Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens & Teens

Best Kids Fitness Tracker in UK

Nowadays, nobody really has the time to monitor every activity their kid does. From their homework to their eating habits, having a kid is a colossal responsibility. If you are a parent and your daily workload ain’t letting you spare some quality time for checking up on your kids, you might want a helping hand there. 

A fitness tracker for tweens or teens is a great way to monitor your kid’s daily activities and also their health. There are umpteen reasons to consider buying a fitness tracker for your teen. 

Reasons to get a fitness tracker for Teens

  • A fitness tracker has a pedometer that helps you keep a check at the number of steps your kids took and also the number of calories burned.
  • A fitness tracker would also help you monitor your kid’s sleep quality. You can easily track if your kid is having trouble sleeping or if he doesn’t sleep enough.
  • A fitness tracker would help you monitor your kid’s heart rate. This is really beneficial when it comes to the kids who are weak or fall sick often. You would know if anything is abnormal.
  • A fitness tracker would motivate your kid to exercise and stretch. It has a sedentary reminder that would keep your kid active in a friendly way.

10 Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens & Teenagers 

1st Place
Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Tweens By Fitbit
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2 Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Spider-Man Fitness Tracker for Tweens By Garmin
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3 MoreFit Fitness Tracker for Teens By MoreFit
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4 HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker for Teenagers By HONOR
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5 YoYoFit Slim HR Fitness Tracker for Tweens By YoYoFit
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 1. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Tweens

best fitness tracker for tweens

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The Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for tweens is a widely chosen product by parents for tracking their children’s fitness. It comes in attractive colors that appeal to children, has amazing battery life, and is waterproof.

One of the most amazing features of this tracker is that it motivates children to do physical activities through fun incentives. This will keep your kids encouraged to be more active and enjoyably so. It offers badges and avatars to keep them engaged in being physically active.

Ace 2 for Kids tracks their active minutes and all-day step count. It also tracks sleep so you always know how peacefully your children are sleeping each night. This tracker is water-resistant up to 50M which means that the kids can shower and wash hands without having to take the tracker off.

It has the best battery life of up to 5 days. This is especially amazing because once your kids start wearing it, they’ll not want to wait for it to charge! Some customers complained of the strap material being fragile while others seemed satisfied with it. The tracker does not have a heart rate monitor, and tracks only the steps covered and sleep.

The Fitbit app gives you the options to set up a family account and various child accounts as per your needs. It also provides the Parent Control so you can easily monitor and approve of their connections.  


  1. Available in attractive colors
  2. Long Battery life
  3. Water-resistant
  4. Sleep monitor


  1. No heart rate monitor
  2. No GPS

Quick Verdict

The Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker is one of the most kid friendly looking and attractive fitness tracker for tweens. You get 3 different colors to choose from and you can even change the face of the watch. It is an ideal choice for parents who want to track only the sleep and step counts of their children as there is no heart rate monitor.

2. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Spider-Man Fitness Tracker for Tweens

best fitness tracker for tweens

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Garmin Vivofit Jr. is one series of fitness trackers for tweens that has gained a lot of popularity among parents and kids alike. And following the previous products,  the Garmin Vivofit Jr.  Spiderman Fitness Tracker is now proving to be an interesting experience. Along with being waterproof, it comes with 1+ year’s battery life that makes it even more attractive. And it is not just waterproof, it is swimming friendly!

Its interactive adventure- based user interface lets children travel in the Spider-verse hunting for the Green Goblin as the major theme for physical activities. Your kids are going to love going on adventures every day while you will be loving how this fitness tracker will make your kids fit and active.

Being a parent-controlled app, it gives major control to the parents so you can monitor how your kids make use of it. You can even assign them chores and reward them for completing them.

It recommends and encourages the children to take up at least 60 minutes of activity. It also tracks the all-day step count and sleep of the children so you can totally leave the fitness of your kids on their hands! This tracker, however, does not track heart rate.


  1. Interactive interface
  2. Enhanced parental control


  1. Bad quality strap
  2. Does not sync well with the app

Quick Verdict

Garmin Vivofit Jr.  Spiderman Fitness Tracker is an interactive experience based fitness tracker for tweens. It is a parent-controlled and task customizable product. It is a great choice for parents who wish to personalize and overlook the activities that their children perform.

