Best Car Sun Shade for Baby in UK

Best Car Sun Shade for Baby in UK

With the availability of so many baby products in the market, it becomes challenging to select the ones that are actually necessary for your child. But one of the most important items that you should give the top priority is a car sun shade for your baby.

To protect your child from the harsh sun, you need to choose a car sun shade that is efficient in safeguarding your baby from the harmful UV rays and ensure a comfortable ambiance inside the car. Options are galore, but you need to be careful while deciding on the best suitable baby sun shade after analyzing all your needs and requirements. 

That’s why this article has incorporated some of the best car sun shades for babies in UK to give you detailed information about the material, UV protection, breathability, and installation of different car blinds having various price ranges. So, let’s find out the best baby sun shades available and acquire maximum knowledge about car window shades.

Why you should get a Car Sun Shade for your Baby?

The most important reason why you should get a car sun shade is that it protects your child against the harmful sun rays. UVA rays are extremely harmful for your kids, and a car sun shade helps prevent them from entering through the windows. Various ailments are associated with exposure to UVA rays that includes-

  • Premature ageing.
  • Immunity suppression.
  • Skin cancer.
  • Cataracts.
  • Increased melanoma risk.

Providing your car with a car sunshade gives your baby the extra care that will protect them from skin and eye damage in the future. Also, the sunshade helps in providing a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside the car by blocking the direct entry of the sunlight.

10 Best Car Window Sun Shade for Baby

1st Place
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2 Kinder Fluff Sunshades (4X) for Baby By Kinder Fluff
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3 Dreambaby Stretch-To-Fit Adjustable Baby Car Shade By Dreambaby
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4 CARAMAZ Elephant Adhesive Car Window Shade for Baby By CARAMAZ
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5 Calish Car Sun Shades By Calish
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1. JELLYBABABABY Car Window Shades for Baby

JELLYBABABABY Car Window Shades for Baby

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The JELLYBABABABY car window shade has secured the no.1 position in our best baby car shade review as it gives the best protection against harmful UV rays. It is made of high-quality, durable nylon, which is very stretchable to cover the whole window frame. Also, the double rainproof material prevents your precious ones from getting drenched if you choose to pull down the windows.

This is a super convenient and easy to install car window sun shade as it doesn’t involve any velcro strap or suction cup. All you have to do is to slide the car window shade onto the window frame, which will not take you more than 30 seconds. It also offers a breathable mesh that allows great airflow to provide a cool and fresh ambiance inside the car.

JELLYBABABABY car window shade is the best option to select for your family that will protect your little one from all the harshness of the weather, be it tremendous rainfall or the scorching sun. During long drives, you could face some insects’ sudden advent, which can irritate your baby’s skin. As JELLYBABABABY car sun shade is made with premium thick nylon, it prevents those unwanted insects from coming in. Also, it gives enough privacy to mothers for breastfeeding their children.


  1. Provides excellent protection against the harmful and harsh sun rays.
  2. Breathable material provides sufficient airflow.
  3. Gives protection against unwelcomed insects.
  4. Hassle-free installation and use.


  1. Excessive rain can cause poor performance.
  2. Lacks protection if it’s stretched too much.

Quick Verdict

JELLYBABABABY car sun shade is surely one of the best baby sun shade you can find in the market. It provides great protection against harmful UV rays. It is made of high-quality and durable nylon and it is also very easy to use as it fits effortlessly and provides convenient take off when needed. 

2. Kinder Fluff Sunshades (4X) for Baby

Kinder Fluff Sunshades for Baby

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The Kinder Fluff Sun shades are the only ones to be certified to prevent 99.79% of UVA & 99.95% of UVB rays by HLab & Co in Europe. 

These car sun shades are made with 120 GSM mesh to provide the ultimate protection against the harsh UV rays. This material is very much thicker as it comes with 15s static-protective film, whereas most of the other companies use a 10s one. So, clearly, it stands out as a great car window sun shade for babies. 

These car sun shades by Kinder Fluff have a foldable design for easy portability. They also come with a storage bag, which makes them simple to carry around with. They also do away with the laboursome task of installing car sun shades as they do not require any suction cup or adhesive. Just put them on the windows and swipe gently. You also need to wipe the windows before installing a clean surface for the sun shades. 

Kinder Fluff sun shades are totally water-resistant to give you the much-needed protective guard from all the harsh weather elements. These shades stick to the windows’ glass, so you cannot pull down the windows without taking them off.


  1. High-density material efficiently blocks maximum UVA and UVB rays.
  2. These car shades stick to the car with no effort at all.
  3. The foldable structure is very convenient for storage.
  4. The water-resistant design offers long-lasting performance.


