Best Baby Slings for Breastfeeding in UK

Best Baby Slings for Breastfeeding in UK

Breastfeeding baby carriers are the modern-day lifesavers for moms. Nursing a baby on an average of 8-18 times a day is not only a demanding task but also highly interruptive. We won’t lecture you on your baby’s need – that’s something you can surely do better than anyone- however, we can make it easier for you with our selected list of the best sling for breastfeeding and a nuanced guide on how to find the best breastfeeding sling in the UK.

As the name suggests, a baby sling for breastfeeding is a wrap that goes around your body and holds the baby closer to your breasts. It gives the baby warmth from the mother and keeps the food at an accessible place. The breastfeeding sling makes it easier for you to feed your baby in private and in public. The list below is open to your reading and assessment to get more clarity on what features the contemporary breastfeeding baby carriers offer. 

What is a Breastfeeding Sling? 

It is basic to understand that all baby carriers are designed to hold your baby closer to your body. However, the breastfeeding slings are those that do not only act as baby carriers but also have features that give your baby access to your breast. It allows you to maintain privacy while feeding your little ones and fits your body’s contour more firmly. The fabric and structures are soft and offer flexibility to accommodate more movement or positional adjustment than a standard baby carrier.

The carrier’s style should depend on the feeding position of your baby- that tends to change as they grow. The best position to feed a newborn is a reclining position, so a sling-type carrier would support your baby while giving him/her full access to the food. Once the kid gets older and can support the neck and head, the breastfeeding carrier should adjust to encourage feeding while almost sitting and allow the baby’s legs to hang freely. All front-facing breastfeeding slings hold your baby to your body, so characteristically, almost all of them should give your baby access to your breast. However, some may have more advanced and comfortable features over others. 

7 Best Breastfeeding Slings in the UK

1st Place
NimNik Baby Sling Wrap Carrier By NimNik
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2 Ergobaby Baby Carrier for Newborn By Ergobaby
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3 Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – Stretchy Infant Sling By Boba
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4 Koala Babycare Easy-to-wear Baby Sling By Koala Babycare
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5 Nalakai Baby Sling Carrier – Bamboo and Linen Baby Wrap By Nalakai
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1. NimNik Baby Sling Wrap Carrier

When you start to use a breastfeeding sling, there is sparse clarity on which position best suits your baby. The NimNik Baby sling carrier is designed to accommodate four different ways to wrap, such as in the front with the baby facing inward, front-facing outward, hip carry, and ruck + sack sling.

The material is made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, ensuring elasticity and breathability. You can wash the sling in a machine and save your crucial hours of the day.

The carrier works with infants to toddler age. It is soft and can stick to your body’s shape in ensuring a secure tie with your baby. 


  1. Soft and stretchy yet firm 
  2. Holds baby up to the toddler age 
  3. Straps are comfortable on your back
  4. Breathable fabric


  1. Tricky to put the baby in and out, may need a person’s help 
  2. Not for slimmer women with small waists

Quick Verdict 

The sling creates a custom fit as per your requirement with the tie. You can safely and comfortably hold your baby as they grow closer to your body’s warmth. The Stretchy fabric allows for easy breastfeeding and nursing. 

2. Ergobaby Baby Carrier for Newborn

Have you ever tried hanging a bag to the front of your body instead of your back? If yes, you would understand how the ErgoBaby carrier works! You get an almost bag-like bucket with padded arms that you can hang across your shoulders and carry the baby easily.

The ergonomic bucket has been designed to deliver expert accommodation to your baby’s growth. It can carry up to 20kgs of weight which makes it an excellent option for older babies too.

You can tie your baby on the front, to the back, or by your hips as per your convenience. It also has a lumbar support waistbelt which makes long hours of wearing an easy go for you!


  1. Greater weight capacity 
  2. Padded and foldable head and neck support
  3. Lumbar support waist belt
  4. 100% premium cotton 
  5. Easy to put the baby in and out 


  1. Some customers have reported struggling with putting the baby facing forward
  2. May require alternative padding at the shoulder strap  
  3. Pricey model

Quick Verdict 

The carriers have a tuck-away baby hood for sun protection (UPF 50+) and privacy, making it possible to breastfeed the baby in the carrier. This is one of the higher models that serve the purpose well. 

3. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – Stretchy Infant Sling

You know the outer environment is unusual to your infant. They had their primitive growth in the womb which always made them associate with the movement and warmth they received in the bump as the most secure environment to be in.

Now that your baby is adapting to the real world, he/ she tends to feel a little scared. The Breastfeeding wrap by Boba ensures that your baby is closer to your chest and receives warmth and peace by listening to your heartbeat.

It is made of 95% Cotton and 5% spandex to combine breathability with a firm hold that fits your body’s contour. 


  1. Breathable and stretchable fabric 
  2. It makes breastfeeding easier with elastic stretch 
  3. It gives you the freedom of wrapping as per convenience 
  4. Available serenity blend that is designed for summers  


  1. A large piece of fabric drags on the floor 
  2. Tricky to put the baby in and out
  3. Can’t experiment much with the wrap

Quick Verdict 

There is just one way to tie the Boba Baby Wrap making this the no-guess choice for carrying your baby. It also creates the perfect Ergonomic Seat to keep your baby in the correct posture for healthy hip development.

4. Koala Babycare Easy-to-wear Baby Sling

Have you seen Koala bears? Aren’t they adorable? Well, you might find them cuddling or hugging a branch most of the time. Inspired by these loyal creatures, Koala Babycare introduced their first baby wrap for new parents to walk with their baby hanging onto them with ease- any season!

They are easy to wear wraps and have ergonomic backs and rings, which makes wearing the wrap easier. The brand conveys that with the practical rings, once you find the ideal width that fits you and the baby, you can secure the size for all the following times, and then you do not have to do anything but wear it!

