Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Strada – What’s Best For Your Baby?

Mama and Papa's Ocarro Vs Strada Review

During the first few years of your baby’s growth, a pushchair is one of the most essential things to keep in handy. Whenever you want to take a stroll around the block, or make a quick trip to the nearest mall, the pushchair is what will save your day. When it comes to prams and pushchairs, Mama’s and Papa’s is a name that often comes to mind.

In this article, we will juxtapose Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Strada. Both are exceptional pushchairs for babies, with their individual set of features, advantages and disadvantages. We will get into detail about how they work, and whether they are worth it. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro 

Mama and Papas Ocarro Push Chair Review

The Ocarro pushchair is made by the very famous Mama’s and Papa’s. It has been carefully crafted to suit the needs of growing babies. It addresses viable concerns such as that of safety, functionality, and maintenance. A pushchair’s quality needs to be at par with both the baby and the parents’ comfort, and from what Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro reviews claim, it fits the bill perfectly.

Loaded with a bunch of extremely useful features such as cup holders for when your baby wants to quench their thirst, a carrycot for portability purposes, a rain cover for unstable weather days, and a changing bag for utilitarian purposes. These are all features that a new born’s parent inevitably feels the need for, and Mama’s and Papa’s has put in much effort to ensure their demands are met.

The cherry on top is the extremely light weight of the Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro travel system. Be it a light stroll in the park or around the city, the Ocarro pushchair is a great choice for babies as well as new parents. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro 

Why should you buy the Ocarro pushchair? Well, mostly because it boasts of a large number of positive reviews that laud its features. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the let-downs that come with the Ocarro pushchair also need to be kept in mind while making a decision.

Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro travel system:

With adjustable handlebars to facilitate diverse heights of parents, detachable padded seats, plush head cushions, and sturdy chest pads, the comfort offered by the Ocarro pushchair is matched by few.One of the prominent problems with this stroller is its size. With a large body, it might not fit all cars, especially considerably smaller ones. So, make sure you keep the measurements in mind while choosing this.
With considerably large wheels that swivel all the way, and a dual suspension feature, the Ocarro pushchair has provided extremely well-adjusted maneuverability. Moreover, the rear locked responsive wheels facilitate turns around tricky corners and the occasional halts on the way.The frame is connected to the stroller with the help of a mechanism which often gets quite sticky, resulting in coerced usage. This increases the chances of damage and puts a dent in its longevity. This problem is most prominent while parents try to remove the seat from the Ocarro pushchair.
You can turn the seat of the Ocarro pushchair into a full-fledged bassinet, making this extremely versatile in its use. With storage baskets underneath and parent as well as forward-facing positions, this pram is worth a buy.Weighing a whopping 30 lbs, the Ocarro pushchair might feel like it’s lightweight while pushing it around, but try to lift it, and you’ll feel its weight pushing you down. So, expect curbs, steps, or worse, uneven grounds, to be a tad bit tricky.
With reflective frame parts and trim wheels, you will not face issues with visibility at night or in the dark. Moreover, its large room and durability makes this one a clear choice among parents. The rain cover is also a cherry on top.

What age is Mamas & Papas Ocarro suitable for? 

Your baby can start using the Ocarro pushchair as soon as they can hold their head upright or sit upright without additional support, around 6 months old. The pushchair can support around 33 lbs of weight. However, it’s always best to switch to an alternate when it seems like your child is not feeling comfortable in the Ocarro pushchair. 

How to Fold Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro? 

The Ocarro pushchair can be maneuvered around with one hand only, making it easy to use. As for how to fold the pushchair, it can also be done single-handedly, albeit with a little concentration and time. Remember to undo the hook on the chassis to fold or unfold the Ocarro pushchair. 

How to Take Seat off Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro? 

It is extremely easy to take the seat off the Ocarro pushchair. Simply click on the button near the seat unit, and press on it to detach the seat from the frame. Now can attach the seat to the other side of the frame as well, if necessary. It lifts easily, and has a butter-smooth feel while being lifted.

How to Clean Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro? 

To clean the Ocarro pushchair, scrum the front and rear wheels with a hot soap water and a scrubbing brush. If there are marks or strains, a product like Cif can take care of it. A microfiber cloth and a water-displacing spray can be used to clean the metal parts. Any solid dirt can be brushed away. It can be washed in a cool wash with a non-bio laundry detergent, and dried under light sun.

Mama’s and Papa’s Strada 

Launched ceremoniously in 2020, the Strada pushchair is yet another excellent alternative from Mama’s and Papa’s. Its features mirror those of the Ocarro pushchair, but with a few tweaks here and there. If you want the helpful features of Ocarro such as the cup holders for your baby’s occasional thirst, carrycot, rain cover, or changing bag, the Strada pushchair has you covered. You might ask, what is the difference then? Well, the main one is the foldable carrycot in this one, unlike the Ocarro pushchair.

