Best Dinosaur Toys for 3 & 4 year Olds in UK

Best Dinosaur Toys for 3 & 4 year Olds

Has your child recently become obsessed with dinosaurs and won’t stop watching those Jurassic Park movies over and over again? Well, most children go through their “dinosaur phase” around the ages of three to four, so there’s no need to worry about this burgeoning interest. In fact, it is perhaps best to encourage them when they come to you rattling off names of various dinosaurs that they’ve learned about. 

In order to do so, you can present them with multiple dinosaur-themed toys that they will surely be excited to encounter and incorporate into their playtime. Let’s see what some of the best dinosaur toys are for three to four-year-olds!

10 Best Dinosaur Toys for 3 and 4 Year Olds

1st Place
Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Kit By Dan&Darci
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2 LOYO Dinosaur Toy Figure with Playmat By LOYO
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3 GILOBABY Kid Dinosaur Toys Figures Playset By GILOBABY
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4 JOYIN 2 in 1 Dinosaur Realistic Walking T-rex Dinosaur Toy By JOYIN
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5 Dreamon Take Apart Dinosaur Toys for Kids By Dreamon
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1. Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Kit

This fun and exciting play set is normally aimed at older children around the age of six, but three to four-year-olds seem to have a bunch of fun with it as well. This toy set comes with exactly 12 dinosaurs “eggs” that the children can dig through in order to get to the dinosaur inside. 

And since all 12 dinosaurs inside the eggs are unique and have their own characteristic, it becomes great fun for the children to dig through each egg in anticipation of the next dinosaur they can get. They do this with the help of chisels provided with this playset – so if you see your child take a budding interest in STEM, this is the perfect opportunity to inculcate that interest even further! 

And not only is this a fun product designed to engage your child during playtime but it is also accompanied by several beautifully illustrated cards that give you information about each dinosaur’s life. 


  1. Chiseling improves fine motor skills
  2. STEM skills are developed


  1. Some users have reported the chiseling might be too difficult for children

Quick Verdict

Since this dino egg kit is specially designed to induce a sense of excitement and mystery while your children happily chisel away to get to the dinosaur in the egg, it becomes a fun and overall educational experience for them.

2. LOYO Dinosaur Toy Figure with Playmat

This playmat is an excellent purchase for bored three to four-year-olds who have been enamored by the Jurassic Park franchise. It offers them an interactive and quite realistic space that mirrors a dinosaur environment – and even includes some trees and rocks in addition to the expected dinosaur figures. 

The variety of dinosaurs is very thorough and enables your child to learn about every dinosaur, their habitat, and other useful information. And since the dimensions of the playmat are big enough, it enables some fun time spent with your child’s friends as well! 

It is also reportedly easy to store and can fascinate children up to the ages of eight and nine. Perhaps the only downside to the dinosaur figures in the playmat is that they don’t seem to stay up without support.


  1. Can be an exercise in social bonding
  2. Can learn about dinosaur habitats and terrestrial features


  1. Dinosaur figures don’t stay up without support

Quick Verdict

It is a great way for your child to spend time with their friends since the playmat is big enough for around 3 children to play on it at once and can develop imaginative skills as well.

3. GILOBABY Kid Dinosaur Toys Figures Playset

Yet another exciting playmat on the list, the GILOBABY playset has a variety of dinosaurs ranging from the Baryonyx to the apatosaurus that your child can play with while learning about them at the same time. This playmat is big enough for your child to play with and is also extremely easy to store, owing to the storage box – that most users love since the playmat can fold up into a storage box once playtime is over. 

This means that there’s no extra mess and hassle to clean up after playtime, and your child can attempt to learn about dinosaurs and terrains visually. It may also increase their tactile senses, which some users have been very pleased with. The only downside once again seems to be the fact that these dinosaurs cannot seem to stand without support. 


  1. Wide variety of dinosaurs figures provided
  2. Very easy to store since the playmat can become the storage box


  1. Dinosaur figures cannot stand up without support

Quick Verdict

This playmat is also great for your children to engage in bonding with their friends and since it can be easily stored, it inculcates habits of cleanliness in your child early on.

4. JOYIN 2 in 1 Dinosaur Realistic Walking T-rex Dinosaur Toy

This amazing set of toys contains two extremely realistic replicas of the fiercest dinosaurs – the tyrannosaurus rex and the triceratops. With lifelike functions that are sure to keep your child entertained for hours, it sets them up for later cognitive development in terms of STEM skills and develops imaginative skills. 

They enjoy playtime by making up scenarios in their imaginative dinosaur universe and be enamored by the fact that these dinosaurs can move and roar realistically as well with the application of batteries. Not only this, the horns of the triceratops even glow brightly, attracting the attention of even the most disinterested children. 


  1. Develops STEM skills for the future
  2. Visually attractive and realistic


  1. Some users have reported that the dinosaur limbs do not move with ease

Quick Verdict

Since these realistic dinosaur toys for 3-year-olds can move and even roar on their own with batteries, it makes for an amazing companion to your child’s Jurassic playing environment.

