up to 10 hours.

Beschoi Wireless Karaoke Microphone also provides you with a vocal muting option that will further enhance your karaoke experience. The mics offer various options for pairing with other devices- Bluetooth connectivity with Android OS smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and Personal Computers. Along with this, it also provides you with slots for TG cards and USB flash (up to 32 GB).

The speaker is of superior sound quality and also has a professional audio processor. The mic comes with multiple layers for reduced noise and gives a clear sound output. The set is lightweight and so is good for outdoors too. It seemed too costly for some people though. 


  1. Comes with phone holder
  2. Long-lasting battery
  3. Recording option available
  4. Sleek design


  1. Expensive

Quick Verdict

The Beschoi Wireless Karaoke Microphone is a complete package for parents who care about their kids’ easy access to the microphone. The kids are going to love all the features. For the features and the quality that it offers, it is worth every penny you spend.

8. EKids TR-115.EM Sing A Long Boom-Box with Microphone

This microphone is going to be the heart of any party if your kid carries it along and puts on a show. This microphone is just like a real microphone and it offers an amazing sound quality. Just as the name portrays, it is a boom box and it can be connected to your MP3 player. It has a whole collection of built-in music that your child can sing along to. The handle that is attached at the back and the mp3 storage compartment are some prime features that you get with this beautiful microphone.

This microphone is recommended only if your kid has crossed the age of 3 years as it has some tricky features and little things devices an MP3 player is never safe around children.

This package includes a sing-along boom box, 3 AA batteries, and a user guide.


  1. Connects to MP3 players
  2. Good battery life
  3. Attractive built
  4. Has a storage compartment


  1. Bluetooth connection unavailable
  2. No variety in pre-downloaded songs

Quick Verdict

This microphone has a boom box and it can also be connected to MP3 players. The mic provided with the boom-box functions just like a real microphone. It also has a storage compartment at the back and it is convenient to carry around.

9. VTech Kidi Superstar LightShow Karaoke Microphone

If you feel that your kid is a true superstar and would never be sufficed by just a basic microphone with two to three features, you have come across the right product. This is a fun-filled kids microphone with a stand and it looks extremely fantastic. It has an eye-catching design and vibrant colors on its body. The different modes that come with this microphone are definitely going to blow your mind. 

This microphone has a concert mode so your child can have the feeling of being a true superstar. It has a stand attached to it so it is quite easy to perform with this one. The stand definitely gives a boost to your performance and it is also helpful if your little kiddo gets tired of holding the mic for too long.

This microphone has a voice recording mode so when your child sings in a melodious voice, you can keep it safe forever and listen to it whenever you want.

This is a feature that not all the microphones on our list would offer. The stand has a little phone holder attached so it can hold a book of lyrics or your phone. 

This microphone is preferred for kids who have crossed the age of 3 years. The modes and features are not suited for a very small child and they can end up messing with it. It runs on batteries and a set of batteries is included in the package.


  1. Voice recording
  2. Concert mode
  3. Stand included


  1. Some customers complain about the build quality being cheap
  2. Runs on batteries

Quick Verdict

This microphone has a stand attached to it and it also has a voice recorder. It sports a fantastic design and it also has a concert mode. It is perfect for a highly interested kid who loves to record songs. The stand makes it really convenient.

10. DC Super Hero Girls Portable Karaoke Machine

The DC superhero Girls portable microphone can enlighten your parties really well. Invite some guests over, plug the music in, grab the mic, and there you have, a perfect lively evening. You can even plug in another microphone separately and perform a dashing duet with your child.

This incredible kids’ microphone has flashing lights which definitely adds colors and life to your singing experience. The microphone settings can be easily switched with the control buttons that are provided on the front panel of the microphone. This kids’ microphone can play CD-G discs that display the lyrics on the screen of the device that you have connected it to. You can easily plug this microphone on your iPhone, iPod, or tablet and you can enjoy singing your favorite songs. 

This microphone needs batteries to function. You will have to insert 6 x C batteries and they need to be bought separately. This microphone has dual jack input so it is possible to rock a duet on it.


  1. Flashlights
  2. Dual audio jack
  3. Comes with a singalong CD
  4. Has an amazing cartoon girl print, perfect for baby girls


  1. Works on batteries, not rechargeable

Quick Verdict

The flashlights and the dual jack input make it a very chirpy and happening device. It can be connected to other devices via AUX so it definitely is a complete package for not just your kid but your whole family.

How to Choose the Best Microphone for Kids in UK

How to Choose the Best Microphone for Kids in UK

1. Durability

Well of course little kids aren’t cautious about keeping things intact and properly. Goes without saying that your kid would treat his microphone just the way he treats his rubber ducky and he’d still expect it to work the same. This is really inevitable but what you on your part can do is to choose a product that has a better build quality and is shockproof. It should be able to stand some rough usage otherwise your money would be down the drain. Check for the description to know If the build material is sturdy so it can survive to see your kid becoming better day by day.

2. Battery Life

Firstly, good battery life is a key point. Having to charge your microphone, again and again, can be really frustrating. Short battery life might disturb your kid’s concert or your kid might lose interest in the microphone knowing that it has to be charged so often. You also wouldn’t want your kid to use the electric sockets often as it can be quite dangerous for them. Some kids do have a habit of inserting their fingers inside the sockets. This is how long battery life is important. 

Secondly, there are rechargeable microphones and the ones that require batteries. You might save some extra bucks if you buy the latter one but buying batteries again and again would definitely frustrate you in the long run. The rechargeable ones might be a bit expensive but they would definitely prove to be better.

3. Compatibility

Nearly every microphone is compatible with all the smartphones via Bluetooth. Some don’t support connectivity with the older android versions. You must always check the compatibility of the microphone before buying it. Some parents prefer connecting via audio jack or AUX. You should check to see if the microphone you are buying has multiple connectivity options.

4. Ease of Use

You need to keep in mind the age group that your child belongs to, before settling for a microphone. If your kid is just 2-3 years old, he would not appreciate a microphone if the controls are not easy to learn. He’d give up when he won’t be able to push the right buttons to make it work. On the other hand, if your kid is 7 or more, you can definitely get him a microphone with extra features and extra buttons.

5. Extra Features

Every product goes through some innovations and comes up with even better features to look at. While a simple microphone with all the necessary features might do the trick, some extra features won’t hurt anybody. A microphone with a stand might sound like something very normal to you but as soon as your child gets an added stand, you can just look at how his body language changes. In the same way, a cool design, enhanced compatibility, extra modes, and even the colors of a microphone can add a lot to your kid’s experience. 

Our Advice 

Before buying a microphone for your kid, make sure that your child has an interest in activities of this sort. If yes, go for a basic microphone with basic features if your child is very young. If you see your child advancing in this field, get them a microphone with extra features. A mic with a stand is always comfortable. How a microphone looks, also has a great impact on your child’s interest, so make sure you get them something their eyes get glued to!

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