  1. It leaves air bubbles after sticking to the car.
  2. The size of the shade may not be suitable for all.

Quick Verdict

This is a great product for keeping your baby in the shade during the hot sunny days. The sun shades are certified to prevent 99.79% of UVA & 99.95% of UVB rays and are made with 120 GSM mesh to provide the ultimate protection. It is also waterproof and easy to install. You get 4 car window sun shades, which is a cost-effective investment compared to the product’s price. 

3. Dreambaby Stretch-To-Fit Adjustable Baby Car Shade

Dreambaby Stretch-To-Fit Adjustable Baby Car Shade

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This car window sun shade for baby by Dreambaby is a very cost-effective product that combines all the fundamentals a good car shade should have. As 100% polyester fabric is used in the process of making it, these sun shades effectively prevent the sun rays without blocking the view. You don’t have to worry about the installation as it comes with strong suction cups, which offers an easy grip for extra convenience. And as the name suggests, it is extremely flexible and can be fitted onto any type of car window

Dreambaby Stretch-To-Fit Adjustable Car Shade provides a nice blockage to the dangerous glaring sunlight for your baby. The polyester material is very breathable to provide a good amount of air circulation inside your car. So, this product is perfect for shielding the interiors, keeping the passing of fresh air intake. The shade’s portability and storage are also very user-friendly as the car blinds can easily be folded away safely when not in use. So, this is, indeed, a very good baby car sun shade to buy if you have a limited budget. 


  1. Cost-effective product that comes with sufficient durability.
  2. Gives complete protection to your baby.
  3. Foldable design requires simple storage.


  1. The quality of the suction cups is not up to the mark.
  2. Product material is not thick enough to provide complete coverage.

Quick Verdict

It is a very cost-effective baby sun shade that provides a decent shade to your little one. It is made with 100% polyester fabric that prevents sun rays without blocking the view. Also, you can fold it easily and store it conveniently for future use. But, the fact that the material is quite thin certainly acts as a drawback of this item. 

4. CARAMAZ Elephant Adhesive Car Window Shade for Baby

CARAMAZ Elephant Adhesive Car Window Shade for Baby

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The Caramaz Elephant Adhesive Car Window Shade is a beautifully designed product to protect your little one against the scorching sun. It is manufactured with the best quality mesh that serves as the shield against the dangerous UV rays. These baby car sun shades come in 4 different sizes so you can choose one according to the dimension of your car’s window. The sizes range from 51 cm x 31 cm upto 75 cm x 45 cm. 

These sun shades for babies come in interesting and funny themes, which become a point of attraction for your children during long and tiresome journeys. One of the biggest advantages of this baby car shade is that it can be fit in any car window. It also comes with a top-rated adhesive that makes it very convenient and easy to fit the car. These car blinds for babies offer two different versions, a dark and an extra dark type. If you want a complete sun-blocker effect, consider buying the extra dark version. 

If you’re troubling to find an effective baby car shade within a low price range, give your child this item. It fits well and comes with various themes, and its protection against sun rays is justifiably good compared to the price. 


  1. They come with an extra dark mesh that has complete protection against the harsh sun rays.
  2. Available in very attractive and funny themes.
  3. Comes in a number of different sizes to choose from.


  1. The fitting of the car shade with the adhesive becomes problematic and comes off the window often.
  2. The size of the shade is found to be too big for some cars.

Quick Verdict

The baby sun shade comes with a good protective technology for your child, though the adhesive mechanism might not be properly functional at times. It comes in 4 different sizes so it will surely fit in any car’s window. There are many themes and designs to choose from.

5. Calish Car Sun Shades

Calish Car Sun Shades

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This Calish Car Sun Shades fall under the affordable category and are comparatively larger than most of the other products available at this price range. It is made of great quality material using the Dual Stitch mechanism. The fabric is also flame-resistant to ensure maximum safety. Once you stick them in your car, it will stay as it is unless you remove them. 

This baby car shade will prevent your family and pets from all kinds of harmful elements of the weather. This car window shade for babies is built with strong static material, without having any dangerous PVC static cling film like other car blinds. The installation becomes a matter of seconds as these car sun shades for baby sticks efficiently to the windows without any adhesive assistance. Hence you can have a relaxing hassle-free ride without worrying about it coming off the window. The lightweight and compact design are very simple to carry around; also, it can be stored easily. 


  1. This baby car shade is super easy to use and comes with great durability.
  2. The larger shades provide better protection.
  3. The suction cups make it possible to keep it intact in its place for a long time.


  1. Not thick enough to keep away sunlight properly.
  2. Folding and unfolding become inconvenient.

Quick Verdict

Calish Car window sun shade for babies is an affordable product that prevents dangerous sun rays. Although the installation process requires suction cups, these cups are strong enough and have an easy-grip system. Also, these car blinds can be used throughout the year as they are waterproof.