5. Dreamon Take Apart Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Want to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and motor movements early on in their childhood? Then consider this comprehensive play kit from Dreamon that involves your children taking that electrical drill and screwdriver and building their own dinosaurs. These tools are completely safe, of course, and are at minimal risk of breaking under your child’s ministrations. 

The limbs and heads of these dinosaurs can move as well, enabling your child to put them in a variety of poses in order to act out their imaginary dinosaur adventure with ease. An activity that will offer hours of fun to your child, this may seem at first too complicated for your three to four-year-old to take interest in. However, this play kit is an absolute delight for younger and older children alike.


  1. Develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
  2. Made of safe materials so they’re extremely safe for your child’s playtime


  1. Might be somewhat advanced for three to four year olds

Quick Verdict

These small dinosaur toys can be taken apart for developing cognitive abilities for your child and can be enjoyed by little ones of all ages.

6. DigHealth 33 Pcs Dinosaur Toy Playset with Activity Play Mat

Yet another dinosaur play set on this list, this one is by far the biggest set with the most number of items offered along with the playmat. With a sum total of around 24 dinosaurs in varying sizes, your child will not get bored of this playmat any time soon. 

With the mat being big enough for them to bring some friends over so they can all engage in imaginative dinosaur narration and play, you’re essentially setting your child up for hours of fun. While playing with this playset on the mat, they also encounter objects relating to the terrain and their environment – effectively indicating to them the difference in geographic features. 

Users particularly enjoy the fact that it is extremely easy to store the playmat away after their child is done playing, and can also be used to inculcate cleanliness habits in children from a young age. 


  1. Includes many pieces in the playset
  2. Extremely easy to store


  1. The dinosaurs and trees have difficulty staying up without support

Quick Verdict

Since the playset contains a wide variety of pieces for your child to play with of varying sizes, they’ll definitely not be getting bored anytime soon. 

7. ATOPDREAM Pull Back Dinosaur Toys Cars

Combining the hugely enjoyable worlds of dinosaurs and pull-back cars, ATOPDREAM brings to you and your child the joys of these amazingly designed cars that offer your child a fantastic visual appeal as well as simplicity. 

These dinosaur toy cars are designed by keeping in mind toy car enthusiasts and are perfect for your little one who’s currently going through one of those dinosaur phases. You can opt for either the four-pack of the dinosaur toy cars or the six-pack – each giving you a wonderful variety of colorful dinosaurs such as pterosaur, velociraptor, and such. 

If the ordinary design of the pullback cars is too unappealing for your child, then this will surely work – now make these dinosaur toy cars even more fun by competing in car races with your little one!


  1. Wide variety of dinosaur-themed cars to choose from
  2. Simple to operate


  1. Since these can only function as pullback cars, children may get bored of it 

Quick Verdict

Since these toy dinosaurs for toddlers are extremely easy to play with, they put a new spin on pullback cars with the dinosaur theme and ensure bonding time with your child as you engage in pullback car races with them.

8. JoyGeek Dinosaur Toys Race Car Track Train Set

Yet another amazing for parents whose child enjoys cars, racing, and dinosaurs – these product combines the best of all worlds and offers the finest train track set that is also dinosaur themed. With a little initial setup on your part, boredom is now a thing of the past with this train track set. 

With around 160 orbital segments that you and your child can work together to assemble, there is an infinite number of ways in which this train track can be arranged so you don’t have to worry about playtime being too monotonous for your child either. With its unique design and dinosaur theme, it is a delight for any child who is currently in the middle of their Jurassic era obsession. 


  1. Can be assembled in any way
  2. Smooth functioning of the train 


  1. Will need assistance to be assembled 

Quick Verdict

While it may be difficult to initially assemble this train track set, it will still provide your child hours of fun and also assist their cognitive development by enabling them to think of multiple patterns of train tracks.

9. Dinosaur Night Light for Kids

While this product does not strictly fall under the category of dinosaur-themed toys, it will still be your child’s newest favorite in terms of bedtime. With this dinosaur nightlight, you can make even bedtime fun for your child. 

Not only is it extremely safe for your child’s eyes and is extremely soothing at the same time, but the design is also attractive for children who are enamored by the idea of dinosaurs. You can also choose to adjust the color of the projected dinosaur in the night light and adjust the brightness as well through the remote available with the night light. 


  1. Possible to choose the color of light and brightness level
  2. Soothing to your child’s eyes


  1. Some users have reported the light to not be 3D

Quick Verdict

While this nightlight is not up there in terms of a dinosaur-themed toy per se, it is still a utilitarian accessory that will accompany your child’s bedtime and cater to their dinosaur obsession at the same time. 

10. VTech Switch & Go Dinos Interactive PreSchool Dinosaur Toy

Last but not the least, you can once again get the best of both worlds with this dinosaur-themed toy that is sure to have your little one interested for hours on end. With dinosaurs that can switch to vehicles and back, your little one can also choose to activate their dinosaur toy of choice in order to hear some fun little phrases and dinosaur facts that will have them undergoing an educational experience while they’re playing as well. 

You can choose from a variety of transforming dinosaur toys for toddlers – from racers to helicopters, you can convert these dinosaurs into playable vehicles in a jiffy that you can operate with the action button on these toys, effectively working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills at once!


