Best Baby Bottle Makers in UK

Best Baby Bottle Makers in UK

Your formula-fed newborn needs utmost care when it comes to feeding perfectly every time. Whether you are a new mother or a second child is coming, it’s a time-consuming task to mix the formula in a bottle and feed your baby. Not anymore when you opt for the best baby bottle makers in UK.

Maybe you have been so busy preparing baby bottles you didn’t get the news. There is a new way to prepare one with just twist of a dial or push of a button. Only in a few seconds, a baby bottle maker makes a precise bottle your baby needs.

It heats the water on demand as you can choose between warm and room temperature bottles. So, go ahead and explore these products to find the one that meets your budget and needs.

What are Baby Bottle Makers?

Baby bottle makers make the most reliable assistant for parents when it comes to preparing baby formula. These advanced appliances help you to make fresh bottles of baby formula at the correct temperature within a few minutes. Some of the bottle makers mix and dispense the formula while some only heat and dispense water for formula preparation.

These machines automatically dispense the correct amount of formula so that you get an accurate and consistent dilution each time. Keeping in mind your baby’s hygiene and safety, some of these appliances even kill bacteria that may be present in the formula.

Baby bottle makers come with ergonomic designs so that you can easily place the bottle in the stand to collect baby formula. Some bottle makers are portable and you can easily carry them while travelling with your baby. These are easy to clean and use as well.

Top 5 Best Baby Bottle Makers and Prep Machines

While choosing among the best baby bottle maker machine, you need to check the features they offer. Some of the most popular brands based on customer review are listed here. We will analyze each product to help you pick the most suitable one as per your needs and budget.

RankProduct NameFeaturesScore
1Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine– Prepares a fresh baby bottle in only 2 minutes
– Compatible with major bottle brands and powdered milk formula
4.9Check Price
2Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night– Prepares a fresh baby bottle in only 2 minutes
– Kills any bacteria present in the formula
4.8Check Price
3ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built-in Thermostat– Controllable water temperature to prevent nutrient loss & overheating
– Can also be used as a conventional kettle
4.6Check Price
4Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced– Automatically makes a warm formula bottle in 15 seconds
– Works with major bottle brands and powdered milk formula
4.5Check Price
5Beaba Bib’Expresso– Large capacity microwave steam sterilizer
– Self-cleaning system
4.5Check Price

1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

best baby bottle makers in UK

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This is one of the best prep machine from Tommee Tippee. It provides you with healthy baby formula in less than 2 minutes. This appliance is carefully designed to make formula bottles quicker and more accurate. You need to gradually increase the portion of formula for your baby and therefore, this one can prepare various amounts ranging from 4floz to 11floz.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Antibacterial Replacement Filter system in this unit removes bacteria and impurities present in tap water. Each filter lasts for up to 3 months. The buttons with bright lights allow you to easily operate it at night. There are cleaning instructions provided by the brand so that you can clean this one with ease.

Simplicity and best quality are the two aspects blended in the design of this beautiful baby bottle making unit. It has a pleasing white colour, which looks perfect in your kitchen or anywhere you keep it. The bottle rack is adjustable as per the bottle size for your utmost convenience. There are indicators to show you the meaning of each button, which makes the design suitable for all.


  1. Dispenses baby formula in less than two minutes
  2. Works with any powdered formula milk
  3. Perfect Prep Antibacterial Replacement Filter kills bacteria
  4. Prepares the exact amount you want – from 4floz to 11floz


  1. Quiet Noisy
  2. Filter system needs to be changed after three months

Quick Verdict:

Tommee Tippee is one of the most trusted names when it comes to baby products. And you can maintain the same trust with its Perfect Prep Machine. You can literally make a baby formula in less than 2 minutes and that too with no impurities as it features an antibacterial replacement filter system to eliminate all the bacteria and impurities from the water.

Although there are some flaws like loud beep sound and the prep machine will not dispense less than 40ml formula which leads to wastage.

2. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night

best baby bottle maker

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More advanced than the previous model, this Tommee Tippee bottle maker comes with the unique sleep-friendly technology. It includes volume control, which allows you to prepare bottle silently whilst the baby sleeps.

There is a glow night light in this machine that shines gently making the night time feeds clear and simple. Also, the digital display equipped in this appliance helps you to see and customize the features easily.

This prep machine works effectively with most bottles and formula brands available in the market. The unit contains your prep machine, a 150ml feeding bottle 0m+ with slow flow teat, a milk storage lid and an anti-bacterial filter. The hygiene and safety are ensured with the Antibacterial Replacement Filter system.

The design of this milk prep machine tells all about its quality. Painted in a classy black hue, this one perfectly suits the kitchen décor of yours. Not only the machine but all the components are beautifully designed to make the entire unit look adorable.

Sleek and compact, this one easily fits the space you keep it in. However, this one is not quite portable an option when you are travelling.