3. MoreFit Fitness Tracker for Teens

best fitness trackers for teens

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It is definitely a worthy product from MoreFit. This fitness tracker has four different sports modes that help you keep a check at the quality of activities that your kid performs be it running, walking, cycling, or climbing. It helps you analyze your kid’s daily physical activities by keeping a count of the steps covered by your kid, the number of calories burned by him daily.

The sleep monitor helps you track the quality of sleep, the duration of his sleep and it lets you know if your kid’s sleep cycle is inaccurate or disturbed. 

It has a clear screen that displays the date and time and it also has a heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. These trackers are really helpful to check your kid’s health instantly.

This fitness tracker also has many reminder alerts and this band is compatible with a smartphone app. Your kid’s health stats are right there on your screen. The watch is light and it is extremely ergonomic.


  1. Calorie counter
  2. Sturdy and durable material
  3. Affordable
  4. Offers a comprehensive analysis of your activities


  1. Poor quality screen
  2. The strap is too big for kids

Quick Verdict

This fitness tracker for teenagers is really a good deal considering the features like real-time heart monitor and blood pressure tracker. The sedentary reminders keep your child motivated to be active and all this is available at a really reasonable price.

4. HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker for Teenagers

best Fitness Tracker for Teenagers

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This unique band comes with an excellent swim tracker. It has a mode dedicated to it. If your kids love swimming, this is the best fitness tracker for teenagers. It tracks your swim speed, the distance covered and the calories burned by swimming. This band is waterproof and can be worn even in heavy rains and underwater.

It also has a well functioning SpO2 Blood-oxygen mode. You can easily analyze your fitness level and enlist your personal exercise plan.

It has a 24*7 real-time heart rate monitor which helps you keep a check of your heart’s health and it sends warning signals if your heart rate is affected or is abnormal with the TruSeen 3.0 heart rate technology.

This watch is an excellent combination of AI technology and Huawei which brings you a solution to every issue related to your sleep. It records the stability of your sleep and the duration along with providing more than 200 tips to enhance the quality of your sleep. This sleep monitor is 95% accurate.

You can keep a track of your incoming calls and messages and alarms with this watch as it is far more convenient. 

This fitness tracker is the best for any age group with its exceptional features: real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, it supports connectivity with GPS devices and is very accurate at monitoring the running time, the speed, and distance.


  1. Dedicated swimming mode
  2. Excellent heart rate monitor
  3. SpO2 blood oxygen monitor
  4. GPS connectivity


  1. The app UI is not user friendly
  2. The sensor that shows the time when you raise your wrist does not work very well

Quick Verdict

If you are a swimmer, this is the one for you. It has a dedicated swimming mode. It has a sleep and heart rate monitor and has modes for tracking different activities. It has a sedentary reminder and it’s overall a powerful product with long battery life.

 5. YoYoFit Slim HR Fitness Tracker for Tweens

Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens

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This is a beautiful, luminous, and two-toned fitness tracker for tweens. It features a great design and cool-toned colors. Apart from the good looks, it also has 6 different workout modes which is a really unique feature. The six different modes track different activities like running, treadmilling, cycling, etc. You can switch between the modes according to the activity your kid is doing and it would definitely give you clear insights about every activity and it also has a pedometer (step counter)

It has a heart monitor that monitors your heart rates constantly and the dynamic heart rate graph can be viewed on your smartphone app. The sleep monitor detects the duration and the quality of your sleep and gives a comprehensive analysis. It also has a reminder feature and a wrist sensor which beeps if you have been inactive for long.

It has a long battery life which goes up to 5-8 days on a single charge and cut can be changed easily with a USB which takes two hours to charge completely.

This fitness tracker fits well and it is extremely comfortable to wear. The quality is premium and the band is highly durable so don’t worry if your kids are naughty. Last but not the least, it also has an LED light. Bling bling!


  1. Available in six color variants
  2. Glows in dark
  3. Six different activity tracking modes
  4. Comfortable to wear


  1. The pedometer and the Heart rate monitor are not very accurate

Quick Verdict

YoYoFit Slim HR is one of the best fitness tracker for tweens. It is available in four color variants. It is luminous and it glows in the dark. It has a sleep and heart rate monitor and it is waterproof. It has 6 different activity tracking modes making it really unique.