  1. Can be transformed into a variety of vehicles
  2. Simple to operate with the action button


  1. Might not be as sturdy as expected

Quick Verdict

Since there are many dinosaurs and their vehicular counterparts to choose from, you can pick one that interests your child the most. While this interactive dinosaur toy may look complex to handle, it can be transformed and moved easily with the press of an action button.

Why Are Dinosaur Toys So Popular?

Psychologically, your child may go through a lot of interests which will quickly shift the older that they get. However, these varying interests can be pinned down to a few that are recurring in children – such as the horse phase, superhero phase, and finally the dinosaur phase. It is said that dinosaurs interest children mainly because of two reasons. 

Firstly, in displaying interest in dinosaurs, they feel like they’re in charge of knowledge that their parents or guardians do not have. This successfully puts them in a position of power. They are also encouraged to learn more about dinosaurs to fuel their interest owing to the positive reinforcement they receive from adults around them in the form of compliments. Hence, it is only natural that they’re drawn to dinosaur toys.

Types of Dinosaur Toys To Gift to Your Little One

If you’re at a loss of toys to gift to your little one and are currently running out of ideas in order to keep them engaged, then consider one of the many varieties of dinosaur toys UK has to offer. They have a variety of functions and can entertain your little one to no end, even if they’re the easily disinterested kind. Let’s jump into a guide on dinosaur toys that your little one will not be able to let go of easily!

1. Dinosaur Toy Cars

Dinosaur Toy Cars

If your little one has recently been fascinated by the idea of toy cars, then you can consider combining two themes and purchasing dinosaur toy cars. The visual appeal of these toy cars is enough to keep your child engaged for hours, and also enhances their ability to concentrate on one activity for a long time. 

If your child struggles to focus on an activity, then dinosaur toy cars may help you strike that balance between getting the right amount of playtime and simple spatial and physical concepts such as movement, inertia, force, etcetera. And since these cars are dinosaur-themed, your child will not be getting bored of them anytime soon.

2. Dinosaur Toy Figures with Playmat

GILOBABY Kid Dinosaur Toys Figures Playset

If you want your child to situate their playing in one area where you can keep an eye on them while getting your chores done, then you can consider getting them dinosaur figures on a playmat. 

On the above list, you’ll find many such playmats which offer dinosaur toy figures with them, giving your child hours of imaginative fun where they can be lost in their world of make-believe and give them extremely realistic props to imagine their own Jurassic geographical setting. Not only does this keep your kid busy for hours, but it also has them improving their narratorial and imaginative skills at the same time!

3. Pull back Dinosaur Toy Cars

ATOPDREAM Pull Back Dinosaur Toys Cars

Once again, you can offer your children dinosaur-themed cars – but this time with a twist, since they can function as pullback dinosaur cars that require minimal effort and are also sure to keep your children engaged for a long time. 

Merely pulling these cars back can cause them to zoom long distances, and this feature can be used in multiple cars so as to stimulate races and excitement with their friends! This incites a sense of competition within children and also helps them develop skills such as gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and other such developmental milestones with the help of these fun dinosaur-themed pullback cars. 

4. Take Apart Dinosaur Toy Puzzles

Dreamon Take Apart Dinosaur Toys for Kids

These take apart dinosaur puzzles may seem like they’re for slightly older children, but they can be enjoyed by younger and older children alike. With realistic tools that are completely safe for children, your child can spend hours putting together and taking apart their favorite dinosaurs – learning skills such as matching colors, patterns, and other features of the dinosaurs. 

Holding these tools, handling them, and using them gives them that gross motor skills edge that they require. It also enhances cognitive development and allows your children to learn how to manipulate physical elements in the environment according to will.

And since many of these puzzles come with informational and visually attractive cards about dinosaurs, it also helps them in learning about the dinosaurs they’re putting together!

5. Realistic Interactive Dinosaur Toy Figures

JOYIN 2 in 1 Dinosaur Realistic Walking T-rex Dinosaur Toy

Having a realistic figure of their favorite entities, whether superheroes or dinosaurs, tremendously helps them in forming lifelike perceptions of the same. In terms of dinosaurs, your child will be able to tell apart dinosaurs by their features – for instance, the plates on the stegosaurus’s back or the arms of the tyrannosaurus rex. 

And since most of these figures are fitted with batteries in order to enhance them even further such as with realistic roaring sounds and glowing horns and parts, it further grabs your child’s attention and encourages them to play with the realistic dinosaur figures. 

They can engage in make-believe scenarios with their friends with these realistic dinosaur toy figures and act out the Jurassic lifestyle when they’re engaging in playtime!


Not only would your children be delighted at the thought of getting those extra dinosaur goodies during their playtime especially if they’re interested in the Jurassic era, but you can also bring about many of their developmental milestones merely by getting them these toys. 

These toys are an exciting and harmless way of inciting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in your child, and also engages them in social bonding if they’re going to be playing with these dinosaur-themed toys with their other dino-obsessed buddies! So wait no longer and plan their next birthday, Christmas, or surprise gift in the form of these fun dinosaur toys.

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