6. PEYOU [4 Pack] Car Window Shades for Baby

PEYOU Car Window Shades for Baby

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The PEYOU baby car sun shade offers 4 packs of universal car blinds which have 2 different sizes. This product is made of powerful 50 GSM and 80 GSM PVC films with a great quality polyester mesh. This provides moderate protection against harsh UV rays. Also, they incorporate some great animal designs to save your child from boredom. 

The pack includes 2 pairs of car blinds. One pair has a dimension of 51 cm x 30.7 cm. The other 2 window shades of 43 cm × 35 cm, are specially designed for babies as they have giraffe designs on top of them. Also, the breathable material does not block the airflow and helps you have a fresh and cool driving experience. 

The installation of this baby car sun shades is pretty unique and time-saving. It offers electrostatic installation, which allows you to simply flatten the shades and stick them on your car window. You should clean the windows before sticking them. If you see them coming off, simply put some water on the entire window to help them stick in a better way. Go for the shades having 80 GSM capacity on hot summer days.


  1. Very flexible and can be used in all car types.
  2. Durable material ensures long-lasting performance.
  3. Foldable design requires simple storage.
  4. Breathable fabric provides a good amount of airflow.
  5. Comes with engaging funny designs for babies.


  1. Its coverage area is not enough to cover the entire window space.
  2. Doesn’t remain properly attached to the windows.

Quick Verdict

This is an easy to apply baby car shade, which does exactly what it promises. It gives maximum protection to your children from the extreme sun rays. However, the 50 GSM film cannot give enough protection against the scorching sun.

7. Sfee 2 Pack Car Sun Window Shade

Sfee Car Sun Window Shade

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This premium product by Sfee is one of the best car window shades for babies, and you can completely put your faith in it. The Sfee car sun window shades are made of superior quality higher density mesh fabric that offers the ultimate protection against the harmful UV rays. It ensures the maximum amount of visibility as well. These car window shades offer 2 different types of attachment ways, suction cup, and adjustable clips. 

It is one of the most effective products you need in the summers to protect your little one from the sun’s scorching heat. It comes in a very compact design and so light in weight that it is extremely easy to carry everywhere. It comes with an effective suction cup technology that helps you fit the baby car shade without any difficulty.

One of the biggest merits of this product is that it can be very conveniently rolled up automatically and can be put securely away until its next use.


  1. Gives sufficient protection against harmful sun rays.
  2. A very durable and compact product.
  3. Easy to install and detach.


  1. The suction cups don’t provide sufficient hold to the shades.
  2. The blackness of the shade is not sufficient to give complete protection.

Quick Verdict

It is a great shade that comes with efficient compactness and durability—recommended for people who do a lot of travelling with children in the back seat. Though it is not a very affordable product, it is sufficient enough to provide the required protection.

8. PMS Gruffalo Window Sun Shade for Baby

PMS Gruffalo Window Sun Shade for Baby

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The PMS Gruffalo is a very affordable double-layered sun shade for parents looking for a low to medium sun protection. It blocks the sun and prevents dangerous UVA and UVB rays from coming in. This baby car sun shade requires a simple installation, and it is and is compatible with almost all car types. 

This car window shade for babies by PMS is built with suction devices that make it very convenient to fit on the cars. The pack comes with two sun shades with gruffalo design. Although the breathable material is efficient in keeping the air cool and breezy inside the car, it does not give a high amount of protection like other car sun shades for babies of other high-end brands. This product’s dimensions are only suitable for babies as the size it comes in is 16 cm x 16 cm x 2 cm. 

This is indeed a very cost-effective product which is very easy to install. However, the weight of the car blinds is not very light and easy to carry around. But, the fact that it can be easily removed and folded back adds much to its utility.


  1. Provides enough coverage against the sun rays.
  2. Very easy and convenient to use and install.
  3. Comes with attractive gruffalo design.
  4. The foldable structure can easily be taken off.


  1. Does not give the strongest kind of protection.
  2. Dimensions are not perfect for adults.

Quick Verdict

This affordable baby car shade will give you medium coverage, which is justifiable according to the cheap price point. It offers easy installation and can be taken off in seconds. 

9. Disney Princess Kids Car Window Sun Shade

Disney Princess Kids Car Window Sun Shade

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The Disney Princess Kids car window sun shades are an excellent choice for your little one as they provide good sun coverage. 

These attractive sun shades offer a wide range of utility and are also loved by children. The size they offer is 19.6 cm x 15.4 cm x 5.8 cm, which is ideal for babies.