The materials used in it vary across the body-specific regions. The band comprises 65% polyester, 30% cotton, and 5% spandex, while the Backrest is made of 100% Polyester.


  1. Practical rings can be adjusted once worn 
  2. Comfy built for babycare 
  3. Prevents excessive heat between you and your child
  4. Ergonomic backrest  


  1. The fabric could stretch a bit more 
  2. Can’t experiment much with the wrap 
  3. Customers complain about the lack of a well-instructed manual

Quick Verdict 

Customers report that it is so easy to get on and has a breathable fabric. It is also less suffocating and comfortable for the baby. You’d love the additional pocket piece for convenience. This is a reliable product to own.

5. Nalakai Baby Sling Carrier – Bamboo and Linen Baby Wrap

Physical contact with children is imperative, especially in the first months of their growth. But often, keeping your baby in your arms is difficult and can cause damage to your back. Furthermore, most wraps interfere with the baby’s hip development and sitting posture.

The Nalakai Baby Sling allows wrapping the baby in a loving embrace for helping your little love gain a sense of trust & belonging. Their custom blend in the material is made of bamboo and linen fabric. Together it provides an ultra-strong and lush woven fabric.

Besides being lightweight, it is also silky smooth to gently shelter your baby to sleep. Hands down! The fabric is royal-like and alluring in its neutral beige tinged with soft pink. The signature copper-coloured, unwelded rings add to the overall appearance.


  1. Wrap baby in womb-like position
  2. Eco-friendly, super soft bamboo & linen fabric 
  3. Aesthetically beautiful and perfect for vacations
  4. Prevents overheating 
  5. Pocket to accommodate needs  


  1. Can’t experiment much with the wrap 
  2. Silky fabric may also feel slippery

Quick Verdict 

The comfortable and beautiful wrap is both for moms and dads. It does not interfere with your baby’s hip development, so you may rely on the product’s accommodation to the baby’s growth. It can also accentuate your vacation look! 

6. Juicy Bumbles Baby Wrap Carrier

Babycare wrap or carrier is very important for the growth of your baby. The physical closeness with their parents or elders helps babies develop cognitive abilities and strengthens their immune system.

Keeping babies’ heart to heart with parents, especially the nursing mom, in the first few months of life can positively impact the baby’s life since it forms a direct medium of transmitting security and love.

The Juicy Bumbles baby wrap carrier is made from high-quality cotton mixed with a bit of spandex to suitably wrap your baby. The product arrives with the Baby Sling, a Drawstring fabric bag, and detailed instructions on fixing it well.


  1. Washable and low maintenance  
  2. Holds baby up to the toddler age 
  3. Straps are comfortable on your back
  4. Breathable fabric   


  1. Tricky to put the baby in and out, may need a person’s help 
  2. Fabric drags beneath

Quick Verdict 

The sling is simple to put on and take off – detailed instructions are provided. You can safely and comfortably hold your baby as they grow closer to your body’s warmth. The Stretchy fabric allows for easy breastfeeding and nursing. 

7. Infantino Together Pull-on Knit Breastfeeding Carrier

As new parents, one of the greatest struggles is to hold the baby right! Moreover, a long fabric wrap is so difficult to manage. It takes time and loads of patience to cope with the wrap. It is almost a downside of every baby carrier that there is no way new parents can find the easiest way out. Since we can’t abolish this inconvenience, we can suggest a way to reduce this! Infantino Together brings you a Pull-on Knit Breastfeeding Carrier that needs no tangling ties or long hours of fixing.

The carrier has also been deemed hip-healthy through the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). As the name could be suggestive, the product is just for infants and not for toddlers past 11kgs of weight. If your baby is growing faster, you may not use this for really long. 


  1. Adjustable 2-position ergonomic seat, 
  2. padded shoulder straps, and supportive waist belt
  3. Stretchy knit fabric for close-fitting wear
  4. Easy to put on design
  5. Back support and good for baby  


  1. Supports only a max of 11.3 kgs
  2. Complicated design- follow instructions carefully
  3. Only Facing-in front carrying style available 

Quick Verdict 

The pre-formed wrap only needs to be put on like a shirt and insert the baby comfortably. This is the most comfortable wrap for cuddled babywearing at not much different price than a standard wrap.

What to Look for in the Best Sling for Breastfeeding 

Best Sling for Breastfeeding

1. Material

Your baby would hate being in an obsessive hold. They need softer cuddles. A good material ensures breathability. Baby’s skin might feel irritated by harsh fabrics, be it canvas or nylon. Therefore, selecting a softer fabric is essential. A baby carrier for breastfeeding should be composed mostly of cotton and a spandex touch for promoting stretch and adjusting.

2. Comfort

Your selection must provide comfort to you and the newborn. A newborn needs a cross-legged sitting position (“froggy-style”) for the best seating. Therefore, regardless of the carrier, pay attention to your baby’s position while sitting and nursing. Make sure that the carrier you choose allows your baby to switch positions. Moreover, your back and neck should also be at rest while carrying the baby. 

3. Weight Bearing Capacity

Beware not to exceed the weight capacity of the breastfeeding carrier you choose. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions can result in death or serious injury. Read all instructions before assembling and using your carrier. Keep instructions and review them before attempting new carrying positions. Also, make sure that the sling does not have any tears or rip-offs.

4. Wash Recommendations

Abide by the wash instructions. Some models specify a particular temperature suitable for maximum cleaning without affecting the fabric’s vitality, while others mention hot or warm water. It is better if the breastfeeding carrier is easily washable or machine cleanable. If you face complexities in maintenance that may expose your kid to germs and make regular washing tricky. 

We hope the article was insightful!

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