The Strada pushchair can fit anywhere, be it in narrow lanes or tricky corners. Its lightweight design ensures utmost ease of manipulation for parents. The foldable feature can be executed with one hand, making it even more accessible. It features rubber wheels to reduce screeching, and a fully reclinable, padded seat for your baby’s utmost comfort. All in all, the Mama’s and Papa’s Strada reviews are generally positive. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Strada 

mama and papas strada push chair

Much like the Ocarro pushchair, the Mama’s and Papa’s Starda travel system has a lot of flaut for its value. With a revamped design and a new level of comfort, the Strada can be an easy choice for parents. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the downsides of the Strada pushchair before making a decision. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages and the disadvantages of the Strada pushchair:

Weighing in at 22.02 lbs only, the Strada pushchair gives fair competition to the Ocarro alternative. When it comes to ease of use, this one takes the cake. Maneuvering it around corners or bumpy roads is not a challenge at all.The straps that attach the frames to the seat can often be quite fiddly, so if you are trying to detach the seat or reattach it, it can seem a little tricky.
With an adjustable set of front wheels that can be swiveled as well as locked straight, the Strada pushchair can be steered in any direction with much ease. Moreover, the adjustable handlebars make it easy for parents of both tall and short heights to push it around.Unlike the Ocarro pushchair, the Strada does not come with extremely big wheels. So, if you are trying to maneuver the pushchair on very bumpy surfaces, it could seem tough. The smaller suspension does not help the case either.
Much like the Ocarro pushchair, the Strada can be folded with only one hand, and its locks can be released with just the feet. So, it takes up much less space in comparison to similar pushchairs.
With night-time visibility, rain covers, cup holders, a breathable zip-up mesh cover, and plenty of legroom for your child, the Strada pushchair does a convincing job.

What age is Mamas & Papas Strada suitable for? 

Similar to the Ocarro, the Strada pushchair can be used till your child is around 4 years old. However, it is always important to make sure your child’s body is being supported comfortably within the bounds of the Strada pushchair. Most strollers aren’t designed to accommodate children as big as 4 years but some specifically are. As soon as the pushchair seems a little below the desired size, stop using it to avert danger.

How to Fold Mama’s and Papa’s Strada? 

With a flat, compact folding system, the Strada can be single-handedly folded. It is travel friendly, with planes as well as cars being no hitch at all. You can take it along as a simple carry-on luggage to avoid discomfort. It can be folded with the forward-facing as well as the rear-facing seat attached. The fold is self-standing and includes an auto-lock feature. It features a carry strap/handle as well.

How to Take the Seat off Mama’s and Papa’s Strada? 

Much like the Ocarro pushchair, simply press the button on the side of the frame, and you will be able to lift up the seat automatically without a hitch. It comes off easily, and can be fixed in more than one position. The Strada pushchair’s seat offers more room, which adds to the baby’s comfort. It can be used singularly without the entire frame.

How to Clean Mama’s and Papa’s Strada? 

The Strada pushchair is extremely easy to clean. Use a light brush to remove dirt, a lint remover to cleanse the cot, and a disinfectant spray occasionally to ensure safety. The pram hood can be vacuumed and warm, soapy water can be used to remove stains. The hood can also be washed in a washing machine and dried in the sun.

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Strada – Comparison

The main difference between the Ocarro and Strada pushchairs are few. Both of them come equipped with many useful features, such as the cup holders, detachable seats, height adjustments, zip-up mesh openings, and miscellaneous other ones. However, a few key aspects set both these pushchairs apart. First and foremost, Strada’s foldable carrycot makes it a clear winner between the two. While the Ocarro pushchair is foldable as a whole, if you have storage concerns, its carrycot cannot be individually folded. 

The second most significant difference is the weight of the pushchairs. The strada, coming in at a mere 23 lbs, is extremely lightweight and easy to manipulate, in comparison to its 30 lbs weighing Ocarro counterpart. I talk more on this aspect in my compilation of compact and lightweight strollers. This makes a difference in durability and applicability. 

The Ocarro pushchair’s frame is more durable. It has 64% steel and aluminum content and 36% plastic and ABS content, in comparison to the Strada alternative which includes 70% steel and aluminum and 30% nylon and plastic content.

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Strada – Which is Better?

Both the Ocarro and the Strada pushchairs come equipped with plenty of features that make both viable options for use. So, when it becomes a case of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Strada pushchairs, the answer can be a little vague. Both have quite similar features, so it all boils down to the usage conditions. 

If you want to go for a sturdy pushchair that can provide better comfort and ease of movement on bumpy terrains, the Ocarro is a great choice. However, if you are looking for a rather lightweight pushchair with an easily foldable carrycot, Starda is the clear winner. Take your environmental factors into consideration to make an informed decision.

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