6. MoreFit Fitness Tracker for Tweens

best fitness tracker for tweens

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The features of this fitness tracker are definitely going to encourage you to buy it right away. It has everything your kids need and even some more. You’d be pleased after knowing about them one by one, the pros are endless.

Let us keep the coolest and distinct features on the table. This fitness tracker has many reminder settings which include reminders for medicines and water. It would remind your kid to take their medicines on time and to stay hydrated. Apart from this, it has 5 different sport modes which adjust to the different kinds of activities like running, walking, cycling, etc.

It would track the activities and the steps covered by your child. Things like interface customization for children such as the clock face and themes add to the coolness of this fitness tracker and kids actually love it. It has a comfortable and durable silicone band which is adjustable.

This tween activity tracker not only has those cool sport modes but it also features trackers for the number of calories burned and the activity duration. It helps you monitor the quality of your child’s sleep and lets you know if your kid is well-rested and can develop good sleeping habits and a proper cycle in their routine.

The sedentary reminders are helpful for your kid as the band reminds them to move and stretch when they have been sitting in the same position for too long.


  1. Friendly reminders for water and medicine
  2. Sleep and heart rate monitor
  3. Long battery life
  4. Swimproof
  5. Pedometer


  1. The heart rate monitor is not very accurate
  2. Connecting the band to the smartphone app is a bit tricky

Quick Verdict

This activity tracker for tweens can definitely cover every important feature and it has a lot more to offer. It has a trendy design, it’s swim-proof, it has friendly reminders, a sleep monitor, and a heart rate monitor. The performance is powerful too.

 7. Delvfire Pulse HR Fitness Tracker for Teens

best fitness tracker for teens

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When you search for fitness trackers for teenagers, you can not miss out on considering Delvfire Pulse HR Fitness Tracker. This product is one of the most advanced products in the market. It can track steps, calories burned, active minutes and distance traveled.

Your kids’ health and fitness are all tracked and analyzed by this fitness tracker in the most comfortable way. With Delvfire Pulse HR Fitness Tracker, you can set goals for your kids for daily exercise which when achieved, the tracker will vibrate and flash goal achievement.

Using this product, you can track in 14 multi-sport modes to ensure efficient tracking. This fitness tracker can also track and provide analysis of the speed, distance, and time of the physical activity of your children with the help of GPS.

This amazing fitness tracker can also track heart rate automatically and provides accurate data on your kids’ health and fitness. It also has an alarm feature that will wake your kid up slowly through mild vibrations. The tracker can also receive calls and show a notification.

Some customers complained of the sleep tracker working inaccurately while others also showed concerns about the pedometer. This tracker also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  1. Comes with a 1-year warranty
  2. Has 14 multi-sports mode
  3. Has a daily goal setter
  4. Gps connectivity available


  1. The sleep monitor and the pedometer is not very accurate

Quick Verdict

Delvfire Pulse HR Fitness Tracker is a simple yet stylish fitness tracker for teens and also comes with a warranty. It is an ideal choice for parents who look for monitoring their children’s health extensively.

8. LETSCOM Smart Watch for Teenagers

best smart watches for teenagers

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If you are a parent looking for a fitness tracker, you would surely come across LETSCOM Fitness Tracker for Teenagers. This tracker is your one-stop solution for tracking your kids’ health and fitness.

The LETSCOM Smart Watch ID205L comes with a large color touch screen for a great visual experience. It is lightweight and the strap material is also comfortable, breathable, and skin-friendly. This will make sure that your kids’ eyes and wrists are unharmed over timed usages.

This is also one of the best smart watches for teenagers. The smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The integration of the watch and your smartphone is overlooked by the VeryFitPro app. You can access all the tracked data on the mobile application. You will have to make sure that the watch is connected to the VeryFitPro app and not just the Bluetooth to record the data. Using the app is important without which, the tracker remains nonfunctional.

One can make calls and send messages on this tracker. The tracker also lets you set up to ten alarms which can be directly controlled from the watch. This tracker comes with a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, and a sleep tracker. 

The smartwatch’s design is sleek and stylish that makes it appealing and attractive for the children. Your kids will love to wear it. The smartwatch is waterproof so it can also be worn while washing hands and isn’t needed to be removed for minor interactions with water.