  1. Dispenses baby formula in less than two minutes
  2. Works with most of the powdered formula milk
  3. Perfect Prep Antibacterial Replacement Filter kills bacteria
  4. Sleep-friendly technology


  1. Filter system needs to be changed after three months
  2. Very Expensive

Quick Verdict:

This one is definitely a high-end machine with loaded features. The volume control helps control the noise while the baby is asleep. The sleeping mode added with the Antibacterial Replacement Filter system is an exclusive feature that is rare to be found in other models. Though the price is a little higher than the other products on the list.

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3. ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built-in Thermostat

best baby bottle makers UK

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Baby milk prep machine is a touch of convenience when this one is handy. You can heat water to any temperature between 37°C to 100°C in this appliance, which looks like a pristine milk kettle. It keeps baby formula in any desired temperatures between 37°C to 90°C for 24 hours. All you need to do is press one button to boil and then keep formula warm automatically.

There are four pre-set functions in this prep machine. You can easily select from 40°C, 55°C, 70°C and 85°C. The machine goes totally silent on its ‘keep set’ mode and therefore, you can easily keep this one in the same room as your sleeping family. The touch screen with dual digital display helps you to adjust the features even at night.

This formula machine is the handiest when you are travelling with your infant. It looks like all those classy glass milk kettles we all love. The water levels are marked in the transparent kettle so that you can collect as per your need. The lower section has easy push buttons etched in black colour on the white base.


  1. Four pre-set functions to adjust the temperature
  2. Quick cool button with inbuilt fan to reduce temperature
  3. Touch screen with dual digital display
  4. Totally silent on ‘keep set’ mode
  5. The compact design makes it portable


  1. No special filter added
  2. Difficult to pour formula from the kettle

Quick Verdict:

This portable bottle maker machine kettle is suitable for all those parents, who need to travel frequently with the baby. The cool button with the inbuilt fan is an exclusive feature in this product. This product is priced moderately. However, it doesn’t include an anti-bacterial filter.

4. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

best prep machine

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This automatic baby bottle maker and dispenser from the house of Baby Breza is known for providing bottles within 15 seconds. The all-digital controls and LCD control panel makes it easier for you to adjust its features quickly.

This appliance is night friendly owing to its glow light. The main components of this prep machine are the hygienic airtight container with a clear refill indicator on the outside and the swirling wheel inside.

With absolutely no measuring, no mixing and no fuss you get a bottle of formula at your desired temperature. All you need to do is fill the large water tank that holds up to 1.5 litres. Hence, this machine prepares 20 8oz bottles on average. All removable parts in this baby formula maker are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

This small kitchen appliance looks quite appealing owing to its sleek body. The semi-transparent section at the upper part of the machine displays you the formula. This machine is designed with a bottle rack at the centre, where you can easily place the bottle to collect formula. You can adjust the size of the rack depending upon the size of the bottle.


  1. Provides formula bottles within 15 seconds
  2. All-digital LCD control panel is night friendly
  3. Hygienic airtight container with clear refill indicator
  4. All removable parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe


  1. US machine is not advised using in the UK
  2. Comparatively expensive

Quick Verdict:

This one is the fastest of all in the entire list. Dispensing mixed formula at the desired temperature in 15 seconds is a great feature. The components are BPA free and dishwasher safe, which we definitely like. However, the product is expensive of all.

5. Beaba Bib’Expresso

baby formula maker UK

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The all-new Beaba Bib’Expresso bottle prep machine is another popular choice when it comes to easy baby feeding solutions. This machine can heat the water quickly to your desired temperature and disperse it directly in the bottle. All you need to do is just press a single finger on the dispenser tap. This prep maker can store and deliver 6 bottles of hot water a day.

The accurate temperature is guaranteed with this 2nd generation bottle and glass warmer. The upper part of this machine distributes heated water directly into the bottle. Then, you can mix the formula for feeding. There is a removable upper part in the base, which helps you to keep the prepared or unfinished formula warm and safe.

When it comes to the design, this one is simple and compact. It comes in a classy shade of black and takes very small space wherever you keep it. This machine provides with sufficient space for the bottle at the base. The push water tap and buttons can be easily located at the centre of the machine. You can carry this machine with you while travelling with the baby.


  1. Heats water quickly to your desired temperature
  2. Dispenser tap is easy to operate
  3. Capable to deliver 6 bottles of hot water a day
  4. Removable upper part in the base stores formula bottle


  1. Doesn’t mix baby formula
  2. No LCD panel in the machine

Quick Verdict:

This one only heats and dispenses hot water so that you can mix the formula effortlessly. There is no LCD panel to show you the water temperature. The product is portable and the price is also affordable, which we like.

Why Should you have a Baby Bottle Maker?

The time and energy you put into baby formula preparation can be replaced by doing the other things on your mom and daddy to-do list when you get a baby formula machine. Some of these appliances are equipped with sterilization and high-speed technology, providing you with comfort, convenience and relief.