These Disney Princess Kids Car Window Sun Shade come with suction cups, which make it extremely convenient to install the product. This baby car sun shade is free from all the troubles an adhesive car blind has. So you don’t have to reinstall it now and then as it will not fall off quickly. The graphics are fun, and your baby would love the Disney theme designs as they are amazing to look at. 

These car window shades provide a good deal of protection against harmful UV rays. With the help of these baby car shades, you can ensure a smooth journey with your children. You will also find that it is very easy to fold back and put back into its cover after the use is over.


  1. They are attached with proper efficiency without the fear of coming off.
  2. The shades are of top quality and provide excellent protection.
  3. Suction cups come with a string grip technology.


  1. The inbuilt suckers tend to work poorly over time.

Quick Verdict

This car shade is an excellent option for your little ones. The pink color with its hue inside the car will make your baby fall in love with the car rides even more. The amount of sun protection it offers is medium to high, which makes it a good purchase within a limited price point. 

10. Scribbies Car Window Sun Shade for Baby

Scribbies Car Window Sun Shade for Baby

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The Scribbies car window sun shades are one of the best baby car shades available at an affordable price range. You rest assured and be stress-free, knowing that your children are well protected from the dangerous sun rays. This car shade is efficient in blocking away the harmful physical elements and helps in creating a lively environment for your baby inside the car. That’s why it has got great reviews on Amazon, which reveals that parents across the world have faith in this car shade. 

The car window blinds from SCRIBBIES are extremely easy to put up, so you don’t have to go through a tiresome installation process. It comes with two robust suction cups that do not let the product fall off quickly. Also, these child car sun shades can be folded and twisted easily, which ensures great portability. It also needs simple and easy storage because of its bendable structure.

This baby car shade provides great coverage to the entire window and thus ensures complete safety. No matter what, your child will be able to ride freely in the car without having any sunburn or other probable outbreaks that can be caused due to the toxic UV rays.


  1. It gives great coverage against harsh sun rays
  2. Very easily attached and removed. The storage is also very convenient.
  3. It gives you enough visibility for proper driving.


  1. The color of the shade is white. Hence at times, it isn’t sufficient in giving full coverage.
  2. Comes with an expensive price tag.

Quick Verdict

It is a recommended product as it does the work well. It is sufficient to give good protection to your little one against the sun rays. Also, the installation is very simple as compared to the others. 

How to Choose the Best Car Sun Shade for Baby in UK

In order to choose the right kind of car baby shade for your child, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Type of Sun Shade

There are various types of shades available in the market. Some of them are discussed below-

i. Pop-out

The more conventional and modern sun shades are the pop-out car shades. This provides enough protection to the interiors of the cars as well as proper visibility. They are reflective in nature and give the ultimate security against the harsh sun rays.

ii. Pull down

Once attached to your car window, it should be easy to pull up or down depending on the climatic conditions outside the car. This pulls down car blind works like the window shade in a house.

iii. Static cling

Static cling window blinds are one of the most modern kinds of car shades that come with a unique method of sticking to your car window without the help of any adhesives or suction cup.

They provide the ultimate resistance and are held strongly in the correct place for a long time. They can also be removed easily when no longer in use.

iv. Semi-permanent

These types of shades are custom made. You can cut it to fit the size of your car window. The semi-permanent feature is not very convenient to remove and reapply.

Type of Sun Shades

2. UVA Protection

Sun shades for your baby are bought to give the ultimate protection to the little against the harmful UVA rays as UVA rays are much more dangerous than UVB ones. Usually, your car window moderately prevents UVB rays. So, look for baby car sun shades that are efficient in providing the needed shield for your child.

3. PVC free

Static cling baby car shades are made with toxic PVC material, which results in some of the long-term diseases. If you want to avoid any kind of chemical exposure, you have to avoid these car shades. It is recommended to choose the ones with the suction cups instead.

4. Large suction cups

One of the most important factors of choosing a car shade is the proper fitting of the shade to the car window. Hence the product needs to remain properly attached in its place. This will ensure the efficiency of the sun shade.

5. Window shape

Correctly measure your car’s window size and shape. This is very important while purchasing a window shade for your baby. Make sure to get the best fit possible, as that will provide maximum coverage on your car window.

6. Weight

Purchasing a car shade for your baby brings in a lot of factors to be considered. Weight is a very important concern. The car shade should be light in weight in order to avoid any accidents that might occur if it accidentally falls on your child.

Our Advice

Protecting your child against the deadly UV rays is one of the main concerns that you might be having as a parent. Hence, to do away with that thought, you need to consider all the possibilities that might threaten their safety. Always look for the car shades for your baby that suits the basic necessities you have in mind, including the sun protection and the durability of the product.

In this article, we have tried to compile a list of the best sun car shades for babies, depending on all the important factors. We are hopeful that this comprehensive guide would be helpful in your future reference while you make your purchase.

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