  1. 9 sports mode
  2. Long battery life
  3. Compatible with smartphones
  4. Has breathing guides and alarm settings


  1. Requires location access to sync data
  2. The sleep monitor is not very accurate

Quick Verdict

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker for teenagers is one of the most competitive products in the market. You get options of six different colors to choose from. Features like Heart Rate Monitoring & Sleep Tracking and Activity Tracking with upto 9 Sports Modes make it the best fitness tracker for kids. It is waterproof, stylish, and amazing for its price.

 9. LETSCOM High-End Fitness Tracker HR

best fitness trackers for teens

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LETSCOM High-End Fitness Tracker is a top-notch fitness tracker for teens. It comes with a heart rate monitor that can monitor the heart rate of your children continuously for 24 hours.

This smart fitness watch integrates with the VeryFitPro mobile application and is compatible with iOS 9.0 or above/Android 4.4 or above smartphones.

It has an HD color screen that is child-friendly and doesn’t cause any harm to your children’s eyes. It can support 14 different sport modes. This tracker is IP68 waterproof which means that your kids will not have to take it off for washing hands!

This is, as the name suggests, a high-end tracker that displays steps, calories, distance, heart rate, pace, and time duration all through your device. It can also track your kids’ sleep and not just track it, but also analyze it. The Smart Notifications of the LETSCOM High-End Fitness Tracker lets you take calls and read Notifications from social media apps.


  1. IP68 Waterproof
  2. Adjustable wrist strap
  3. Pedometer
  4. 24-hour heart rate monitor


  1. Small screen
  2. Heart rate monitor takes 5-6 seconds to show the reading

Quick Verdict

LETSCOM High-End Fitness Tracker for teens has everything an elder kid would ever think of. In fact it can be used by adults as well. It supports up to 14 different sport modes. This is an ideal choice for parents of highly active kids who take sports and fitness very seriously.

10. LIFEBEE High-End Fitness Tracker for Tweens

best fitness tracker for tweens

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The LIFEBEE high-end fitness tracker is one of the most versatile fitness trackers for tweens. It comes packed with many features that make it perfect and complete for your kid. Let’s talk about the features in detail.

This fitness tracker is IP68 Waterproof. It is an international standard of water resistance. Your tween can keep wearing the fitness tracker even while swimming in a pool or while enjoying at the beach or even while participating in aquatic activity. Please note that the watch must not be kept in contact with hot water. It can damage the body.

This fitness tracker monitors the quality of your kid’s sleep. It would let you know about the sleep duration of your kid and also rate the quality of sleep accordingly. It would help you keep a check at how healthy your kid’s sleeping cycle is.

You can easily keep a check on your kid’s health by monitoring your kid’s heart rate in real-time. You can track abnormal heart rates easily and see if your kid is facing any health issues.

This fitness tracker sports a sedentary reminder which motivates you to start stretching your muscles and exercise when it notes that the watch has been in a stationary position for too long. It would always motivate your kids to keep moving and would increase their productivity.

This fitness tracker sports a camera too. You can connect the fitness tracker to your smartphone, switch on the camera on your phone and click a picture by turning your wrist. You can capture some beautiful and productive moments of your kids.

It has a long battery life which easily lasts up to 5-7 days on a single charge. It has five different levels of brightness so your kid won’t face any trouble even in the bright skin. The display brightness can be adjusted.

If you happen to borrow this band from your kiddo, you can also use it as a fitness tracker and a smartwatch by connecting it to your smartphone.


  1. Long battery life
  2. Sleep Quality monitor
  3. Sedentary reminder
  4. IP68 Waterproof


  1. No parental mode
  2. Not available in many color variants

Quick Verdict

It is an excellent fitness tracker and a smartwatch for tweens as well as adults. It’s waterproof, has a sleep monitor, has a sedentary reminder and it is definitely going to keep your kid healthy.

Our Advice

The umpteen choices can really make you perplexed while choosing the perfect fitness tracker. You would have to be picky before buying something for your adorable teens. We would suggest you to go for something that offers a decent quality and important features that one looks for in a fitness tracker.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a pocket-digging amount for getting a decent quality but being too tight on budget won’t get you something really good either. The features are on-board and you can choose the ones that you think your kid would need the most. Paying for extra features that would be unnecessary for your kid is a waste.

Also, don’t rely entirely on the first hand reviews because after all, electronic gadgets are always unpredictable. Always look for brand credibility while purchasing. Happy shopping! 

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