1. Sterilization

best prep machine

Hygiene comes first on your mind when you think of using a new product for the baby. When it comes to feeding your baby, sterilization is a must to ensure uncontaminated baby formula. According to NHS, it is important to sterilise all baby feeding equipment until the age of 12 months.

The traditional method of baby formula preparation includes sterilization and today, these advanced machines provide you with this feature as well. Therefore, while looking for a baby milk maker machine, you need to check whether the product ensures the same.

Some of the best milk prep machines come with filters to eliminate any bacteria from the formula. These machines also sterilize the water to make each portion safe for the baby.

2. Correct formula

Best Baby Bottle Maker

The second important aspect of formula feeding has always been the measurement. Depending upon the dietary needs of your baby, the doctor recommends you a specific measurement of baby formula.

Now, when you mix baby formula manually, there are obvious chances of the wrong measurement. Not anymore with the formula prep machines. The main difference between manual and machine mixing is that the later is always accurate.

The baby milk maker is capable of mixing an accurate amount of formula as per your setting. Hence, you need to find the ones that guarantee you the correct formula.

3. Convenience

best prep machine

One of the biggest advantages of milk prep machine is the convenience. When your baby wakes up at 3 am and you need to feed her, preparing formula becomes difficult even in the machines.

Keeping this in mind, some brands have come up with more advanced features like glow light display and silent mode. These machines ensure you can prepare formula anytime while the family sleeps.

Secondly, some of these machines are portable and therefore, you can carry them easily in your bag or inside the car while you are travelling with the baby.

4. Speed

baby bottle maker machine

Keeping your infant waiting for food is something you can easily avoid when you have the baby formula machines handy. Most of these appliances are capable of dispensing ready formula within 2 minutes.

Some of the high-end machines can also deliver mixed formula within a few seconds. As per your budget and needs, you can choose the fastest baby milk machine for the sake of your baby’s comfort.

How to Choose a Baby Bottle Maker?

Choosing the best baby bottle maker can go wrong if you don’t check some of the essential factors mentioned below. This buying guide is to help you choose the most appropriate product even when your needs and budget are limited. So, quickly explore these points and create your own checklist.

1. Guidelines by UNICEF

Keeping in mind the safety precautions, UNICEF has come up with a host of guidelines for instant baby bottle maker. It is crucial to follow these guidelines to ensure you only use a safe and certified product.

The list includes multiple aspects starting from the material to the technology of these high-end appliances. The three most important points in the list that you need to check are using bottle makers that are BPA (Bisphenol-a) free, CE (consumer electronics) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) approved. You can easily find these mentioned at the label of the products you want to opt for.

2. Ease of use

Your ease of use is as important as the safety of your baby. The manufacturing brands of baby bottle makers claim to provide you with the best user experience. Since these machines are designed with LED display and easy operation buttons, you get the baby formula ready instantly.

However, the process is not as simple as it seems. Some of these machines include confusing modes and dials, making you perplexed at the time of need. Hence, look for the simple one that you can understand and operate. The best machine would be the one that you can use with one hand while holding the baby.

3. Capacity

How many bottles of baby formula your baby needs a day? Is your bottle maker capable of storing the same amount? These are some important questions which you need to ask the bottle maker company.

Pouring formula and water multiple times a day in bottle makers cannot be an easy solution to formula feeding. Hence, while looking for the best baby bottle makers, always ensure these come with a good capacity of storing water and formula.

You can easily find the measurement of the storage section mentioned in the product description. Also, the dietary need of your baby is another important aspect in this context.

4. Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are crucial aspects while buying an appliance and formula maker machine is no exception. Since the baby bottle makers dispense liquid formula, these are prone to get messy soon. Hence, you need to clean them regularly in order to maintain their quality.

None of the product from our list comes with self-cleaning feature and therefore, you have to do it yourself. However, some products contain dishwasher safe bottles and components, making your work easier. All the maintenance hacks are mentioned in product description sections, which you need to check while opting for the best one.

5. Value for Money

The baby bottle maker is just one of the many things you need for your newborn. Hence, the budget should be a concern while looking for one. Spending a lump sum amount on the bottle maker might turn out to be the wrong choice in the long run.

Hence, look for the most budget-friendly one that comes with features to cater to all your needs. Warranty and other terms are also essential so that you ultimately get a value for the money. There are special offers and discounts that you can also look for while purchasing the machine.

Our Advice

The above review is all about best baby bottle makers in UK to choose from, when you want a hassle-free formula feeding. Starting from the products we mentioned to the buying guide we provided, everything is based on our extensive research on the specific product.

If you are searching for the simplest version of baby bottle making machine, you can opt for the ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle. If you want to buy the most feature-rich product, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced or the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night would be suitable choices.

All the baby formula mixer brands we have mentioned are known for providing the best quality products. Yet, reading the product descriptions and guidelines will give you an ultimate knowledge of how these work. Based on our review and your observation, go ahead and buy the best baby bottle maker to feed your little one easily.

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